Monday, October 24, 2016

How To Style Bookcases - Tips & Ideas

Bookcases are styled in all kinds of ways with not just books, but all kinds of accessories.  You can create little vignettes to showcase your style, add baskets and decorative boxes for extra storage or be a traditionalist and create a library with tons of books.

Often bookcases flank a fireplace which is the focal point of the room.  Using a mix of accessories and storage with your favorite books always creates a really interesting wall.  Arranging these items is where the problem starts with a lot of us.  How do you tell your story or showcase your style?  How do you create storage that has style and is interesting?

Here are a few examples of some beautifully styled displays.

Home Stories A to Z beautifully tells her style story with her vignettes.  She uses books, candles, pictures, floral arrangements and artifacts.  Notice how she places some things in front of others to create depth.

This is such a petty display and mix of elements that Room For Rent created.  She shows how a basket can create storage and still be part of a lovely vignette.

Craft-0-Maniac uses a mix of elements that show off her client's personal style and taste.  Grasscloth  used as a background to add texture and interest is subtle but gives the bookcase more depth.

I love how Bliss @ Home lined the back of her bookcases with dark grasscloth.  This creates a really dramatic focal point to showcase all of her displays.  Notice how she uses family photos and collectibles mixed in with her books and accessories.

 Thrifty and Chic uses her bookcases to showcase her style as well as make it function by storing wood for the fireplace and a basket for hidden storage.

I like to mix mine up with books, collectibles and all kinds of different accessories and elements.  You can use the same things over and over, just shuffle them around for a different look.  I lined the back of mine with beadboard and totally changed the appearance of the whole unit.  You can see that post here.

By just moving a few basic pieces you can create a totally different look.

I like a mix of books, plants, pictures and collections.  Stagger heights, elevate some things on books and place a few items in front of others to create depth.

Use your bookcases and shelves to not only hold books but to create a focal point in your room that allows you to display family collectibles and memories.  Create something that you love to look at and others will too.

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  1. Marty,
    All of the examples shown are absolutely stunning!
    However, I still l o v e your vignettes within each shelf, dear friend!
    Thank you for sharing your "expertise" within your lovely home!

  2. Great examples and tips as to how to style a bookcase Marty! There are so many possibilities and l like what you said about changing things up from time to time! ;) Happy Sunday!

  3. Styling bookcases can be such a challenge. Those are great examples of how to do it right. I don't have many in my home but I do like to make sure it's balanced and that the pieces all look good together. A lot of trial and error basically!

  4. Hi Marty! You've given us some great tips on decorating bookshelves. I always have trouble with mine. I love your traditional look in yours and have tried to copy some of your shelves before! :) Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Great examples of styling bookshelves. It would be hard to pick a favorite.

  6. These are great examples, Marty and I agree that it's nice to move things around from time to time. I still love how you added the beadboard to yours - so pretty!

  7. Marty, great tips and inspiration. I love collections and books...needless,to say, I need more bookcases!

  8. Great lineup Marty and I love seeing how you style yours! Thanks for joining us at the DI & DI Link party