Saturday, August 13, 2016

I Do Laundry At An Old General Store

Well, not really, but my laundry room looks like an Old General Store.

Now some of you know that this looks like me and some of you would not believe that my laundry room is full of primitive antiques and old country store goodies.  When I was first married I decorated my house with Danish Modern.  I just thought those really sleek lines and the minimal decor was so cool.  Kind of like the Jetsons - remember them.    Then I got out of that phase and went to a more traditional style and that eventurally morphed into Primitive Country when I lived in the mountains in Oregon.  It fit our lifestyle and the area and there were some amazing antique shops around just full of fabulous primitives.

Since then of course my style has changed again.  I still have a love of traditional but with a little contemporary twist added to it.  However that didn't mean that all of those old primitives disappeared.  They are now in my laundry room along with tons of needlework that my mom and I did.  Every piece has a sweet memory, so it is hard to part with.

My laundry is a small galley room right off the garage and leads to the hallway to the rest of the house.  This is standing in the doorway looking to the left.

You will soon see that every square inch of this little space is filled.

 Right inside the door are a couple of needlework pieces that I did years ago.

 On top of my second fridge and the cabinets there are tons of old country store tins.
My antique "American Flyer" Wood and Wire Wheel wagon holds my Oolong Tea can.  I also really love my old coffee grinder on top of the fridge.  I do use it to grind coffee often.

The cabinets above the washer and driver are topped with more Country Tins.

 This is the door leading to the garage and it has even more needlework and a couple of quilt sampler squares that I framed.

 Going around the room, there are more antique quilt blocks and a flower painting that my mom did on that wood placque years ago.

 The top of my craft and sewing cabinet holds a collection of old irons and a toy bike holding greenery.

 As you look down the rest of this wall you will see more quilt blocks.

 I am not sure I could add one more thing to this little space, but I love all the memories that are in here.  Precious time spend with my mom sewing and my best friend antiquing.

Do you have a space that holds tons of your memories?

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  1. Marty, I love the way you have those frames set like triangles!

  2. You have lots of great stuff in that room, Marty!

  3. I have things that don't match my current style that I can't bear to part with either, Marty. So happy for you that you found a place to display them!

  4. Glad to see that I am no the only one who loves vintage laundry items, etc in the laundry room....wonderful laundry room Marty!! Have a great weekend!

  5. Great Marty....we have the irons, fans (several) and the old scrub boards also. It is hard to part with them!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I like how your laundry room has these collected things to view and enjoy. I boxed up my more country style stuff a while back. I used to collect salt glazed pottery and eventually let go of some of it but kept the pieces that had more meaning to me. I have a variety of things I'm holding onto because of sentimentality. I don't have a good place to display it so most of it is boxed up. I think if I had a big craft room I'd have one wall full of bookcase type cabinets and then I could make a cute display of those sentimental things.

  7. I love this room with its bits and pieces of memories. Clearly your heart lives here. And that Sprague and Warner Tea Co. tin is amazing. Home is where the Heart is...thanks for sharing, Sandi

  8. Marty, your laundry room is quite eclectic and cute. Love your pretty accessories you have collected. Such a happy space to do laundry.

  9. Hi Marty, you have a wonderful collection which looks splendid the way you designed your laundry! I wouldn't mind doing laundry in there at all! Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  10. Great laundry room and I love all your collection. I would love one like yours, but mine is in the garage and I HATE it.

    Have a great weekend.


  11. I have little spots here and there like that too. I've always loved Mary Engelbreit and have tons of it in my office. A friend suggested that I should remove it because it's so cutesy but I love it. :)

  12. Laundry room is old yet appealing. Loved frame and pieces of art hung on the wall. So warm and nice.

  13. What a lovely space to take care of the chore of laundry! I adore what you've done with all your 'memories' - great job, Marty!

  14. Marty, how perfectly lovely! What a clever way to enjoy those things and memories without upsetting the scheme of the rest of your house!

  15. I bet it makes doing laundry not so mundane. I love it! Looks so cozy.
    Enjoy your weekend, Lisa

  16. I love all your treasures Marty! You really have some cute collections in there.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. I think I still have my very-similar-to-yours "Give us this day..." stitchery put away somewhere!

  19. Yes, I've always noticed your wonderful collection of pieces and pictures in your lovely laundry room Marty.
    I love your pictures and your tin collection, specially been vintage as they are. I love tins and have a collection too, but mine are new, hope to find me some oldies too.
    Thanks for dropping by sweet lady.
    Have a fun Sunday.

  20. How special that you've found a way to keep those treasures where you can see them often. (Laundry is never ending.) When we moved into our patio home, I got rid of most of my tins and laundry accessories. In my current laundry "closet", I have one tiny metal washboard and sprinkler body lade interspersed among my grandkids' pictures and French accents. Eclectic, right?

  21. Happy memories and cherished items never go "out-of-style"! This was like a little peek into the inside of your heart and I really enjoyed your stories and memories that you shared!!!

  22. So glad you have kept your primitives and are displayed so nice. Seems that so often things get put in boxes or discarded. Thanks for sharing. PS Love the thistle art piece by the doorway. Paula