Monday, November 14, 2016

Brain Storm With Me - What Would You Do?

As I said the other day, we made an offer on a new house and they accepted, so now we have to see if it passes inspection without any major problems and if our house sells.  If all of that falls into place and happens, then I have a million things I will need to do to update the new house.

The kitchen has oak cabinets that I am not fond of and need to be painted.   I have been trying to figure out what to do in there.  First off they need some crown molding around the top, then do something about the oak.  My first thought was painting them white and then add white quartz or granite counters, a marble backsplash and new stainless appliances.

Then I saw several pictures with black cabinets and I really like the look of those too.  This particular distressed black finish is one I really like.  These were painted red so when they were distressed some of the red shows through underneath.  Actually in real life it doesn't look so much red as it does a dark stain color.

The kitchen in the new house is not large and sits between the family room and the breakfast room.  Since it is so small, not sure I want to go black, maybe white so it sort of fades into the room. Thank goodness it has a fabulous walk in pantry with tons of shelves or else there wouldn't be any place to put all my dishes, serving pieces and small appliances.

This kitchen has pretty black cabinets and this section is about the same size as my main kitchen wall. I love the counters and back splash.  Pretty, but it definitely demands attention.

I want to use a pretty white back splash and this marble herringbone is stunning.

I also love the marble layed in a regular brick pattern too.

This is a white kitchen that has been in my files for a long time.  I love the added detail to these cabinets.

 Since mine are so plain, this might be something I could do to give mine a little interest.  I could add some beadboard to the island and some molding on the side of the cabinets along with some crown molding on top.

This entire wall could use some beadboard, molding or something.  Corbels for sure.  (Not sure why anyone would carpet right up to the breakfast bar.)  New wood floors throughout the family room and kitchen are #1 on my priority list.

I am all ears, what are your suggestions for turning this builder basic into a stunner?

Be sure to get all your projects lined up for Inspire Me Tuesday.  Party goes live Monday afternoon at 3 PM CMT.  Can't wait to see you there.

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  1. Congratulations on them accepting your offer! With all the natural bright light you will have in this home it seems like it won't matter which color you go with. One thing though is "oak" has a definite grain that will show through the stain or paint so it won't be entirely as smooth looking as the picture you showed with the black finish. I do love the creamy white with black accents in a kitchen so that would be my aim.

  2. Congratulations on your new adventure! We are just finishing up our move so I'll be keeping you in my will be a busy lady!! I went with a soft white and light gray walls. I had oak cabinets at our old house and was tired of them. I love my new kitchen (stop by to see it.). My sister-in-law redid her cabinets with a dark gray wash and they are lovely. Whatever color you choose, I know it will be gorgeous!

  3. Big Congrats! I had white cabinets for years....and then I had the kitchen redone!! I had new cabinet doors put on and painted all of the cabinets black! What a huge difference it made and I absolutely love the look!!! I also had that distressed look on them. I know you will pick the perfect look...

  4. Exciting Marty! You can't go wrong with black and white, and it's such a great neutral palette. Here's a thought, you could paint the lower cabinets in the distressed black and the upper cabinets white, or the island black. I have a distressed black island base in my kitchen and then the wall cabinets are white, and I love the contrast and the look. I am sure you will make a great choice, have fun!

  5. You are going to have a fun time updating this new to you home. I think your ideas for the kitchen are on target. Wood floors will make a huge difference. White counter tops and back splash are good for adding more light / reflection to the work area in your kitchen. Like the idea of the beadboard to add interest. Painting the cabinets black would add drama. I say go for it!

  6. Congratulations and I will pray everything goes well! Now, I have black cabinets and absolutely LOVE them! It was a BIG switch as I had the light oak in the old house but I went for it and couldn't be happier! As you know we open to the breakfast room and living room and I feel the dark color looks dressier. Actually my cabinets are not technically black, it is called espresso, so a VERY dark brown that appears almost black. I know you will make beautiful choices. Have a great day, Marty!

  7. PS, I have never subscribed to the idea that darker colors make a room look smaller:) Just my humble opinion:):)

  8. You have so much space there! It will be great to have that clean slate. I painted my cabinets in a light gray/beige and I really love them. White is often too stark. Are you staying with the current wall color? I like a little contrast but that black is gorgeous. What about a darker gray color?

  9. Miss Marty my heart is smiling this morning. While I read this post I could see/hear our dear friend Ceekay jumping up and down saying "BLACK! BLACK!" :) Now I am a big fan of the white kitchen as obviously that is what I chose to do in my own home. It appears that your new home has plenty of natural light so either palette would work beautifully. I do have to say that I probably wouldn't do a bright white cabinet again but sort of a glazed/stained white as the pure white shows every single speck of dirt. No matter what you choose I know it will be gorgeous!

    I also wanted to take a moment and thank you so very much for participating in the past week's tour. The event brought such happiness to many. I received so many messages from individuals who so appreciated all of the wonderful tips, touches and gorgeous images.

    Have a wonderful weekend dear friend!

  10. Love the black but would you tire of it and would it make the room look smaller. Love white where you can add so much colors. Take a look at these farmhouse ideas

  11. Whatever you do, Marty, will be fabulous! I am looking forward to following your progress! 😄

  12. Because of the location in the room with lots of surfaces exposed to the other rooms I would probably opt for black. With the quarts countertops and marble backsplash I think it would be gorgeous. (As I say black it it mainly a practical choice because we live "hard" and bumps and bangs into the exterior surface would not be as noticeable on it)

  13. Hi Marty! How fun to be making plans, your brain will be spinning for months. Knowing what you have done in the past and seem to gravitate towards warmer colors I think you could totally carry off the black cabinets. The area is not over powering and the black would look stunning. I would NOT do black bottoms and white uppers because I feel it would chop the room up too much. As someone mentioned, keep in mind the oak grain will show through no matter what the color. Love the quartz tops, I have them and ♥♥♥ mine. Molding is always a great idea, we did that in our previous home, that will make a huge difference. Love marble backsplash or subway tile. When you visit that decision keep in mind the colors in the family room area, if you keep the same furniture. Maybe a soft off white subway vs. a cool or white/gray backsplash. No matter what you choose you will love it, because you are a good planner and think of all the elements! Have fun and enjoy this wonderful process!!

  14. Painting existing cabinets is a small investment compared to new wood floors. Choose your flooring color/grain/texture first. You will live with that choice longer than cabinetry color. I would choose one color for the wall units and another for the island. I would also add a row of cabinets on top then the crown molding or trim. Should be easy to match the cabinet style and then painted along with the other units. While they will be high it's good storage for dishes/small appliances/other pieces not used on a regular basis and the kitchen will look larger and add appeal. I have a great 5' ladder that gives me access to mine and I love having that extra space. Another easy and pretty cost effective choice at the beginning up your update. Best wishes with your new adventure. Dee

  15. Marty, I'm so accustomed to living in small homes that I kind of go blank when faced with more space. However, in a smaller kitchen, I think I'd want to go light-colored for some reason. Could always use gold hardware and black accents, as that is so you.

  16. I went back and looked at the photos again. If you have room in the living area or somewhere for a table and chairs, I think I'd be tempted to extend the kitchen where that breakfast area is. Because I know you cook a lot.

  17. I love the black and white look. I am so glad that you are going to change the flooring. You are going to love your new home.



  18. Marty,
    Congratulations on your new home, dear friend!
    You have "classic" decor design style. . .
    and will fill your new home with your amazing 'signature' style!
    Best wishes for a smooth transition from one home to the other!
    Keep us posted on the choices you make!

  19. I think that the black cabinets look very nice, especially the ones with the red showing through. Most all-white kitchens look very plain to me and don't have much charm.

  20. I think black is way too dark. I would live in the house for a bit to get the feel of the house before I started changing things

  21. How about painting the bottom cabinets black, either black finish you like, and buy a run of say dark grey or lighter grey for taller new cabinets, perhaps with some glass doors. Black might ground the kitchen area in its classic elegance since the rooms are joined and visually deep.

  22. Marty, I love the ideas you have swirling around. If it were me, I might do white cabinets against the wall and have a black island. I also love the look of white on the top cabinets and black on the lower. Any way you choose it, I don't think you can go wrong with black and white.

    So happy that you have found a great home to love on. :)

  23. Congratulations Marty! Very exiting news! I love the black cabinets! Renovating is exciting but making so many decisions can be stressful. I think you have to just go with your gut and pick what really speaks to you! Bunny Williams once said "if you love it it just works" regarding interior design. I agree! You are the one living there so take some risks but all of your years blogging and your good eye won't lead you astray. You have great taste so I'm sure everything will come together!

  24. This is a pin from my kitchen board on Pinterest.... maybe a combo?

  25. Marty how exciting!!!! I am a big fan of black cabinetry and have a couple of cabinets black in my kitchen, and have thought about going all black. And I'm a big fan of quartz, especially the ones that look like marble because there is no maintenance to them. Darker cabinets are gorgeous, and I think that would work well with the browns and animal prints you use. I'm sure whatever you decide will be gorgeous!!

  26. Congratulations, Marty! That is so exciting, albeit daunting, too. You may remember that we painted our very builder-basic cabinets last year, and we couldn't be happier. We went with a very light gray to go better with our tile, and I use that color again in a heart-beat. My hubby had already added crown molding, and that really does add a lot of impact to the plain-Jane cabinet style. We started out with the dinky little island, too, but added a bigger top when we did the granite. That makes the island so much more useful. Lots of decisions to be made, but I know you will have fun and make your new home beautiful. Good luck with selling your house!

    Warm hugs,

  27. I think black cabinets with your style would be great. If you love the look of white you could do the island in black and the cabinets in white. I'm starting on my builder grade kitchen now that my master bedroom is so close to being finished. One thing I'm doing to make it look a little heftier is adding built in cabinetry around the window, extending the kitchen visually. What if you did a slim cabinet to the left of you cabinets and then built in a window seat with drawer/doors underneath all the way to the other wall? It would visually add a lot to the kitchen and give you some more storage. Just a thought. I'm sure it will be beautiful.


  28. Hi Marty-
    This is fun for us all because we get to follow your journey.
    I love the inspiration photo you have had in your files.

    That almost gives the kitchen cabinets a furniture look- which is good because the kitchen is between the eating area and the living area.

    Above all, have fun!


  29. Since you said you were going to put in a swimming pool I would not put in a hardwood floor but tile instead. In our previous home we had a pool and hardwood floors in the area where we went in and out to swim too. Those floors were ruined in that area from both grandkids and adults that were still wet running in and out the door, even in spite of rugs at the entryway. Youll find that you can't police everyone....
    I just did a kitchen redo and I went with antique white cabinets, granite countertops that have a marble look, a marble colored textured stone look tile backsplash, wood floors, stainless steel appliances and Sherwin Williams greige walls for a warm look. I love my kitchen! This would all look good in your kitchen, although again I would go with a tile floor, especially in Arizona with a pool!

  30. Hi Marty! I cannot wait to see what you choose. Everything I've ever had that is black seems to constantly show dust. Perhaps it's because I lived in the country for quite a bit of time. Still, a girl can only dust things so many times a day. It became too, too much and now I cannot "do" black for the life of me. Funny though. I have the EXACT inspiration photo pinned on my account, too. LOVE the white cupboards with the windows and the soapstone countertops. It is a lovely inspiration photo! Best of luck with whatever you choose!
    Best & Bisous,
    Michelle from Simply Santa Barbara