Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fall Decor Inspiration to Copy

With the changing seasons and the upcoming holidays, we will all be entertaining more, so a lot of us are looking for ways to dress up our homes and give them a little bit of a new and updated look without breaking the bank.  A few well chosen and placed accessories can give a room a whole new look - almost like a mini-makeover.

If you have a brick wall almost anything you put in front of it will look amazing, but this whole vignette is gorgeous and full of easy to copy Fall inspiration.  How about taking a log you find in the yard and drill a few holes to hold some small votive candles and to poke a few dried hydrangeas into.
Another great tip here is to place some small pumpkins on candlesticks mixed in with your candles.

Home Stories A to Z
Black and white is always so chic and this room has been given a touch of fall with the use of faux fur.  Fur always reminds you of cool days and something to snuggle up too.  You could add a faux fur throw instead of the bench and get the same feeling.

Designs By Laila

Animal prints are a neutral that goes with any season but I especially love them for Fall.  How about adding one simple Skeleton to create Halloween chic.

Two Ladies & A Chair

Bring the outdoors in and add a few feathers & cotton stems for a really pretty centerpiece.  Take note of those fabulous faux pumpkins.  She gives you a tutorial for making those too.  (hint - Dollar Tree & fancy knobs.)

You already have all the pumpkins and candles, so cut up some birch branches and create a Farmhouse Fall Tablescape.  For that extra touch weave a few branches from the yard through your vignette.

Ella Claire

Fall just seems to bring up memories of plaids and cozy blankets.  Add in tons of texture and it brings a room together.

Golden Boys & Me

Even the most minor change makes a difference.  I simply added two dark blue pillows to warm up a really neutral and monochromatic room.  If you keep your home neutral most of the time, add a splash of a darker color with a throw or a couple of pillows and change the look in an instant.

What is your favorite trick to add some simple fall?

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  1. I really like the plates! There are so many antique plates at the brocantes, and some of them have such charming images and designs--really works of art.

  2. Lots of inspiration here. I believe the farmhouse look with the log is my favorite. I generally change out burnt orange hand towels in bathrooms, fall pillows with pumpkins that happen to match my "already on the sofa" pillows. The few Fall-colored fauxs that I like twirled around the candle holders that have off white candles, I invested in three sets of pumpkins that are not orange for inside decorations and they usually end up in vignettes around the room. I do put my fall plaid throw over the back of the sofa. All I know and do. JudyC

  3. All gorgeous ideas Marty. Love your living room for fall.

  4. This is beautifully decorated. Winter is coming and I found it really difficult to decorate my home. Because in winters with the home decoration it is really important to keep your home cozy also. I just loved your decoration tips.

  5. Marty, you need to change your blog name to the "Pillow Queen". Nice post, yes even the smallest pop of color will change a room. Grins, Sandi

  6. Finally a blogger more my age and who appreciates the traditional. Your colors and style are similar to mine in Florida where traditional earthy colors are the exception within a sea of white & aquas.

  7. I too have brick wall and its true that almost anything you put in front of it will look amazing, but this whole vignette is gorgeous and full of easy to copy Fall inspiration.Very informative post.
    dmv construction :)