Thursday, July 28, 2016

Random Thoughts & Chit Chat - New Computer Woes

My computer was really old and was one that my hubby handed down to me several years ago.  It had gotten to where it was so slow that it took forever to load anything.  Then to top all of that off, hubby insisted that I really needed to load the new windows 10 before the 29th so we could get it for free.  That was on Monday.  4 tries and it just wouldn't load, so he said I needed a new computer.  It is now Wednesday and I have been trying to use his computer to view you guys posts and check on mine.   That became another nightmare.

(This is a pretty picture of the corner of my desk - it has nothing to do with this post, just thought a pretty picture was needed.)

We looked online at all the options and finally decided on one from Fry's Electronics.  (This is not a paid post)  It has tons of memory and should last me with what I do for years.  We took the hour drive each way in 112degrees to pick it up and $600 later we were home with my new treasure.

(Just another pretty picture that has nothing to do with this post.)

Hubby backed up all my stuff and was ready to install the new computer.  All of a sudden, no Internet.  Called cox and they said there was no feed to our house and they didn't know why, but someone would be out on Thursday between 1pm and 3pm.  So I decided to clean house and try to forget the whole mess.

(Just another pretty picture - not related to this post at all )

The cox guy hasn't come yet, but all of a sudden we have Internet.  So hubby finished plugging in the new computer.  All I have at this point is Internet.  None of my other programs are installed and all I can do is look at mine and your blogs and copy pictures from old posts.  Thank goodness I have a couple of posts scheduled for the future since this seems like it is going to take a while.

(Last pretty picture just because. )

I can check on you guys and hopefully will be able to check on my email soon.  I will be totally grateful when everything is back to normal and I can load pictures, edit them, read emails and do all kinds of other wonderful things that I would normally do.  Some of my programs that I have always used are not compatible with the new windows 10, so I have to learn some new programs.  I really hate that part.  So far the new Outlook email is a bummer.  I have 3 email accounts and it shows me the same email for each account 3 times.  I know this can't be right, but for now I havn't figured out how to change that.  Can't wait to see what else doesn't work.  Hubby says this is so much better than what I had, just not convinced at this point.

Keeping happy thoughts for now - - - and trying to be optimistic.

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  1. Hang in there, Marty. Any system change takes a lot of what feels like wasted time to get set up, but once you're acclimated to your new machine, Windows 10 and have all your settings the way you want them, my bet is you're going to love it. I upgraded back in March, after taxes were completed, lol. For any issues you have, just Google them - there's bound to be a discussion forum on it. Be sure to check all your privacy setting in W10 too - they come factory set, and you'll want to review who's automatically allowed to track your every move.

  2. This Toshiba Satellite, that I bought last fall, is Windows 10. I did put 10 on my other computer, and it was horrid. I say just use 7 until the kinks are out unless you buy it with Windows 10 already loaded. I haven't had trouble with this one. But you don't get Microsoft Word anymore without paying for it. So I use something else. I love pretty pictures! I typically add them for no reason too.

  3. Computer issues are the worst since we've become so dependent on them. I love your pics above.

  4. I have been in your'll get accustomed to it. I wish our computers were dinosaurs!


  5. I really like the style of your home

  6. I was one of the fortunate ones who upgraded to Windows 10 with minimal trouble. I think the average re-download and install count at our house is 4 times. We have upgraded three computers. I don't like Outlook so I just use my old Yahoo account and added all of my other emails to it. Works great. You might try that if you don't become friends with Outlook soon.

    I really enjoy your blog. You have a lot of interesting posts and great design ideas!