Saturday, January 28, 2017

Powder Room - New Floors

The kitchen and family room makeover is not done yet, but I just had to show you what a few pieces of flooring can do for a room.

I think there is a lot I can do with this little powder room, but for now it has some new floors and a new faucet, so that is a start.  I am loving the new "waterproof" floors.  They look like fabulous wood, but they can take all the wet that happens in bathrooms, kitchens and any room in the house.

(This is a sponsored post by Floor & Decor - all opinions are my own.)

This is a flooring called NuCore.  It looks and feels just like wood, but it is 100% waterproof.  I love the look and feel of it, so pretty.

See that door at the bottom of the stairs - that is where the powder room is located.  Nice tile in the living/dining and then white 12 year old linoleum in the powder room.  The kitchen and family room you see through the arched doorway had the same white linoleum and then some brown carpet.  I wanted these spaces to look a little more cohesive, so when I chose the floors for the family room and kitchen, of course I thought they should also go in the powder room.

It's amazing what the new floors do to add some character to this little room.  You guys, I can't tell you how pretty I think these floors are and how much I am loving them.  The look of wood that you can just mop to clean up.  How perfect can that be?

Since the pedestal had to come out to put the new floors down, I bought a new faucet to replace the rusted and leaky one that was here.  I love the lines of this faucet - simple and sleek.

Not sure how I will dress up this little room, but for now a picture and a gold tray add a little glitz.

 What would you do if this was yours?  How about some wallpaper - anybody have any ideas?

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  1. Oh Marty, it looks fantastic! Wish I had water proof floors!

  2. It really looks so good Marty. I sure wish I had these floors in my house. I have the orginial ones when the house was buildt in 1955. They are still good, but yours look so much better.


  3. The new floor looks great, Marty! What a difference it makes.

  4. The new floors look great! Powder rooms are the perfect place to have fun, because they are so small,like little jewel boxes.

  5. The new floor looks fabulous! I wonder if you painted the wall behind the commode and the wall behind the sink as an accent color how that would look.

  6. You are on a roll! Love it all.

  7. I just put this floor in my kitchen and entry hall-same color- and love it!!!! Enjoy your new home :)

  8. I love the floors, great pick for sure. I think you should wallpaper the bathroom, it would look fabulous.

  9. The floors look fantastic


  10. WALLPAPER!!! Beautiful floors!

  11. Marty,
    I have just started looking for flooring to replace what is in the utility,half-bath,entry, and kitchen areas. I looked at the the 100% waterproof flooring that looks like wood. I am also looking at tile that has a wood look. Your guest bath is so fresh and clean looking with its new floor and faucet.


  12. Looks GREAT!

    When we did out all our downstairs flooring (except kitchen) we did our powder room in wood too and I absolutely love it.

    Your space is perfect.

    I don't know if I would do much of anything in there- it actually looks nice all clean and tidy and bright like that!!

  13. Big thumbs up on adding some "pluses" to that little space....floors and faucet!

  14. The flooring looks fab in the powder room! I will leave all the decorating to you, my talented friend. I'm sure you have lots of goodies in your stash and if not, shopping is close by. xoxo