Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Home Search Continues - How Would I Update?

I have discovered that finding a new home is much harder than you would think.  As I said before the area we want to move back to has homes that are 20 to 50 yrs. old and some have been updated and some not.  The ones that have been updated have sky high prices and not always my style.  Then the ones that need a ton of updating seem to have just as high a price.

I have found two that I like, but both have offers before I could get mine in.  I am on a waiting list in case they fall through.

#1 - This one is in the perfect area.  Love the style and the size.  As you will see from the pics, this one needs some cosmetic updates for sure.

Living and dining - I would want to add hardwood floors here, all new lighting and paint.  I think I would also paint those balusters and stain the railing really dark on the stairs.

I love this dramatic view looking at the living and dining from upstairs.  I would keep the plantation shutters but maybe still add side drapes.

Kitchen has oak cabinets that I would paint and the original Formica counters that would need to be changed. It does have updated appliances and a new gas range.  The tile floors are nice too.  I do think the fluorescent lights have to go though.  Maybe add recessed pot lights.  Not sure that an island would fit in here, but maybe a chop block.

I've been saving this image for a future makeover.  I think some of these ideas could be incorporated into the above kitchen.

I like the size of the adjoining familyroom, that would work for us.  In time I would change out the carpet for hardwoods.

The master bath needs some updating and the carpet in the bathroom would have to go for sure. I would paint the vanity, replace or frame the mirror and update the lights.  The ceiling fan would definitely go.

This is one of my favorite bathrooms, it would be fun to try and recreate.

 #2 - This one is in a great area and newer than the first.  It would definitely be my next choice.

This one is larger than the first and I really like  the floor plan.  Great tile and paint colors I could work with right away.  Here I would add drapes and a great area rug.

This house has drama and charm and I like how it has a flow to the kitchen and familyroom.  I think I would paint that stair railing black maybe.

The familyroom is a great size in this one too.  Drapes and replacing the carpet down the road for hardwoods would take care of this room.

Again we have oak cabinets, these with a white washed stain.  It also has the original Formica counters that need replacing.  (see the corner of the island)  It does have newer appliances which is a benefit.  I think painting the cabinets white, adding granite counters and a marble, subway tile or beadboard backsplash would totally change this kitchen.

This is a look that I thought would work in here perfectly.

The master bathroom has beautiful tile floors and would just need the cabinets and lighting updated to begin with.  I think I would add shutters to that window too.

So, do you have a favorite?  Which would you like #1 or #2

(After I wrote this, it appears that both houses will have final sales with their current offers, so I am really back to the hunt.  I am beginning to wonder if this is meant to be or not.  There isn't anything out there that really excites me so far.  I guess I just have to leave it to the Lord and see what he has in store.)

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  1. Good luck on your home buying search. I'm sure there's a better one out there for you. How did I miss that you were moving?!

  2. Good Afternoon Marty, I am sorry to hear that both houses have been bought, but do you know, I really believe in fate. I believe, as frustrating as it is for you, the right house is just waiting for you to walk through the door. We saw over 20 ugly ducklings, before we found our swan, so take heart, you will find your perfect home.
    Best Wishes

  3. The problem is that you have your own home looking so great, it will be pretty hard to match!

  4. Best wishes on your house hunt. The right one will come along.

  5. Marty, I would only caution you about a two-story home. I was diagnosed with a chronic disease in my late 50's that affects my mobility. I am so grateful that our home is a ranch style because of that. Stairs are very difficult for me. Just something that everyone needs to think about as they shop for a newer home in their senior years. I know you will have fun with the hunt and decorating!

    1. Thanks, yes we have looked at that becoming a problem in the future. Both these homes have a downstairs bedroom.

  6. Had to X out of 3 ad pop-ups before I could even look at your post. That's a bit much.

    1. I don't see those when I pull up my blog. Where are they popping up?

    2. I agree, that is odd. The only pop up I get is on the home page to "subscribe".

      Burlington ON Canada

      ps good luck with the home searching!

  7. I remember the hunt and it was not fun! I am sure the right one will come along. Good luck, maybe your dream home will come on the market today! :)

  8. Oh Boy! I must have missed this whole moving to a new house post. It certainly can be fun and frustrating. Houses are moving pretty quick in the valley these days I hope you can find yours soon.

  9. Too bad they are both under contract but I did like #2 the best. My daughter was looking a year ago and kept running into walls with houses that sold so fast it was unreal and ones that priced it low making it attractive knowing the market would bid it up higher and it priced her out. She resigned to not going forward with looking any longer and then about 45 days later she decided to take a look just for the heck of it and found just what she was looking for. The market had settled down a bit since it was later in the season and she was able to purchase it. Sometimes it's just timing and you have to just keep plugging away at it. I noticed these houses seem to have a 2nd story and for me that would be a turnoff. I have a bad knee already and don't like going up and down stairs much these days. It doesn't seem a problem when you are fit enough but if for some reason you or hubby suddenly have an issue it could be a negative in your life. Just a thought.

  10. Marty that's like in Oklahoma it doesn't matter if the house is redone or not they want a small fortune for it. I really pray you get the perfect one.

  11. I can totally picture you in home #2 Marty!

  12. I think you have great ideas on both houses. I love thee inspiration kitchen for your second house. That was really pretty.

    I would agree about the two stories. At this age, I would never look at a two story. I still remember the lady in my mom's nursing home who cried for weeks because she had an injury and they would not allow her to go home because she had a split level home and couldn't do stairs. If you ever get injured and don't have a ranch plan or facilities on the first level, you'll end up in a nursing home until you heal.

    I just bought a 2 bedroom ranch townhome a few years back. My son is in a wheelchair and when we were looking I was just hoping to find a fifties ranch but everything was either under contract or I was outbid. I thought I'd never find anything. I finally ended up looking at the townhome I have now that was totally redone. Everything in here is brand new and I don't think we could have found a better place for the money. Hang in there. I'm sure you will find something and whatever you find you have the talent to make it beautiful.

  13. Love your choices! Good luck - I know the perfect one will be yours! Your inspiration photo for the first kitchen is a picture I had as an inspiration for my kitchen remodel!!! I didn't get the farm sink, but I did get the cherry butcherblock counters and white cabinets! I'll try and PM you a picture of my kitchen on FB!

  14. The colors in house #2 but since it not available, that is a moot point. Keep will find a house that is just right.

  15. I missed that you were moving too. Good luck on the hunt. It's not easy to find the right fit.

  16. You're moving! I hope you find one with all you are hoping for.

  17. Hi Marty! Oh, I'm so excited for you and both homes are so lovely. If it were me I'd go with the second one just because it doesn't look like it has stairs. Since I fell and broke my knee it's harder for me to get up and down stairs and I think about that. We had looked for a one story house here but most of them were just too small. That's just me. No matter which one you choose, you'll make them so beautiful. I'm impressed with how nice they both look to start with too. This house we bought was really pretty scary - but I could look beyond the 1980s wallpaper! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. House hunting can be fun and stressful....that is why we end up building...since we want a ranch with a bonus room on the second level...I always wanted stairs, but I am over them now!...My knees are getting old!...:) I hope you find the perfect one Marty....

  19. That's a shame they both went under contract but THE right one for you is out there. Don't give up! I liked #2 also and who knows, maybe one very similiar will come up WITH some updates!!! I will keep my fingers crossed that you find the one soon!

  20. They all have so much potential. I'm a firm believer in the whole "you'll know when it's the one". Can't wait to see where you end up! The perfect house is out there for you.

  21. It's always exciting to house hunt. We raised our family in a two-story Tudor, but when we downsized (actually didn't downsize that much) we found a one-story ranch that was almost finished. We've been here 13 years and still love it! It's an open concept with the master suite on one end and two bedrooms and bath on the other end. We are in our early 70s and at our age would never want another home with stairs.

  22. I LOVE the kitchen with the black sink!