Wednesday, October 12, 2016

My $9.99 Thrifted Louis Chairs - Makeover

I have lusted after Louis Chairs for such along time, but just couldn't pull the trigger and get them.  lst of all they come in so many frame and fabric finishes that I just couldn't decide what I wanted.  Then there is the problem of what to do with the chairs I have. I need to be purging, not buying anything new,  especially since we are thinking about moving. - - - -

World Market - $399.98 for 2 - (These are the ones that I have almost bought on several occassions.)

- - -but when you find a super bargain at Goodwill - $9.99 - how can you pass them up.  These are really sturdy, but really, really bad wood finish and fabric.  The style is perfect, so I can do a simple makeover. - I think!?!?

These probably came out of some hotel.  I have seen this same color finish on wood pieces at Hotel Liquidators and that fabric looks so familiar too.

Now I use to have the best Goodwill in the world, then they opened a Resale Store and immediately shipped anything even remotely worth having to the Resale Store.  All of a sudden my Goodwill looked worse than the worse kind of thrift store with nothing worth having.   I have been purging closets and cleaning drawers with the thought in mind that we might buy a new house and move, so I had 2 boxes of linens and dishes to take to Goodwill.  I hadn't been in in months since it is usually so bad, but I had a few minutes, so I ran inside.  There to my surprise were these two chairs.  Now I am serious when I say these are absolutely all they had that was even decent.

By decent I mean the style, these were so dirty they couldn't send them to the Resale Store.

I think I can paint the frames and reupholster these pretty easily, but first they really need a super good washing.  I mixed up a pan with amonia and water.  A really good scrub brush and a little elbow grease and these look much better.

It's amazing what a little amonia water will do.  After scrubbing them I used a fine mist on the hose and rinsed them really really well.

See how clean that chair seat is.

Now to decide how to make them over.  I looked on Pinterest for some ideas and wow, I found some really creative and amazing makeovers

Cote De Texas -I love the two fabrics.  How fabulous does this look.

Studio McGee - These were just painted white and upholstered with white fabric.

Dimples & Tangles - I have long loved these that Jennifer madeover.  Those dots are wonderful.

Country Living - They showed how this one was covered with grain sacks.

Designing Dawn - She spray Painted The Whole Chair - Frame & Fabric
Serendipity Refined - Painted and antiqued the frame and reupholstered with linen.
Honey & Fitz - This is one of my favorite fabrics, so of course this caught my eye.
For a really fast and easy makeover, I thought I might just paint the frames and fabric black and do something really fun on the back of the chairs.  I keep seeing people paint fabric, so I might try it, I really can't hurt anything.  On the other hand, this could be fabulous with two really great fabrics that could give these chairs a ton of personality
How would you make them over if they were yours?  What do you think would look best in my house with my style?

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  1. LOVE your chairs. I have been thinking about painting a bench and found some "fabric prep" stuff on Amazon - lots of good comments about how it makes the biggest difference using it before painting. I'd start there.

    Great job - glad you didn't give up on that GW.

    Not sure what's going on around here, either, but not liking any of ours lately either - and really just not shopping much, AND -for the love all things holy- I REALLY need to PURGE!!!!

    Haven't been online lately, so sorry, trying like crazy to catch up on my fav bloggers - life is crazy now I am a grandma. Any extra time I have I just want to hold little wee precious one. I figure Blogdom can wait. Though when I do sneak a peek I want to stay on forever and catch up and post and everything. I wish there were more hours in a day, Marty, I really do.

    Great job on your treasures - they're gonna be neat no matter what you decide to do. Hugs.

  2. What a fabulous find and great inspiration photos! I can't wait to see the "after"

  3. Marty I am DYING!!! I adore these chairs. What a great score. I can't wait to see how you transform them.

  4. What a great find! They will be awesome I am sure!

  5. These are amazing! I never find anything at Goodwill...then again I never go there! I guess I need to! I am so excited to see what you do with them!

  6. Nice. I never find or go to our awful Goodwill. I cannot wait to see what you do.

  7. Great deal, Marty! These cleaned up great with ammonia and water. I have to ask, can it bleach areas at all? I'm always looking for ways to clean our outdoor cushions and pillows and everyday spot cleaning on my indoor pieces.
    I was really fortunate to get a Louis VI at Marshall's a few years ago for $99. It was beyond comprehension to me as it was in excellent shape. But there was only one and I use it as an accent chair in my living room with a pillow on it so no one sits on it! it's a cream color linen...very classic. Good luck with your fabric choices!


    1. I haven't ever had any areas bleach at all. I use ammonia and water on my furniture and on my carpet as a spot cleaner all the time. I just mix up about half and half and it seems to get most stains out. I normally just use a sponge on pieces and then I use a dry cloth to dry them as much as possible.

  8. I think your Louis chairs are Louis XV. Great bargain! Can't wait to see how you do them up!
    Here's a guide to the different Louis styles:

  9. Wow it will be fun to see these when you are done. They are very attractive chairs and I'm impressed with how they cleaned up! Our Goodwill is quite popular. I never see anything classy like these chairs though.

  10. Amen about Goodwill. I rarely go to ours anymore--Ours gets merchandise from Target--old, cracked, sometimes good but as expensive as original Target prices and sometimes higher. And, I don't like being asked to round up my total to help run their training centers and owners are millionaires.
    I love the chairs though and think a great fabric combination like the black and white would be fun and really high style.

  11. Hmmmm... Maybe stain them darker - almost the color of your floors in the living room, and then upholster with a beautiful antique or off-white linen. I know you like to change things up for the seasons, so you would be able to throw an animal print pillow or a beautiful knit blanket over them to get different looks. As far as Goodwill is concerned; I find that most of the thrift stores have inferior products nowadays! I used to be able to get some good stuff there, but now the stores seem to actually smell bad - like they don't wash the clothes anymore! However, I am thoroughly jealous of your beautiful find and will be very interested to see what you do with them!

  12. Marty, the chairs are a terrific find and I can't wait to see how you make them over! Pam @ Everyday Living

  13. Gaaaaad, choosing what to do would be crazy difficult Marty! What a steal, but I think I would go with a neutral fabric with a fun neutral patterened backing. My fave would be Scheumacher chenoneuceu!

  14. I love your new got a great deal on them!!! I can't wait to see how you transform them :o)

  15. What a fantastic find. I say try painting the chairs, fabric and all. You can always reupholster them if you don't like it. But what ever you decide they will be beautiful.

  16. I had a cute and perfectly good bench in a Victorian floral that didn't go with the new look of the guest bedroom. i decided to follow the directions i found on pinterest and mixed fabric medium and white paint. it was supposed to come out like leather. not even close. the floral pattern was hard to cover and when it dried. it looks marginally ok but let's just say it's hard and uncomfortable. i should rip the fabric off and reupholster it, it's really bad. ugh. live and learn...

  17. Love the chairs. My favorite is the black frame and two black fabrics. Our GoodWill is really busy but you won't find any steals or decent furniture. Prices keep going up. Any designer clothing/glassware goes online for auction. Seems like greed has taken over and they are hardly a nonprofit today.

  18. Great deal! Love the chairs and your inspiration photos. I like Vickie's ideas.

  19. Marty, What a great find indeed. Our Goodwill store doesn't usually have very many good furniture finds. Can't wait to see how you transform your chairs. Love your blog too. ~Mary

  20. Nice chairs and they look ever so much better after your ammonia water scrub. Can't wait to see how you restyle them. The Goodwill closest to me is a stinky store. I prefer going to the Amvets store...much more selection.