Saturday, July 30, 2016

My 5 All Time Favorite Thrifty Finds

You all know that I love the hunt and finding just the right things.  If they are a bargain, then that really makes my day.  I thought it would be fun to share my all time favorite finds.

# 1 King Size Headboard

Now it didn't look like this when I found it, but with a little paint and distressing, it really came to life.  Check out my painting tutorial here.

This is what it looked like when I found it at Hotel Liquidators for $79.50.  Great style and the price is amazing.  All I did was paint the frame, the fabric was fabulous.

#2  $15 Frenchy Chair

This frenchy style chair was such a fabulous find, I couldn't wait to get it home.

Without a doubt I use to have the best Goodwill in the country.  Not anymore!!!  They opened up one of the Resale Stores in town and they ship anything that is even remotely decent there.  All they have now is literally junk.  Nothing worth bringing home and the store even smells bad now.  Such a shame.

When I found it I could see that all it needed was a little tlc and a little upholstery.  You can see how I restained the chair to bring the wood back to life and re-upholstered the arms here.

#3-4-5 - Wall Mirror, Sofa, Leather Chairs

This whole room is done on a dime.  You can read where I found it all and how it came together here.

Wall Mirror - consignment store $229  - Sofa - moving sale $100

Leather Chairs - consignment store $100 ea.

The room today - all those pieces look even more elegant than before with my new wood floors.

Even if you have the smallest budget in the world, you can find some pieces that will stand the test of time.  Shop Goodwill, Consignment Stores, Thrift Stores, Moving Sales and keep an open mind.  Look for those classic pieces that can go anywhere.

What are your all time favorite finds?

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  1. You did find some incredible pieces! I love thrifting. Sorry about your Goodwill store. That's such a bummer! :(

  2. Such amazing finds Marty! I remember you taking me to your awesome Goodwill and that is indeed too bad that its gone downhill. I wonder if that is the same story for my Goodwill. I have lived here for almost 2 years now and have never once found anything to purchase there.

  3. Wow bummer about the Goodwill Store. My fave of yours is that headboard. You reloved it beautifully.
    Happy Friday Marty and have a wonderful week end.

  4. You always find the greatest stuff! My all time fav finds are my red cupboard in the kitchen ($30), my kitchen table ($10), my bed ($35), and my green dresser ($60).

  5. What do you mean Resale Store? I know they have the Redesign store which was completely overpriced. Same with St Vincent

    1. Sorry, I called it the wrong thing. It is ReDesign.

  6. Fun finds! I cannot believe that French-style chair was only $15. Bargain! Like you, I love to find great deals. My daughter's entire bedroom set is from Pottery Barn Teen. It includes a twin bed with trundle (helpful for sleepovers), dresser, nightstand, wall shelf, and lamp. Our neighbor was selling it and she discounted it for us for only $300. If you're familiar with Pottery Barn prices, you'll know that we wouldn't have been able to purchase any of those pieces alone for that price, except the lamp. That set is my favorite thrifty find!
    Best & Bisous,
    Michelle from Simply Santa Barbara

  7. You are such a smart shopper Marty. You have a good eye for quality, knowing that a little TLC will bring something back to life if necessary.

  8. You really have a good eye for bargains. I really like all the choices you re-made over.


  9. You are right that the wood floor is a big improvement. I admire your eye for gems in the rough. My husband is like that--he can look at a pile of junk and pull out the most amazing things. I just got a couple of very old portrait photos in marvelously ornate frames at a "vide grenier"--like a mass garage sale, since individual ones aren't allowed in France. Great fun! I put up some pics a few weeks ago.

  10. That headboard is fabulous! I love consignment stores and estate sales- the stuff is usually in great shape.

  11. You have really found some treasures! It's funny how different the stuff at one Goodwill can be from another. I'm hooked on estate sales these days.

  12. These were all fabulous finds Marty! Great hunting! Thank you for sharing at Home Sweet Home!