Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Easy Instant Entertaining - Fruit & Cheese Tray

You know how it is, you just poured a glass of wine and you were all ready to enjoy Sunday Football and the doorbell rings.  It is a friend that was in the neighborhood.  You haven't seen him in so long and it was so nice of him to stop by.  You want to put something together in an instant to snack on as you visit and watch the game.

Nothing is easier than a fruit and cheese tray.  We always have fruit of some kind in the house, so pulling a tray together is so easy.  I received a really pretty cheese board from my daughter for my Birthday.  I thought it was the perfect size this occasion.

 Pears were looking especially wonderful when I was at the market, so I bought both the red and green, such pretty colors.  They are so easy to just slice up and oh my do they taste wonderful.  I also had some grapes and some olives in the fridge.  A few cut up cubes of cheese and this tray was ready.  Now this seriously too about 5 minutes.

 We also had some apples that I could have cut up.  Any kind of fruit always works and any kind of cheese.  Just use what you have on hand.  You can even do sliced cheese and a few crackers, or how about some pretzels.   Maybe fill the little bowl with some humus, cheese spread or pesto and slice up a crusty bagette.  Anything will do and if you serve it on a pretty tray it will look special.

 I sat the tray on the edge of the coffee table so it was easy for our guest to reach.

 I pulled a few cocktail napkins off the wine cabinet and I was ready.  Now to get our guest something to drink.

 A bottle of beer was his choice.  Perfect.  Now on to the game and a great visit.

What is your favorite "Instant Entertaining" choice?

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  1. Having a cheese tray or wooden bread board makes it so easy and pretty too. Beautiful, I've never seen red pears! You're always such a wonderful hostess!

  2. Love this Marty. I love having a simple and good for you treat like this. Light and filling and pretty to display.

  3. Marty, I love a cheese tray and it is an easy way to entertain! Your presentation is beautiful! Pam @ Everyday Living

  4. Hi Marty, You fruit and cheese tray looks beautiful and inviting when set upon your coffee table. I would love to have a lovely tray such as yours! You're right, what a simple but gracious way to entertain, I'm saving this page for the next time we have drop-in company. Thank you for your wonderful suggestion! BTW, the color of your cocktail napkins goes beautifully with your room (which I love) decor, did you plan that? :) Have a blessed day!

  5. Gorgeous tray Marty! Looks like you were expecting company!

  6. Your daughter always has wonderful taste! You know I really don't entertain. So I really have nothing of merit to add here. You always do great!

  7. This is really perfect and something unique. I have to learn many tips from you. From where you have got this idea because I can't even think about this.

  8. instant entertaining choice. Cheese does come first to mind, but we live near a fabulous market, with fresh everything. So I would say, Fresh salmon or crab dip from the seafood counter with sliced baguettes lightly toasted. Or fresh focaccia bread with olive dip and freshly grated Parmesan or Asagio cheese.

    Either way, casual entertaining is always fun. Not so instant is cheese stuffed peppers fresh from the garden, these are a hit with a selection of beers. Grins, Sandi