Saturday, April 16, 2016

Now I Think I've Gone Too Far

I believe in neat and I like for things to be in it's place, however sometimes I think I go a little too far.  Let me explain - --

It was Friday morning and I started the laundry.  I opened this drawer to get some fresh towels for the kitchen and decided that it needed to be straightened up a little and organized.  I removed everything, refolded it all and organized all the dishcloths, towels and hotpads into sections.  Good, that was ok.
  however -- -

there is more to the story.

 I had the iron out so I could press a couple of shirts when they came out of the laundry, so in the meantime I started pressing all the pillows I bought at Ikea.  These velvet ones were really wrinkled and it was really hard to get all the wrinkles out, so I was doing them each 2 or 3 times trying to make them smooth.

All of these came out really nice, it was just the gray ones that were giving me a problem.

 That leads us to the point where I went too far.  I love this little french chef towel, but it had been washed so many times and was really full of wrinkles and didn't lay nice and flat anymore.  Since the iron was out - - - I IRONED IT.

See how pretty and fresh it looks now.

Ok, I admit, that's a little over the top, but what can I say.

Now I am going to press the gray pillow covers again and then the shirts and put the iron away.  Gezzzzzzzzzzz

Do you get carried away sometimes too?

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  1. Marty, I've been known to iron the pretty towel that hangs in the bathroom. I understand. :)

  2. I totally understand...sometimes you get started with one thing and it snowballs to another! Things look so much better ironed anyway... Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Haha! This happens to me all the time, too!

  4. Oh yes Marty...sometimes I use the same dish towel over & over because the others are ironed & too pretty! Now that's over the top! I'm going to use them now...

  5. Ssshhhh! Nobody knows! Nobody notices either but makes me feel better.
    My family would think I was crazy!

  6. My mother always ironed her cleaning rags == she said they looked better in the drawer. You aren't alone.

  7. I can completely understand the situation.
    A tip Marty, you might want to reduce the space around your header and the ads.

  8. Oh yes, I iron towels too, kitchen and bath. I iron everything that gets on my hands and I've had accidents because of me going over board with the 'iron happy' situation. Couple of months ago I burned the sleeve of my pretty blouse cause it was that nylon material which didn't really need ironing to start with !
    We like perfection that's all... hihihi

  9. No, you certainly aren't alone. Your post just made me smile. Sometimes I can get so carried away, I forget what I started out to do first. I have been referred to as a neat freak, but I think that is better than the opposite, and I really enjoy having things look pretty. Love your kitchen towel. (I do not iron mine,grin) Have a wonderful weekend. Here in Wisconsin it's going to be 72 degrees. Waited a long time for spring to get here...

  10. Of course you're not alone. I always iron my kitchen towels! I iron pillowcases and top sheets too. By the way, look into 100% Linen sheets, either new ones from Eastern European countries of fabulous vintage ones on eBay and Etsy. Yes, they need ironing but they are so spectacular. Once you sleep on linen sheets you will never again sleep on anything else.

  11. Marty, I get carried away with a LOT of things. But not with the iron.

  12. Yes, me too! It takes me three hours to do a 30 minute job because on thing leads to another!I'm sure that you get great satisfaction out of those extra touches.

  13. Hahaha! :-)

    Of all the things people can get carried away with, this is probably not a bad thing!

  14. Do I get carried away? Oh, Marty. If you only knew..........

  15. Oh Marty! Thank you so much for this post ... Now I finally feel "normal!" Lol. :)

  16. I'm the very same way, Marty. I see nothing wrong with having that iron at hand! :)


  17. My husband is away. With the iron. haha

  18. I rarely get carried away with the iron! Not a fan of ironing, but I do love a starched napkin and find ironing napkins soothing. Mindless work!

  19. Hey, not a thing wrong with wanting things nice! You would love my son-in-law. He does his own ironing each morning as he gets dressed. Makes him sound like a dandy but he only does that for work. Gotta love a man who irons... A friend of mine irons sheets for stress relief. xoxo