Monday, April 11, 2016

What Makes A Farmhouse Kitchen

I never think of my style as Farmhouse, however, several people are always commenting on how they like the way I "do" Farmhouse.  The only room in my house that I think could be called Farmhouse is my kitchen.  It really is full of Farmhouse antiques and treasures that I have collected for many years.  I love a Country Farmhouse kitchen, and I guess mine is really just that.

My kitchen is literally in the center of my house.  I love that it is open to the family/breakfast areas.  I can be in here cooking and still be part of all the action.  It is also open to the living/dining areas through the wide doorway you can see on the left.  So actually you can see the kitchen from both areas. (Since it is in the center with no windows and tons of track lights, it is hard to get a decent picture.  This is one that I took a while ago)

This is an older picture also, but nothing has changed except the counter vignettes and this does give you a straight shot into the kitchen from the breakfast area.

Ok, now that you know how the space is arranged, back to what is Farmhouse in my kitchen.  It's all the antique kitchen tins that I have piled on top of the cabinets.

 This Bread & Cake tin came out of a country eating establishment long before we had refrigerators or cooling systems.  It is pierced on the back side for air circulation.  The door slides around to reveal three shelves that would hold cake or pie.  This kept them fresh and free from flys.  The Ovaltine tin is one of many general store "grocery" tins that I have.

 I love my copper weathervane.  I also have the pole and ceramic lightening rods that go on the roof with it.

This corner shows more "grocery" tins.  Some are fairly common and some are really pretty rare.

 I have two more tins and an Amish carved rooster on this side.

 A Sprague Warner & Co Oolong Teas tin is a real treasure as well as my coffee grinder and the Nabisco Cracker Box on the right.  It holds more "grocery" tins.

 My counter vignettes have a few more country and antique finds.

The Butter slab is a reproduction, but the Malt Mixer is a real antique and works beautifully.  I love to mix in country cutting boards like the pig and the amish heart.

 The knife magnet is my latest purchase while at Ikea last week.  I love it, now I have everything in easy reach.

On the island I have a carved tree slab with an Antique Candy Scale and a fun little french chef.

I also love my "WWII Ammo Basket" that holds more cutting boards and rolling pins.  My carved cow is one my son did for me and a special treasure for sure.

So all in all I think everyone is right.  My kitchen really is "Farmhouse".

Just as I finished taking pics my Coconut Cream Pie came out of the oven.  Wish you were here, we'd have some coffee and a nice piece of pie.

What style is your kitchen?

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  1. I feel so grateful that I was able to see this beautiful kitchen in person many times. You truly serve up love here.

  2. Your kitchen is always so pretty, Marty, and I love your antique collections!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Lovely as always thank you for the tour. Hugs

  4. I love how you have accessorized your kitchen. I especially love your horse weathervane...trotting races big in Lexington. And I wish I could have a slice of your delicious looking pie! yum! Sheila

  5. I love how you have styled your kitchen. I stage alot of homes and they have good bones, but the icing on the cake is the styling! You took care of every little detail! Beautiful!!!

  6. That pie looks amazing! Love your kitchen- I have to say your blog is my favourite, I come to see what you have posted every day ( even if I don't always comment)

  7. Love your kitchen and all of your vintage tins! You have quite a collection! That pie looks delicious! Enjoy!


  8. The pie looks delish! Is that a sweet-grass mat by the Malt Mixer?

  9. I am thinking that the turquoise Malted Mixer is really old...I love it and I love your white appliances as I have white also. Everyone seems to think you have to have stainless to be up to date. Your kitchen is very charming.

  10. I love your pretty and warm kitchen, specially cause it's not white, as there is lots of white around and I like them too; but I had a white one before and I love my wooden cabinets now. Yes, you've managed to make your kitchen farm like with so many awesome vintage tins which I'm swooning over.
    I have a Malted Milk Mixer that is about 24 years old and it's white I should take it out to make my kitchen look warm. I love your vintage turquoise one.
    Have a great week.

  11. I really like your kitchen. Mine is a very small galley kitchen.

  12. I love how you have things on top of your cabinets. I do not have many places to decorate in ours. I would call my kitchen a country one too. It did not start out that way when we decided to redo it. I do love how it turned out. No more knotty pine.

  13. Wow Marty your kitchen has so may sweet nuances of farmhouse style. It is all in the details and that you have got!!! My kitchen is moving in the farmhouse direction a little at a time.

  14. I love your country kitchen with all the vintage tins that you have. I also like that you can be in the kitchen cooking but are still with your guests setting in your den.

    My kitchen country french with lots of roosters. Red, light yellow walls and accents of black.

    Have a great week.

  15. Marty, your kitchen exudes warmth and personality! I love all your treasures...tins, and especially the weathervane! The coconut cream pie looks heavenly! Happy Monday, Pam @ Everyday Living

  16. I appreciate seeing your kitchen with wood stained cabinets and darker paint color on your walls. Most everything you see lately is done in so much white. That would get tiresome for me.

  17. I appreciate seeing your kitchen with wood stained cabinets and darker paint color on your walls. Most everything you see lately is done in so much white. That would get tiresome for me.

  18. Your kitchen is the reason I started following you! I'm getting ready to move to a adobe "ranch" style house in the next 2 weeks. My husband & I currently live in Tucson, AZ, and are moving to the Benson, AZ area. Out in the "foothills. Your kitchen d├ęcor has definitely been an inspiration to me for my new home. Thank you for all that you do!

  19. So warm and inviting. You really have some unique items. I really like the look. I have been adding some "farmhouse" to my kitchen too. I just love old things and making them look new. Thanks for sharing.

  20. You have some really interesting pieces, Marty! Whatever did we do before we had higher ceilings and wonderful space to display our treasures & pretties?

    Hope you are enjoying our beautiful Spring weather!