Monday, July 11, 2016

Kitchen Update - New Floors - Budgets & Straight Talk

The kitchen has been on the back burner the last couple of weeks as I put the house back together.

 I am so glad to be rid of the carpet and have lovely new wood floors.  I am still getting used to them and now have an array of dust mops, bona cleaners and swiffer's.

I showed you the sample that I brought home of the new floors - -

This is a really pretty wood, but when you get a whole room full of it, it is much darker than I thought it would be.   It reads a lot more brown with very little light tan color.  I just had that light colored carpet for so long, so this takes a little getting use to.

The living room turned out so pretty and I adore the cowhide rug and the way it showcases the floors.

The wood floors in the family room work beautifully with the travertine tile in the kitchen and breakfast area.

Budget - That is always a dirty word I know, but one we all have to deal with.  I heard all of you loud and clear when you said to run the wood all the way through the living, family rooms and kitchen.  However what I chose was laminate and they did not recommend that for kitchens.  It would work, I just would have to be super diligent about any water and get it wiped up immediately.

The builder put really, really nice travertine in the kitchen, breakfast room, hall, laundry and both bathrooms.  It is gorgeous and I really like it.  To have this chiseled up in the kitchen and breakfast room and replaced with wood was an extra $2500.  I decided I would rather spend that money somewhere else since I love my travertine tile.

  We live in a medium priced builder basic - cookie cutter subdivision and really need to make sure we don't overdo this house so we will never re-coop the money we've put into it. Since laminate wasn't the best option for the kitchen anyway, I chose to leave the travertine.   That meant leaving it in the breakfast area too since there is no way of separating the two.

Now a major side note.  When we bought this house it was never intended to be our forever house.  It was a really good buy and something that worked for us when we sold the big house and decided to downsize.  The problem is we are way far away from all of our family.  When we packed up everything and moved it out so the contractor could do the new floors, my hubby started talking about it felt like moving.  That started him talking about maybe it was time to think about a move closer to family.  I think I have to gel on that one for a minute.  It could be fun to redo another house and I would love to be closer to family, but finding just the right place and - -and - -and.  You get the picture.

I need to think on this for a while, so everything is on hold - especially the kitchen.  It really looks good just like it is and if we sell a new owner may want to do their own thing.  We have decided to take a look at the market and see what is available.  Just "looking" he says.  Ok, I am being open minded.

For right now, I am just going to live with things the way they are.  It's funny how life can turn on a dime sometimes isn't it?

Be sure to get all your projects lined up for Inspire Me Tuesday.  Party goes live Monday afternoon at 3 PM CMT.  Can't wait to see you there.

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  1. I love your new floors. They look beautiful. You will know in your heart if moving is the right thing to do. I wish you lots of good thoughts in making this decision. I hope that you have a great Sunday!

  2. I love the look of the new floors. I know it can be a little hard to get used to a new color on the floors. I always feel that way whenever I make any kind of changes to my house. When we ripped out carpet and tile and replaced with hardwood, it was a bit overwhelming for awhile. Now when I look at pictures of the way it used to look, I am so glad we did it! Your home is beautiful, Marty! Good luck with your new ideas and decisions you are working on! Enjoy your week!

  3. The new floors are beautiful and I am glad you left the tile in the kitchen. I think for selling your house that is a good choice. Marty I totally get how life can turn on a dime!!!! We chose to move closer to family even with Terry not employed yet. It was a leap of faith and one I do not regret. It is so much better to live close to my family and enjoy being with them more. So stay open minded on a move closer to family. It is hard to sell and buy new and start over with a house but it is so worth it when you can spend more time with family. Good luck.

  4. I agree that being close to family is important. If you are meant to move you will find the perfect home and then you will have no regrets.

  5. Beautiful floors and will be a huge draw for selling. With all the new and fresh and the market now would be the time to sell. I sold in San Diego 2 yrs ago and moved to Oregon and it took me two yrs of renting before finding, actually building my new home and I made that big leap to be closer to family. It is so much better for everyone to do that when we get to the 60's because like it or not the day is coming when a daughter or son will have to deal with aging parents. Why making it harder on everyone to not be within a reasonable driving time? And the benefit of seeing the family more is a bonus. Your house will easily and quickly....aren't you glad you purged a little?
    Good Luck, Dee

  6. I love your new floors Marty, as I am partial to wood floors more then carpet.
    You did the right thing not to go with it all the way to the kitchen, I know I'd be so stressed out not to spill a thing on the wooden floor, something that is hardly an impossible thing not to do!!
    Yes, take your time looking for the perfect house near your family, after all it's what's more important.
    Have a good week ahead.

  7. Hi Marty, Everything looks so very nice! Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  8. I know wood is so popular, but man, tile is practically care free. I get it!! We would have done wood look tile if it weren't for, you guessed it. The B word. lol. Smart to stop where you did for lots of reasons. Good luck with the "just looking". 😉

  9. I love the tile with the wood floors! Sounds like you might be going on an adventure soon!

  10. It looks wonderful! Love the cowhide rug. (Did it smell? If it didn't, do you share sources?) We are mid 60's and moved a couple of years ago to be closer to kids. It worked for us because 1) We still aren't too close for drop ins, etc. 2) We were not super-entrenched in the community we left. If you have lots of ties to your existing community, it would be harder. You'll make the right decision for you, I just know.

  11. Oh my gosh... all the work you have put in, the decisions, the challenge of having your household upended while work is going on..... and out of the blue -- a discussion about moving! I would absolutely agree that it needs consideration, but I also vote with the previous comments. Being close to family is just...better! So best of luck with next tentative chapter! I am looking forward to reading about it in future posts!

  12. I think your floors look fabulous. I like the color- it can go with so much. How exciting as the prospect of moving. I know it's a big chore but getting closer to family seems the way to go if you ask me. We're hoping out son will be able to move back closer to all of us since he's out on the west coast now. You are wise to check out the real estate market in your area as well as the area you might move to. You are wise to hold off on the kitchen expenses since you've got other ideas.

  13. Your new floors are wonderful and I think the contrast with the tiles makes both areas look great. I feel for you in having to make such a major life decision on whether to move - best wishes in whatever you decide to do.

  14. Totally understand where you are right now. Your floor will be a hit with potential buyers. I'm looking forward to what you do. :)

  15. love your new flooring. It makes everything so fresh! I would love to have hard wood in our kitchen and when we tore up the old flooring I thought I was going to get lucky cause thats what was underneath.. but not in good shape.. soo nope.. no hard wood in the kitchen. I like the tile that you choose for your kitchen.
    happy sunday

  16. I absolutely love your new floors. And there's no way that I would remove real travertine floors to put in laminate flooring. I think you made the smart decision. Travertine is so easy to clean and it looks fantastic. I have travertine in my bathroom and my laundry room and I just dust and steam mop it and that is it. It looks great. As I mentioned before, I love your new cowhide rug. Anytime you make a change it certainly takes a little bit of time to adjust to the difference:)

    As for moving, good luck with your decision. Your home looks beautiful and it is such a pain to move that I'm not sure that I would sell your house and move anywhere. That means that you have to do more projects. Even a new-build typically requires drapery hardware etc. Just a long list of projects. I moved in my townhome that was already done and they are still little projects here and there that I would like to do. As I get older, I find that I'm just happy to do a few decorating and organizing projects here and there but I don't want to start anything big. I don't plan on moving ever again. My hands are pretty full though, so that makes a difference.

  17. I love your floors. They look great. We moved into a patio home two years ago this August and my hubby is ready to have the carpet replaced with laminate. I want to wait until our twin grandsons are walking. (They're 6 months old.)
    I can't imagine how you felt when your hubby mentioned moving. Whoa. I certainly didn't see that coming. It's good that you have time to think about your decision.

  18. I think your new wood flooring is gorgeous, Marty. And the of the line. I would die to see it torn up.

    You are so right about leaving the kitchen as is. It's a huge selling point but 9 times out of 10 people do it up the way they want.

    Your choice to stay or move is your own. I hope you make a decision that is just perfect for you and your husband! :)

    Best wishes.


  19. Your kitchen is looking fab in new wooden flooring. Dark wooden flooring gives a warm appeal to the space and make a space more comfortable and homey.

  20. Love the tile.......and the wood floors are beautiful. It looks wonderful you did a great job and I know a move is scary and hard, hard work......never hurts to look at options and yes, being closer to kids is a beautiful thing......make the old fashion pro and cons list! You two will make the right decision!

  21. Turn on a dime....boy, that one sure has hit me this summer. I decided to downsize and more closer to family and found a house almost immediately but it ended up going for $40,000 more than listed! I was the first offer too...six others caused a bidding war. I am backing off a bit as I am single and can't find a smaller three bedroom 50's style house in this area. Working on gathering for a garage sale and donating....been here 20 years...ugh! Good luck with your search.

  22. Hello Marty,

    I just lost my father a few weeks ago. Family being close is everything! I say go for it my friend. The inconvenience of moving will be worth it in the long run. Good luck, I know it's a tough decision.

    Warmly, Melissa

  23. You are so smart to leave the tile in the kitchen- both for financial and practical reasons. It is just so easy to keep clean. It looks great next to your new floors anyway. Good luck on the moving/staying decision. Your home will show beautifully if you do decide on a new challenge!

  24. Wow, Marty--you just never know, do you? Bless you as you consider this new option. I think being close to family is a very good thing. If you do decide to sell, I'll bet your house will sell very quickly--you've got it looking great! :)

  25. Love the floors Marty and I really think the color is perfect. Oh yes, I know what you mean about things can change on dime. Different seasons of our life brings different things. Hugs and blessings, Cindy