Monday, January 30, 2017

Master Bathroom Makeover Begins - Free

Well, nothing is ever truly free, but this is almost free.

It always amazes me at how the Lord provides just the right things at the right time.   As you can see in the before picture here, the master bathroom was truly "builder basic" and had 12 year old white linoleum floors that weren't white anymore and really worn and torn in several places.

I had tried dressing it up the best I could with a good scrubbing and a few accessories, but it really needed a makeover.  That just wasn't in the budget at the moment.

For the kitchen and family room remodel I had purchased some beautiful flooring from Floor & Decor that is called NuCore and it is 100% waterproof, so perfect for my kitchen and family room project and also perfect for bathrooms.  I had about a box and a half left over when the kitchen/family project was done, so instead of returning it I asked my guys to put it down in the master bathroom.  Even if I couldn't do a remodel in here for now, this would at least give me a really nice clean new floor.  I couldn't believe how fabulous it looked, I loved it.

Pfister had already given me a new faucet, so this bathroom is getting a little mini makeover that I didn't expect to do at this time.  This is the Arterra Single Control Lavatory Faucet in Polished Nickel.  

 This is the Arterra Single Control Lavatory Faucet in Polished Nickel.  It is so gorgeous, it is definitely the jewelry every bathroom needs.   The soft sculptured lines are truly stunning.

THEN - - -

 I had a piece of granite left over from the slab I bought for the kitchen and it was large enough for the master bath vanity.  The guys doing the kitchen came and measured and sure enough, this piece would work.  They also carry this fabulous square sink for only $40.  They said they could have this top fabricated and ready to install the same time as the kitchen counters.  Sold.  For just a few more dollars for fabrication, I could have a whole new bathroom counter.

Now The After - - -so far

Isn't this totally amazing.  I need to find some tile for the backsplash, paint the cabinets and get some fabulous hardware to dress them up,  but this is looking amazing already.

Stay tuned, the makeover has begun!!!!!

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  1. That looks fabulous, Marty! I really like the floor.

    Warm hugs,

  2. Oh Marty it is so beautiful. Loving all your pretty transformation to the new house.

  3. Love the undercount sink and your granite. Your bathroom is going to be beautiful!

  4. Marty I am dancing with delight over your good fortune! The room looks fabulous!

  5. Love this Marty! Love the looks like it only goes over vinyl floors. I wish i could slap this down over the tiled floors!
    Love the slab too! laura

    1. You can, it can be placed right on top of tile floors. Check it out at Floor & Decor and learn all about it. It is amazing.

  6. It looks beautiful Marty!! I love all your choices, we are making changes too but not as fast as you ;)

  7. How fortune shined upon you! The floor and granite look great.

  8. Nice perks for being a great blogger. Looks like a new light, paint and hardware on the vanity, some wide molding trim around the mirror and you could live this bath for a good while.That's what I did whle I'm waiting for a big redo. It's down the list a way!

  9. It looks great. You won't need to do a total remodel after this. It will be too pretty to mess up!

  10. Wow.....that worked out amazing!!! Lucky you!!! Just paint those cabinets and you're good to go......

  11. Whoo hooo! Now THAT is the way to do it, Marty! Yay! What a difference.

    I'd let that granite be the star and do that creamy white ivory in it on the cabinets - that what you thinking? That way it would divide the floor and busy granite and be like a non-competing issue - almost like a frame for the art.

    Well done, this is just too exciting!

  12. My favorite word "free" Looks like things are coming together quickly.
    We are very excited for you as you take all of us along.

  13. Marty, beautiful and painting the vanity base and new hardware It will be brand new bath. Love the granite


  14. Oh Marty, this is such a big change! You are so clever at putting a room together with what is already in your house. (And a gift or two...) The floor looks fabulous. We may try to find the flooring locally. Our kitchen and eating area floor is pitiful. xoxo

  15. Marty, what an amazing story! The bathroom looks,wonderful. Love the granite also!

  16. now that is amazing...and your master bathroom is looking beautiful....


  17. Wow, Marty!! What a great surprise on the floor and counter! This is the kind of thing that just makes me happy, and I know you are too!!

  18. Looking wonderful marty! love the granite and square sink so very much. sheila

  19. Oh Wow, looking great Marty.............I know isn't the Lord neat how he provides not just
    our needs but many times our it.
    Can't wait to see what else you do in there.....I know it is gonna look great!
    Have a great day hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

  20. It looks great, Marty! And for the right price!

  21. WOW Marty, this looks terrific. You are an amazing shopper. Looking forward to seeing all your remodeling.


  22. The countertop and sink are amazing! Glad you had the leftovers to get this bathroom makeover going. Love it!!

  23. Looks beautiful, Marty! How wonderful to have the extra materials to use in the bathroom makeover. Beautiful choices!

  24. Wow, Marty! You're really getting it done! It looks gorgeous already.

  25. As-usual Stunning Idea!! Really appreciated your blogs. As,a Home contractor this is a great advantages to follow all your given ideas. Thanks.