Saturday, November 26, 2016

My First Purchase For The New Home

Now some of you may not get excited about a refrigerator, but would you believe the last new one that I had was in the l970's.  Can you even imagine.  Yes, I had "Harvest God" when that was popular and then I also had "Avocado" when that was popular and I even had kitchen carpet that was a total disaster.

Now we are finally into the new millennium and I am buying another new fridge.   Buyers of our home are first time buyers and wanted our current fridge in the kitchen, so I am thrilled that it will be put to good use.  Nothing fancy but super serviceable and roomy and it will serve them well for a long time.  It was used when I got it in the late 90's and only a year old - just a nice simple fridge.

My new home needs a complete kitchen makeover, a totally builder basic clean slate, so I could pick out anything I wanted.  I have lusted after this Samsung fridge for a very long time, so now it is going to be mine.  I have never been one to need or even want the latest and greatest in kitchen appliances, but for some reason I did really want this fridge.

It is a 25.5 cf  Samsung French Door Energy Efficient delight.  Now we are not paid by Lowes and this is not a sponsored post for Samsung.   I just love this fridge and really, really wanted it, so now I have one.

How fun and exciting to be getting my first treasure for our new house and the first step of my kitchen renovation.  Now I can't wait to get started on the kitchen and a new range too.

How about you, are you one who loves all the latest gadgets & appliances?

The buyers of our home also wanted all of my drapes, plus the storage systems we added to the master closet when I did that makeover.  So lots of things needed for the new house.  I will have fun shopping for all kinds of new treasures.

This house definitely needs all new lighting, it is really bad, so I have been trying to figure out what I want.  Here are a few different samples of lights from Wayfair that might work in the dining area.  Since it has a 2 story ceiling, I need something with a little heft.

These are a few samples that I like for the breakfast area.

Do you guys have any favorites or suggestions, right now I don't have a clue.

 I think the next major purchase will be new flooring to replace that carpet in the family room and the awful linoleum in the kitchen and breakfast area.  Then have the backyard pool done before summer and -and -and - - -can you tell my list is a mile long.

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  1. Marty, this is such a fun stage in the home game! I did just order one of the light fixtures I was coveting for the new house. It should arrive today. Can't wait to see what all you choose. That refrigerator is a beauty!

  2. Many congratulations on your new house Marty. What fun! Love the lanterns and they would be good also in your new dining area. But, make sure you purchase one without glass! Glass would be a cleaning nightmare! Judy M.

  3. So much fun to choose new appliances and lighting for your new home. We have a Samsung French door fridge very similar to yours ... ours has ice/water in the door and a large drawer above the freezer. We're quite pleased with it. Just love following along on your new home journey with you!

  4. That is the exact refrigerator that we bought about a year ago and we absolutely love it! It is so roomy and you can find everything so easily. I know you are really going to enjoy it and your new home.

  5. What a fun time in your life! In terms of the dining room needing a light with heft: I like the second one on the second row. I'm sure you're having to leave that wonderful pool in back. I doubt you'd have room for it if you're going to have an in-ground pool. But I sure loved that feature of your backyard. No, I don't happen to be a person who wants the latest things. Just never been a characteristic of mine. (Might want to change the Harvest God to Harvest Gold up top...)

  6. Best wishes with getting settled in your new home! We bought the same style refrigerator for our new home, though it is counter depth and a different brand. At our previous home, we had the french door style with ice/water in the door. I prefer the ice in the freezer compartment because it's a large ice bin capacity, compared to the ice/water in the door style with the ice bin being much smaller.

  7. So excited for you Marty! Yes, the list goes on and on and on. Hubby keeps asking for me to write my list down but I have not yet!;) We purchased a new fridge too. We bought an LG french door with a door in the door for the kids. We love it! Hubby is not so keen on the freezer being on the bottom but I love it. Stays so much more organized. For your two story foyer you defiantly need something with more than 6 lights for it to be the proper scale. I think otherwise the fixture would just look lost up there. We had a two story foyer in our last home and I had wanted to change our light out. It is one of those you only get once chance to do it because it requires scaffolding to do. We just now are working on our kitchen/breakfast nook lighting. I need to find a vintage chandelier for our island. We also need to find hardware for the cabinets. Like you said the list goes on and on and one. So excited for you Marty!

  8. We got a new fridge as our first purchase too. You will love your new one it is a great brand, great reviews. As far as lighting goes, it depends on where you are putting it. One thing I found that living in our new house a bit of time helped with decisions like lighting etc. I have yet to get my new lights, but they will come. So excited for you!! It is a fun journey, tiring, but oh so fun!!

  9. Marty all the lighting is gorgeous. You can't go wrong with any


  10. What fun! I have had a couple of French door refrigerators and love them. My mother loves her Samsung extra quiet dishwasher...which sadly she gets to leave behind upon moving the first of the year! might want to look at the Samsung dishwashers too. She got a super quiet one and thinks it is wonderful. I like your light fixture options too. It will be wonderful watching your new home come to life. Sheila

  11. I'm with you on being excited about a NEW refrigerator. You'll love your Samsung French Door! I just got mine last week and I'm loving it!! Mine's a bit smaller than yours - not enough space for a bigger one...and now I have French Door Cabinet Depth!! I'm tickled pink.

  12. We just remodeled my old house (I kept it after we were married--and had horrible renters.) I bought the very same model and I love it. The only thing that I found out months after I purchased it, it is very very expensive to have repaired by a qualified Samsung dealer--like $300.00 to walk through the door. Keeping fingers crossed for no problems. I still love it.

  13. when we moved in here, they had a new Samsung fridge, just like you're buying. I love having the big drawer across the bottom. I hadn't had a freezer on the bottom for years, but I really like it. The fridge is great, you'll enjoy it. love your lighting choices. the lanterns for the breakfast area are my faves, round or square. Have fun!

  14. Marty,
    You are going to love your new French door refrigerator. Mine is very similar in design and it has been great having all the space options. Does yours have the option to slide back the top shelf on the right that allows tall things? What an exciting time for you choosing all new kitchen appliances.


  15. That is a dandy refrigerator! We had looked at those but the space for the refrigerator in our kitchen wouldn't accommodate anything that big. Love the freezer on the much easier...

  16. Marty, We are in the midst of a major renovation and I too looked at fixtures on Wayfair, but found that Ferguson was able to price any fixture I found on-line for less. Do check them out before you buy. Not on their website, but call a showroom with the fixture name and number and see what they can do. I have a fridge like that, but it's not Samsung. I love it! Dianne

  17. We have a french door fridge and love it! As far as the lighting goes - I love them all! Very pretty selection!

  18. How exciting to be able to choose new things for your new the fridge and the choices of the lighting....