Saturday, January 21, 2017

New Kitchen Lighting

Trying to choose lighting for the kitchen makeover has been a challenge for me for some reason.  I thought I wanted something sparkly and crystal, but then it had to also coordinate with the family room since it is all one long connected space across the whole back of the house.  So a crystal chandelier was out.  Then what?

I love a lantern style and I kept seeing tons of them.  The sizes and prices were all over the board too.  Most that I saw were kind of small - around 10 to 12 inches wide.  That just seemed way too small for the breakfast table.  The breakfast area measures 9 x 11 and the table is 6 ft. long, so I needed something with a little size.  Not huge, just bigger than 1 foot.

I finally found this one at Wayfair.  Antique gold is the perfect color and this one measures 30" high x 20" wide.  I think that is the perfect size.

Whenever I ask for help, you guys always come to the rescue with tons of suggestions.  Slightly Coastal suggested a lantern light and a couple of pendant lights.  The lantern she suggested was just a little too small I thought, but the pendant light was stunning.  I think it will be the perfect thing for the peninsula.  These are from Amazon and on sale at half price.   I think they will give off the perfect light and be just the accent that I am looking for.  I love them.

So, lighting is on the way and my contractor is replacing the track lighting with pot lights, so I am a happy camper.  Can't wait to see it all come together.

Thanks for all your input everyone, you guys are the best.

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  1. Stunning! Everything is really coming together beautifully!

  2. Love, you made the right choices!

  3. Oh what fun! New things to surprise us with!

  4. Looks like you've chosen well once again! I'm impressed with how you are redesigning this kitchen without removing everything and starting over!

  5. Since I just ordered kitchen fixtures, I thought I would share that Ferguson Kitchen and Bath beat every price I found on Wayfair and/or Amazon. I would just send my sales rep the fixture info and she continued to come back with a better price. I always though Ferguson would be expensive, but they were not.

  6. Love what you're choosing. This is going to be amazing, Marty.

  7. GREAT choices- and they'll look amazing together too - what a wonderful statement with lighting.

  8. Marty,
    MIchele took the words right out of my mouth. Great choices!


  9. Love the pendent lighting Marty! Can't wait to see it all finished!

  10. So pretty Marty. Love your choices. This is going to be so great.

  11. So pretty, even I am getting excited to see the reveal. Thank you marty for taking us along this journey!

  12. Beautiful...and can't wait to see it installed!!

  13. Marty! I'm so excited you liked that little pendant! I adore the lantern you found for over your table. It is going to be stunning. I'm so enjoying watching you transform this space.