Monday, February 20, 2017

Master Bathroom Makeover Progress

The Master Bathroom Makeover is progressing slowly but surely.  Just a few changes, but each new thing seems to add tons of character.    A few accessories can make a world of difference.

  I looked through my art stash and found this pretty picture.  I loved the frame and the size of the painting, so it got center stage above the tub.

Now if you remember, this is what the bathroom looked like when we bought the house.  Really "Builder Basic" but functional.

Not much character here.  Off the shelf oak cabinets and counter.

The first installment was to use some leftover flooring from the kitchen/family room makeover and have my guys install it in the bathroom.  This replaced 12yr old really worn and torn white linoleum.  Major lst improvement.

Then my granite guys told me I had a piece left over from the kitchen that might work in the master bathroom.  Surprise, it was the perfect size, so I had them install it when they installed the kitchen.  Major upgrade and it was almost free.  Just a few dollars for fabrication and $40 for the square sink.

A few accessories that added some personality were arranged and - - -

I had enough leftover marble tile from the kitchen backsplash to tile around the counter.

Next we replaced the black shade with white blinds and wow, what a difference that made.  So much brighter and lighter in here.

Now I am down to the cabinets and what to do there.  I have decided that I don't want to paint them white.  I think I want to go dark, but do I paint or stain?  Here are a few examples of dark cabinets.

I like the framed mirror and will definitely frame mine.

Inspiration For Moms created this gorgeous bathroom with a little DIY and tons of creativity.  She painted her vanity black.  Love how chic it looks now.

Monica Wants It made over her bathroom using Espresso Gel Stain.  I love this look also and it seems a little softer than the black paint.

I am still looking for a 5 bulb light that is inexpensive but looks like a million dollars.  (I don't want too much. haha)  After I decide about the cabinets, I need to find some killer pulls and knobs too.

At least it is looking better, so now on to the cabinets.

How about you, do you like paint or stain?

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  1. I'd go with Paint in charcoal grey. That's softer than black and would pick up the color in the granite.

  2. "inexpensive but looks like a million dollars"
    I love that!

  3. I love the dark stained look you posted. I think General Finishes gel stain in a darker color would be awesome. Your home changes are so fun to watch.

  4. Hi Marty- What a difference already! WOW! How lucky can you get to have 'leftovers' that work?!!
    As far as the gel---it is not as easy as everyone says to work with and you don't always get the perfect results shown. It takes 3, sometimes 4, coats to make it look 'even' and is quite a job. Also, if you are going to be patching any holes, or anything, (like new knob placement, etc.) the gel does not cover those patches like paint does. That is just my two cents worth from using both products over the years. I think paint gives a 'deeper' look to the finish...again- just my personal opinion.
    The truth is, Marty, no matter what you do it will look good because you are that person that will work with it until it is perfect! lol xo Diana

  5. Hi Marty,

    Your home looks beautiful! You've done a tasteful, quality job on every change.

    In reference to the master bath, would you need to strip the cabinetry in order for the gel stain to work? I'm guessing that stripping would be necessary in order to penetrate the varnish. I've used both gel and regular stains. In general, I've found regular stain to be a bit easier for me to work with. But, it's to each his own. Be sure to use a pretreatment on the wood to prevent blotchiness and get a more uniform color. The painted cabinets in your inspiration pics are lovely. Painting is quite a process, though, too.

  6. Use Annie Sloan chalk Paint. No sanding required, and wax it. Lots of great colors to choose from, easy peasy.

  7. Great progress so far, Marty! We bought a new vanity for our big bathroom and it is espresso. I have been very pleased with second thoughts. There are some beautiful colors in the granite...maybe pull one that pops with the flooring.

  8. Wow, that looks great!!! Don't know about paint or stain, but I saw a paint color I really like better than flat black....its called Graphite. Takes the edge off the black.

  9. Your master bath has already had a major transformation. I know whatever you choose it will look great!

  10. Our vanities are espresso like the kitchen cabinets and I love them. I wish they were bigger but......:) How fabulous that leftovers FIT perfectly! Wow, that is amazing. I am going to shamelessly copy you and do a tray with pretty accessories on our vanity. I have been struggling with it for these past 4 years. Thank you!!!!

  11. It's looking good Marty!!! I can't wait to see the dark stain! I like the stain! Dramatic in a smaller space will be fabulous!!!

  12. Love the sink!

    I would have to go with stain instead of paint.

    One question: no shower?

    1. Yes, you can see in the listing picture, the toilet and shower are to the right of the vanity.

  13. Marty, remember the hard time you had with the gel stain in your previous bathroom. This one looks like it would need to be sanded and if you have any filler the stain will not match.
    I think you should pick a color from your granite. A deep brown might work, or just go look at paint swatches and see what colors you would like. Sherwin Williams Raisin would be pretty.

  14. I think I would go with the paint. Bathroom looks terrific - great job.


  15. Love how your master bathroom is tuning out and how lucky that it has cost next to nothing, major plus there...
    As for painting or staining....your vanity I think paint would be very pretty and a lot easier then staining.....
    But I'm sure what ever you decide will turn out beautiful.


  16. Stunning Washroom look!!! I fell glad to read you blog post on regular basis. Thanks for inspiring us all with your wonderful posts ahead.

  17. Looking good Marty!!! The changes you have already made have really turned your bathroom around and how great that you were able to use materials you had, double points for that alone!!!! I defiantly agree, no white cabinets, go dark, but I don't know enough about gel stains say anything about how to do it!!! Whatever you decide, I hope it's an easy process for you.

  18. Wow that granite counter top sure made a difference and I like the backsplash too. You were smart to latch on to the leftovers and use them. Looking at comments about the gel stain and remembering you feeling it was more work than expected when you did the bathroom cabinet at your former house it makes me wonder if you will be happy doing it. The painted look is great- I wonder if the people that painted your kitchen cabinets could do it for you. The airless sprayers give such a professional look. I know you'll make it look great no matter what kind of finish you choose. Your artwork and the new window shade look wonderful already!

  19. It looks fantastic so far. The backsplash and counter are amazing.

  20. Hi Marty! Thanks so much for featuring my farmhouse console:) Your bathroom is looking great! I think a fun paint color would look amazing...there are so many different stylish options now. Whatever you do, I'm sure it'll look great!

  21. Your bathroom is looking great Marty! So smart to use the extra granite and the flooring leftover from your kitchen. I like the idea of painting the cabinets a dark color too. Can't wait to see what you decide.

  22. Your bathroom is beautiful Marty. I can't wait to see what you do for the cabinet. Thank you for sharing at Dishing it and Digging it link party. We love having you.