Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Look At The Family Room & A Winner

With all the remodeling that's been going on around here, it seems like getting spaces put together in some sort of design status has been hard to do.  Our family room joins our new Kitchen Remodel.  I love this space, but pulling it together has been a little tricky.  It is definitely a work in progress.

I have been trying to work with the furniture I have in this new home, and only fill in with as few new pieces as possible.  So far this room is working out  well with what I had.  The same furniture I had in my family room before works out great for this room, just a little different configuration.  I did add the basket trunk as a coffee table.  My previous coffee table was way too big for this space.

We replaced the original carpet and linoleum downstairs with this beautiful new flooring and I love it.  Perfect for heavy traffic areas like the family room, kitchen and laundry room.  It is NuCore Gunstock Oak Laminate from Floor & Decor.  This gives the space some warmth as a base for my furniture.

My favorite new addition to this room is this gorgeous Vintage Turkish Rug.  When Unique Rugs allowed me to pick out a rug as a giveaway for one of you, they also allowed me to select a rug for my home too.

  I chose this Beige Overdyed Heritage Rug.  You can't even imagine how gorgeous this is in person.  The detail and craftmanship and color are exquisite.  It is the perfect piece to help pull this room together.

I still need a table to go between the two leather chairs and not sure what to do about window treatments in here either, but for now, this rug has added some pattern and dimension to this space and I love it.

Standing at the kitchen peninsula looking into the family room.

This is the view from the family room looking back into the kitchen/breakfast area.

For now this is a really comfortable space for us to relax and watch tv, have our morning coffee or read.  I can't thank Unique Rugs enough for this gorgeous statement rug.  It totally makes the room and what a fabulous addition to my home.

Be sure to go visit Unique Rugs and see all the beautiful and unique styles they offer and their prices will totally amaze you, best you will find for beautiful vintage rugs.

Now I need your help - Any ideas about window treatments?  I am not a big fan of the wood tone blinds in the breakfast area or the family room.  However they are brand new and really nice plus my budget is shot, so I think they have to stay for a while.  With that said, it just seems like the Breakfast and Family rooms need something.

Thanks to everyone who entered my Vintage Overdyed Area Rug Giveaway.  I am so glad a lot of you really loved it.  You can see more of these types of rugs at Unique Rugs.  I can't thank them enough for this beautiful rug they donated for this giveaway. Now for THE WINNER - -

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  1. Good morning, Marty! Oh, you family room looks so nice and comfy! That new rug is so pretty and really ties it all together. Having wood floors, the area rugs really do anchor a space. We had to buy oodles of rugs when we bought our house because of the wood floors. I do love them. Your views from both rooms looks so pretty! I'm enjoying your journey!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Everything looks beautiful, Marty. Love the rug! It looks rich! For the windows, I think just straight panels on each side of the windows would look great, not too fancy, but warm, like the rug. With your sewing skills you can make anything. I would leave the wood blinds, and just add straight panels. I'm enjoying your progress as you get everything to your liking. The kitchen makeover is amazing!!

  3. That rug is absolutely perfect for your space! What a comfortable and lovely room!

  4. I agree with Kathy. Straight panels, in white. There are lots of different shades of white out there, and selecting the right shade would finish off the windows and yet recede into the background. I would definitely keep the blinds, they are very nice.

  5. Great rug and the colors are warm. How about panels one each side of the windows with a nice substantial rod with finial. That may warm them up and add some character to the windows.


  6. Your floors are beautiful and that rug is gorgeous! As for the windows, I agree with straight panels but I would choose a color, neutral but something that pulls that color out of your rug. OR you could just do valances and with your sewing skills either is an option! Everything is coming together beautifully!!!!

  7. It looks so inviting, I want to come and sit down. :D
    I think putting a big circly decor thing over the TV will make you forget about curtains for now.

  8. Looking great, Marty!!

    I suggest a very light wispy larger weave linen or faux linen to soften the blinds, but keep them - you are right, they are nice, new, functional and practical - just needs a little softening.

    Love the rug you chose - works great in that space.

    GRATS to Betty S.!!!!

  9. In the family room in your old house you had a large entertainment center, did you decide to just use a stand. We have one and I really want to change it out because it's so large. Did you keep yours or donate or or sell it? There is just not a big demand any more for those centers. Thanks!

  10. One thing I might suggest is to add some trim around the windows. That would make a big difference, you might even like the blinds better then.

  11. It all looks just phenomenal, Marty! I love that your living space isn't broken up with hallways or anything. Looks so cozy that way.

  12. The room looks terrific and that rug - W O W it looks great. I still love that horse picture, everything works so well together. Maybe just some drape panels on each end will soften the windows.

    You really have done an amazing job on your new home. Congratulations.

    Have a great weekend.


  13. You have worked wonders in a small amount of time. The kitchen is so lovely, as is the family room! Looks so comfortable. sheila

  14. Your home is looking so cozy. As for the window treatments, I think just linen panels in a neutral shade on each side of the windows. Maybe use wooden rods about the same color as the blinds. You'll figure it out and it will look great when you finish just like everything else you have done to your new home.

  15. Your home is so inviting and the rug is beautiful. I wouldn't put any drapes on the windows, they look great the way they are. Congrats to Betty S, I'll bet you will love the rug!!!!

  16. I wouldn't put any drapes at the windows. Right now the rooms look open and airy. To me, drapes would make me feel boxed in and the room feel smaller. I do love your decorating and updated kitchen.

  17. I would choose a more substantial entertainment center to bring focus and weight to the far wall. For the windows I would make some substantial lined valances and allow some of the lining to be shown in in the design. There are many designs that use this method. This will add interest to the windows without overpowering the area.

  18. Since you don't have trim around the windows I would definitely put curtain panels on either side of the windows. It would really help tie the whole area together if you use the same curtains through out the family room and kitchen dining room. Use a warm neutral color in the curtains that compliments the whole space. This will cozy up the room! I agree you should keep those nice blinds.

  19. Looking good, Marty, very cozy and warm! Window treatments will definitely finish it off nicely!

  20. Beautiful room, beautiful rug and congrats to the winner!!

  21. With your beautiful pieces from the old house, your new family room is certainly coming along great Marty! That new rug is very pretty, and the fun of it all, is the hunt too for new things for your new space! Good luck!

  22. Happy Valentine's Day Marty and thanks for another inspirational party!

  23. Oh wow, the rug is gorgeous!!! And it's just perfect for your space!!