Saturday, April 23, 2016

Changing The Hall Decor

When you're sitting in my living room or at the dining table you can see down this hallway, so I like to pretty it up and make it an interesting view.  This was the perfect place to showcase my antique clock collection.

 My mom had quite the collection of antique clocks.  When she passed away we all got to choose a few of our favorites.  These are three of the ones that I chose.

This one is not an antique, but my mom made it as a copy of one she had and gave it to me.  She had a lathe and did all the turnings and everything.  It is one of my most prized possessions.

 See the brass plaques inside.    Made especially for you - Marion & Erwin Longino and the bottom one says Love Mother & Daddy 1977.  (As a kid I always had to explain that my father's name was Marion and my mother's name was Erwin. Gosh, I sure miss them and wish I could explain their names to someone as I introduce them.) 

When I created the gallery wall, I thought this pretty little girl painting was the perfect addition.  I just added the drop leaf gate leg table.  It was one I purged out of the family room when I did a makeover in there.  I think it is a great addition to the hall, and you know me, another place to create a vignette.

 She is so precious.  That little face and those eyes.

 These are three of the ones that I chose from my mom's collection.   The one on the left is an English Parlor Clock - the one top right is a pressed wood kitchen clock.  You see them in the 1902 Sears Catalog for $1.50.  The bottom right is the typical clock you found in pubs or mercantile shops.

Next to the door at the end of the hall is an antique school clock that came out of a school in LA that was being torn down.  The buttons on the bottom were used to ring the different bells for school to start, recess and end of day.  This was painted that awful drab green they used in schools years ago.  My Mother's brother (Uncle Tom) rescued it and stripped it down.  When he passed away my mom got it, then me.  Another special treasure.

You've seen it before when I show a view across the kitchen looking into the hall.  The guest bath is on the left and my hubby's office is on the right.

I love all my clocks and I like the addition of the table.  The halls are nice and wide so this kind of anchors all the clocks. 

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  1. Your clock collection is absolutely awesome, Marty! The hallway is perfect for showing them to the best advantage. How fortunate you are to have those treasures and the memories that came with them in your home! Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. I adore what you did!! Your clocks are all gorgeous and that painting looks like it was done to go there. Wonderful vignette!!

    Have a great weekend.


  3. I love those old clocks, what a fabulous collection and you did find just the perfect spot to gather them together. I have just one that was my dear Fil's and hubby got it.
    I love the sound or how it chimes every hour.
    I love your little hallway and that adorable drop leaf table and of course, the vignette.
    Enjoy your weekend dear Marty.

  4. Oh and I love your parent's name, lol... so cute!
    Yes, I miss my dad, how I wish he was here everyday, I'd have so much to tell him and he always comforted me, no matter the situation. I miss him so much, I do feel for you too my friend.

  5. I adore your clocks! Very nice collection. Lovely print too.

  6. Oh Marty, what a beautiful display of your clocks and the painting goes so well with them. I love the table and it looks like it was meant to be there. Great vignette.

    Have a great weekend.

  7. You always inspire me with your talent for seeing spaces that need to be changed or refreshed, Marty. The clocks and table are simply perfect for this hallway. How great they have a history and sentimental value. Good for you!


  8. Your clock wall is fabulous! I'm impressed with your mother's skills. Walking pass the clocks would bring back warm, wonderful memories. xo

  9. That's a great collections, and you have showcased it to perfection!

  10. How wonderful to have beautiful pieces that have such special memories snd meaning for you. And what talented parents, too!

  11. Wonderful collection Marty! I can't believe your mom made that beautiful clock! ;) Amazing!

  12. Love the clocks, Marty! Such a pretty space.

  13. Marty, that is a beautiful vignette & tribute to your parents. I have one of my mom's clocks too and treasure the sound of the chimes.

  14. Beautiful, Marty~ Love the clocks and the table.

  15. Now that you've put that table under those special clocks, I can't imagine there being an empty space against that wall - you have the eye for making displays look perfect. I can only imagine how confusing that must have been with your parents' names! For sure, you have some lovely treasures to remember them by.

  16. I saw this on IG and loved it instantly!

  17. Marty,
    I adore your clocks, dear friend!
    I agree, that styling them Gallery Style is perfect in your lovely home!
    The table is "perfect" and I adore your vignette!