Saturday, February 4, 2017

Decorating Awkward Spaces & A Giveaway

Our upstairs landing is really a fabulous wide space, but it still has it's challenges when it comes to decorating.  The traffic flow in and out of all the rooms doesn't allow for a lot of furniture, but the space seems so empty without anything.

I have reached the part in unpacking where I am trying really hard to hang a few pictures and accessorize all the various spaces so that it reflects "us".

I think we all have pictures and accessories that mean something to us, but maybe not anyone else.  I have a collection of old antique portraits of my ancestors.  I love having these out, but where to hang them.  I thought the landing would be a great spot.   I found one curiosity about this house and where the builder chose to put light switches and wall pendants.  As you can see, he put the light right in the center of this wall and then down lower and almost in the center he put the light switch.  This does make it a little challenging when you want to hang pictures.  Working around those elements isn't always easy.

I found the same challenge when trying to hang my collection of clocks.  The light and switch are both in areas where a picture might hang, so working around them was again a challenge.

Even this corner piece of wall that leads into the loft area has a triple switch on it. (right above the right corner of the chair)

Creating a gallery on both walls worked fine.  If I had a large painting I wanted to hang, that wouldn't work at all.

Do you have quirky spaces in your home too?

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  1. Love the vintage clocks you have in this space. Do they chime? I always think a home feels so much cozier with the ticking or chiming of a clock. Have a great weekend Marty!


  2. My landing has the two lights in the middle of the wall too. Love how you managed to work around yours. Enjoy your new home.

  3. Haha! I have seen this so many times. Why aren't those electricians taught where light switches and plugs should go? My daughter has a house where the long hallway from the living room meets another long hallway leading to the wings where the bedrooms are located. There are three light switches located at the ends and it is so tiresome to try to make the hallway lights come on because the switches are all tied together and if one is switched off, then the other switch does not turn on the lights. So you end up running around trying all the switches to finally get the light to come on. Only a man would do such a dumb thing.

    I think your placement of the pictures turned out really well.

  4. I totally understand this post. I want to put up ceiling medallions around several chandeliers in my home, but each one has an air conditioning vent right next to the light fixture that does not allow enough room for the medallion. Why don't builders think about these things when they are designing homes. So no medallions for me. :-( Your hallway is looking very nice! I love the pictures of your ancestors. I also have a gallery wall in my stairway of ancestor photos. I love pointing them out to our grandson and teaching him about our heritage.

  5. We have this in our townhouse, new build, that we moved into when we retired and moved. It definitely creates issues when trying to hang paintings, clocks or photographs. I've never been able to figure out why electricians think it's a good idea to use the middle of the wall? However, minor problems.:) And you've overcome them, as your walls look wonderful. I'm loving following the upgrading of your builder basic home!

  6. Such a beautiful collection of clocks and your framed vintage pictures are gorgeous. Looking great Marty.

  7. Marty, I really like what you're doing in your halls. How nice to hang your family pictures and your collection of clocks look wonderful.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. You have done a great job in these spaces. Our Thermostat was on a wall right near the fireplace, plus the sun shines in all the windows all day so it "thought " it was always warm in the house. Joe had to move the thermostat to the back hall so the heat would come on!!!

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  11. WOW - that really IS quirky. Had to be a fella who did that - no woman would ever EVER make that mistake!

    Four quirks in my house: my turn/on turn/off natural gasline for my gas fireplace - on the floor - was right smack dab in front of the backdoor - but enough over to the right that a rug couldn't cover it - drove me nuts. So when we replaced carpet with hardwood I had the plumber come out and move it to the other side. No more stubbed toes or unsightly thing always driving me nuts. It's now on opposite side of fireplace, out of the walkway path and under a chair - hardly noticeable. AND this past winter I bought a nice large basket and rolled up throws, and not THAT sits on top of it so not seen at ALL.

    The other thing I can't fix inexpensively at all. When they designed this house they made the master bath so stupidly huge - and on the other side of the way is the narrowest laundry room in the world. Dumb dumb dumb design. It's all wrong. I'd LOVE to change it, but I don't think I ever will. So yes, quirky stuff.

    Another quirky thing is the light switch for the master bath is on the outside of the room. SO when I can't sleep but then need to come to bed late (blame blogs and Pinterest, haha) I nearly always shine the light on hub's face. Since I started using my phone light as a flashlight it's helped - but the years before that - dumb dumb dumb design.

    When we moved here the chandy for the dining room wasn't in line with the windows - I am a Libra and middle child - imbalance makes me a lunatic.....when we added another window and lifted up the piano area flooring to have all one even flooring we changed it - all fixed!!

    Sorry so long - don't get me started, haha. Hugs.

  12. You've been clever at dealing with the oddly placed lights and switches. I love the look of your old pictures and clocks with the newer lines of the house. We've moved into a 1950 house that does not have enough outlets anywhere, particularly in the kitchen. It's surprising that at some point over the years a previous owner didn't add more outlets. Guess we will have to be the ones to do it!

  13. I would use this rug in my living room.

  14. I would use the rug in my dining room.

  15. I'm in the process of redecorating my living room (just got a new sofa, loveseat, coffee table, and end tables), so I'd definitely add this to that room.

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  17. Hi Marty! Thank you for featuring my stained cabinets:) And thanks again for hosting...I'm finding lots of great ideas at this party! And I love the idea of hanging pictures of ancestors on the wall. I just started doing family history work a few months ago and can't believe how addicting it is. I'd love to get some pictures printed out so my kids can have a better appreciation for their ancestors. Thanks for sharing this!