Friday, April 15, 2016

Kitchen Organizing & Ikea Treasures

When we went to Ikea a couple weeks ago, I found quite a few goodies and have since been putting them to work.  One of my favorite purchases was a knife magnet for the kitchen.  I love this thing.  It is so nice to be able to just gab the knife I want and start chopping.  Plus I think it looks really great too.

Well you know how that goes, when I took the knives out of the knife block and put them on the wall, I still had steak knives and a honing rod to store, so that meant it was time to clean out the knife drawer.  I took my old knives, sharpened them really well and put them in the knife block to give to a friend, then I straightened the drawer.  Amazing how much room I have now.

 This is on one side of the stove, so I thought it was a good place for my kitchen sheers and oven thermometers.  Plus a great place for my honing rod, boning knife and all those steak knives.

Once this drawer was done, I decided to tackle a few others.  Might as well purge all of them and make them usable.

 This one is on the other side of the stove.  Spatulas and Spoons of all sizes.  I tried to purge a few, but I actually use all of these.

Next is this one that has some often used tools too. Tongs, wooden spoons, spatulas, whisks and a few odds and ends that I use all the time fit in here.

I started back on the other side of the kitchen and gave my baking drawer a good cleaning and straightened it up as well.

Down the other side of the cabinets, I have the silverware drawer.  I really enjoy this double tray.  It holds extra spoons under the top spoon dividers.

 Next we have a couple of drawers that hold miscellaneous things.  I had these two clear dividers so I used them to hold some of the small stuff that seemed to always just float around the drawer and make a mess.

 Skewers, extra whisks, spatulas and meat mallets plus a few more odds and ends wound up in this drawer.

You can't make a trip to Ikea without buying some of their pillow covers.  I found some velvet ones that I really liked - sand - soft yellow & gray - only $8 each.  Plus how could you not buy that bright orange one and it is only $4.  Perfect to stash away for my Halloween porch.  I have some greek key trim that I bought at Hobby Lobby, so I think I will add some to one set of pillows.  (Check back later and I'll show you what I did)

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  1. Miss Marty I so need to do this to my kitchen drawers and I think an Ikea trip needs to happen. :)

  2. I always feel good when I do something like this. I have a big drawer with all my kitchen tools in kind of jumbled up manner. I should get some of those clear containers and see if that will help!

  3. Gee Marty, I have 2 drawers for all the stuff you have in I do have a crock with the most used by the stove...and a drawer for the mixer...WOULD be lovely. Thanks for a peek on the other side, Sandi

  4. I love the knife magnet, so practical and perfect! You did a wonderful trip to Ikea.
    I did cleaning of drawers myself, now it's clean too. Don't you just love it?
    Looking at your drawers, I was thinking how blessed we are to have all the small kitchen gadgets we have.
    Have a terrific weekend.

  5. I meant all the small gadgets we NEED!....hehehe

  6. Wonderful post! I love the knife magnet!

  7. I've never seen a double silverware container before! Those drawers get out of whack fast, don't they? I have to catch up on my blog reading!