Monday, August 22, 2016

Master Bathroom Makeover Reveal

It is always so wonderful to have a project done and to stand back and admire the results.  The jewelry for the bathroom makeover was the final touch.  Gorgeous new faucets to replace the old builder basic.

 This was going to be such an easy simple refresh, then we ran into a snag.  The holes in the wall that we discovered when we took the old lights down have been repaired.  The new light fixtures are installed and they are wonderful.

Just as a reminder, this is what it looked like before.  Nothing wrong with this, but it just needed a small refresh.

 The lights have a really clean and simple design.  The white shades add so much more light than the previous tinted shades on the old fixtures.

 See, you can't tell where I had to patch a whole that was about 6" square to the left of the backplate.  I patted myself on the back, I did a good job.

New black and white towels and my new diy zebra artwork are definitely more up to date than my previous accessories.

The new striped rugs are a great compliment to the new Zebra art.

But the final finishing element are these gorgeous faucets from Pfister.  This is the Bronson in their wonderful brushed nickel finish.

 This was the one the builder put in.  I had this same builder faucet in my last house that is now 22yrs. old.  They must get these things for free.  Serviceable but not very pretty.

 Just look at this beauty.  Sleek modern lines with a bit of a traditional nod too.  I love it

It always amazes me at how a simple update like the faucet can take a bathroom to the next decade.

 I love the graceful lines of this faucet and it is so well made.  You can feel the difference when you turn the water on.

 This is definitely the finishing jewelry for the room

This is a sponsored post for Pfister, but all opinions are 100% mind.  I can't thank Pfister enough for these gorgeous faucets.

Now we are up to date on all fronts inside, I think.  Hopefully the weather cools down soon so we can get some work done outside in the backyard.  It is hard to get much done in humid 110°.

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  1. Marty the bathroom looks fantastic! Great choices that when you put your house on the market will be so appreciated by the next owner.

  2. Looks amazing, Marty - you did such a great job!

  3. Love a little animal print in a space! The Zebra and the new rugs are super cute.
    Love all your accessories too. And the faucet looks beautiful.
    (I think those others must be practicality free ;) ) haha

  4. Your rooms are always polished and detailed. Love it!

  5. Love, love, love the zebra painting over the towels!

  6. Oh so pretty have such style! Love the striped rugs with the zebra art and your new faucet makes quite an elegant statement!
    XO Barbara

  7. Looks awesome Marty. It is amazing how just something as simple and putting in a new faucet can make such a big impact on a room. Love all the black and white accents. Very pretty. Great job. Just stand back and smile it is so beautiful now.

  8. Everything looks beautiful, Marty. The faucets are so nice and I love all the black and white!

  9. Just gorgeous! Love the striped rug with the picture...perfect... What is your next project?

  10. Hi Marty!
    Another wonderful make over. Very elegant! Love it!

  11. Your small changes equal a big difference in the look. I love it, Marty.

  12. Looks great Marty. The changes really make a difference in how the bathroom looks.

  13. You have featured this bathroom earlier also, but I can spot new add-ons in this post. Stripped rug is going well with the painting and and light fixtures are so beautiful.

  14. it's amazing what a striped rug can do, it instantly updates the space. did you paint or change the hardware, too?

  15. I absolutely love the new faucets! It is amazing what just a few touches here and there can do. This makes me think maybe I need new globes on our fixtures to brighten up our bath!

  16. Gorgeous, Marty! I love all the changes and the faucets are beautiful. Great makeover! Maria

  17. Looks wonderful Marty! Love the new faucets.

  18. I like all your updates. You've definitely gave it a more contemporary look. Your cost saving ideas are inspirational!

  19. Love the updates! Small changes, but a big impact. Looks great!

  20. arty, your new faucet ad light fixture look great. I really like all of the black and white. They give a sophisticated look to the room.

  21. I love the updates, they look really great!
    Beautiful bathroom!!!!!

  22. Love it! The new faucet is beautiful and of course, I love the zebra prints! ;)

  23. Love it, Marty! What a difference a few changes can make. Would you consider sharing this at our weekly Dishing It & Digging It Link Party? We are live every Sunday @4pm.