Friday, January 13, 2017

Kitchen Counter Tops and Cabinet Pulls

Well, I totally surprised myself when it came time to shop for the counter tops.  I looked at all kinds of quartz and then at granite and even marble.  I didn't find a quartz that I really liked at all.  Just too plain, so I then looked at granite.  There are some really pretty granite slabs to see.  There is one called white marble, however the veins have a purple tint to them.  At least it looked that way to me, so that was out.  Then I looked at some really plain ones, and hubby didn't like them much.  He just thought a white room, white cabinets and white counters was a bit too much.  He wanted pattern.  So I agreed to take a look at some pattern.

There are some really pretty ones with a lot of gray and a lot of beige.  Then we saw this one that has a little gray, a little gold color, some brown and the same white as my cabinets.  It is a lot more pattern than I thought I wanted, but hubby was in love.  So the more I looked at it the more I agreed.  With the white cabinets, stainless appliances, gold hardware and medium brown wood floors, this could be a great piece to tie everything together.

Are you as surprised as I am.  I think anything would work, but this is the one hubby loved, so why not.  I think it will be interesting.  This is a small kitchen so a little color and pattern might be just the thing it needs.

This piece will definitely pull out the stainless gray color, the white cabinet color and the med brown wood floor color.  Plus add the little touch of gold in some of the veins and that will play off of the gold hardware for the cabinets.  Most of all, since the kitchen is joined with the family room, something not so dressy will be perfect.

The hardware arrived today too.  It is a nice antique brass color.  We really liked the T-Bar style pulls in the last house so we did the same here for this kitchen.

My sink and faucet shipped, so can't wait until they get here.  Things are starting to come together.

So what do you think of the granite ?  A little different so we will see how it goes.  I paid for it so I am committed. #notlookingback

NOW A QUESTION?  The last thing I have to pick out are small pendant lights and a chandy for the adjoining breakfast area.  I'm hoping to be able to have the track lights taken down and pot lights put in and two pendant lights over the peninsula.  (If my budget can afford it)  At any rate, I need a light for the breakfast area.  (The remodel has started, new cabinets are in, others rearranged and painting begins tomorrow.)

 I need to keep in mind that this all adjoins the family room.   This room is also a work in progress.  The carpet will be replaced with the same wood floors as the kitchen.

I want something really fun for the breakfast light, but it can't be too fussy since the family room is much more casual.   I don't have a clue.  WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

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  1. Granite look beautiful and brass hardware too. I think metallic or glass and metallic pendant lights will look great over the breakfast area Marty! Either way, I`m sure your new house will look just beautiful! xoxo
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  2. Great choice on the new granite! Your hubby has a great eye. It will really tie all of your elements together. I thought I wanted small pendant lights over my island but decided I wanted something with more light since I use the island a lot. I ended up with a 3-light-in-one pendant which gives great light and I love it. It's funny how our ideas and choices evolve as we near decision time. Can't wait to see your next choices!

  3. Love the granite and I am not a granite type of girl but it will look amazing with all the rest of your elements. I am thinking antique brass for the light fixtures and I agree with Lady of the Manor you need good light as apposed to pretty light so keep that in mind when looking for the perfect light!

  4. I love the granite! I think it will look amazing with the hardware and cabinets. It's going to give it all a little "pop". Love the idea of pendant lights, I'd just make sure they can give you the amount of light you want.

  5. Oh, how pretty! I'm really not good with lighting, since I have no experience. But the island already looks better! The white seems to have changed the whole "stuck out like a sore thumb" thing!

  6. Marty how exciting!! You are on your way!! I would choose clear glass pendants so they don't interfere with the sight line of the chandelier. I would go for something blackish rather than matching the brass hardware. A pop of black is always nice. For the chandelier I would try to find something blackish with a touch of brass. I have several pinned that I have looked at for my home if you would like to see some, let me know, they are on a secret board. This is so fun and i am so excited for you!!! EEEEEEE!!

  7. I love the granite and think it will look incredible in the space. I would go with some pendants that have a bit of brass on them to play off your hardware. These are really pretty affordable:

    I love this Minka Lavery light for the table. There are lots of other great suggestions too.

  8. I think the granite is very pretty. I agree it will tie in with the floors. One thought might be to see how oil rubbed bronze hardware might look with the granite and the white cabinets. The gold hardware is nice with the cabinets but then you run into whether or not you want to do gold for the light fixture. I'm not really sold on gold light fixtures. The reason I say that is that it would open up to adding an oil rubbed bronze light fixture over the breakfast area and penisula. In terms of light fixtures over the table, I kind of like those oil rubbed bronze orb fixtures. I might try a large one over the table. If the oil rubbed bronze hardware works throughout, it would make it easy to tie in with the living room and the floors. One key is to review the recommendations for the dimensions of ceiling lights over your table. For example, I have an open floor plan with a vaulted ceiling. At the highest point the ceiling is 12 feet and even though I have a 48 inch round table they have a 5 light hanging fixture that looks too small for me. I am going to replace it with a 9 light chandelier. The ceiling height is so tall, the 5 light looks too small even though technically it may be correct with a 48 inch round table. So much to think about I am sure.

  9. Check out Ballard Designs Orb Chandelier. It also comes in a gold finish that might look really pretty with your hardware. It comes in oil rubbed bronze too; I'm sure there are many orb chandeliers out there but the gold one at Ballard Designs looks like it would be really pretty with your cabinet hardware.

  10. Loving the brass hardware. That granite piece is stunning. It's all going to look so pretty Marty. Can't wait to see how it all comes together.

  11. Woohoo! pretty granite...and brass pulls. Who knew brass would be the thing again? I love that it is. Your kitchen will look great. sheila

  12. Love the granite and the brass pulls. Maybe a pendent light with some brass. I'd check out Wayfare and Ballard's to see what they have. It is going to be so pretty youu won't want to cook LOL.

    I am sure you will make the right choice.


  13. Love the granite, I think you made a great choice....or hubby did, ha ha!! There are some fun cage style pendants you could get in a gold kind of color, to tie in everything. Either way, I know whatever you select it will be amazing!

  14. The granite is an excellent choice...well done, hubs! The kitchen redo is moving right along...hope things go smoothly. xoxo

  15. Love Love Love your granite! For a pendant, I wish I had those metal morocco-inspired ones I'm seeing around. If I can get a picture, I will post. But you have great taste and I can't wait to see your pick.

  16. Marty, just one thing to think about on pot lights. I have them, and have 9 ft. ceilings. They are a pain in the butt to change when they are that high up and also recessed. Just something to think about. I actually replaced mine over the bar area with pendant lights that you just screw in like a light bulb. They are available at Lowes for very little money. Very satisfied with them, as they are reachable from the floor, and I don't have to climb to change the bulbs. On the other lighting, you'll choose something beautiful.

  17. Your room is going to be wonderful,I would like to change but would rather travel till I can not any more.
    When you start it goes on and on .
    Yours is going something else
    Have a happy week.

  18. The granite is beautiful. Your kitchen is going to be gorgeous when it is all finished. Have a wonderful weekend. Maria

  19. Love the granite!! Funny the same thing happened to me during our kitchen reno! I was planning on monochromatic colour scheme until I saw our granite and went in a differet direction!! It's going to look beautiful with the white cabinets and brass hardware! I'm not sure what to do about your lighting, however, I was on a budget and found most of my lighting on clearance. Open box lighting is a great way to save money also. I bought a few fixtures open box and never had a problem but it can be a bit of a risk. Then again, make sure you can return the fixture if you shop that way!

  20. Love the choice Marty and when seeing it with the cabinet and handles it is stunning. I can't wait to see it all together. You must be having a blast.


  21. Love your choice of granite and the hardware is so pretty. The wood floors are going to make your kitchen and family room so warm and pretty. Happy Friday.

  22. Love the granite. He made a great choice. I must say that I read Kathysue's comment and agree with her on the lighting. Seems like you and your hubby are having a great time making this house your home!!

  23. this is going to be fabulous, have you thought about a simple lantern style>?

  24. I love the granite! You must be getting so excited! I am a couple days behind with my blog reading but I think clear glass pendants would look beautiful in there. My friend just put the Pottery Barn Rustic Glass ones in her new kitchen and they look amazing! Pottery Barn also has a few other ones I love too. Definitely check them out! I hope all is going well with your renovation. It will be done before you know it!

  25. That is beautiful granite, Marty, and will look amazing with white cabinets and the brass cabinet hardware. Someone mentioned how difficult it is to replace bulbs in pot-lights, but they don't burn out very often. I have 10' ceilings, and does require a ladder, but they provide in areas that can't be reached with pendants....just sayin'. I'm so happy you are taking us on this "remodel joy-ride" with's so exciting!

    Warm hugs,