Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Dish Room - Storing Pillows Too

Now I know that one of the things we all have in common is a "million" decor pillows.  We have them on the beds, sofas, chairs, benches and any place we can find to add a pop of color, comfort and style.  I just counted and I currently have 27 on my furniture and beds throughout the whole house.  Good grief, that is a lot of pillows.  Can you believe that I have even more that I am not using.  Of course you can. I want to change them out for the season and whenever I decide to change my color schemes.  This means I own a lot of pillows.

Where do I put all those pillows and how do I store them so I can find the ones I want.  There are a lot of ways to store them, but I needed something that could fit in a confined space.  I wanted them easily accessible, so my Dish Room is what I chose.

 The minute we moved into this home I knew that the space under the stairs would be my "Dish Room".  It is right next to the kitchen, has plenty of space and I needed somewhere to store my dish hoard.  I've even thinned out my dish stash, but there is still a lot.

It seems like I have a pillow hoarding problem as well as a dish problem.
 I've stored them in drawers before and that works great, but I don't have room for a chest in this space, so I got one of those fabric closet storage hanging cubes and it works perfectly.  6 cubes so I could sort by color.

I purged a ton and still had this many (42), and this doesn't count some of the fancy sequin ones that I didn't want to fold.  (They are in the guest closet stacked on a shelf.)  A few years back I showed you how to take all the stuffing out of your pillows and add a zipper or velcro to them even if you don't sew.  So much easier to just have pillow covers rather than trying to store the whole pillow.

Napkins are another item that is hard to store.  I use to have them in a drawer in the entertainment center since it was next to the kitchen.  That worked great.  You can see all the colors and choose what you want.

For the dish room I am using this purple plastic storage drawer unit .  It was in my laundry room in the old house to hold all of my craft paints and things.  Now it holds all my napkins and napkin rings and I can sort them by color and get to what I need really easily.

So easy to see the colors and patterns and find just what I am looking for if you fold and stack them like cards.

A few trays on the top shelf along with table runners and everything is easy access.

So what is your secret for storing all those pillows?

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  1. I like the idea of a hanging shelf thingie for storing the pillow covers. Great Idea.

  2. Hi Marty ... Great use of that space under the stairs. Being a walk-in is a real plus. You are so well organized and that is a real time-saver when changing your decor. Love it.

  3. Hi Marty. I have lots of pillows but haven't downsized them to mostly covers yet. I really like that idea and your way of storing them. Keep the great ideas coming.😆

  4. I have a thing in the basement where I store my pillows. I have very FEW pillow covers so have to store the pillows themselves. I will have to go back and see if I can fix some of them with velcro. I would never be able to add a zipper:) As for my dishes, I have got to do a post on my dish room SOON!!!

  5. You're sure getting things well organized in your new home! That's the best plan. Get it right the first time! I don't have a lot of pillows. Probably 10 or under. No room!

  6. This transformation of a closet for your storage is genius and a great use of this space. That is so organized and also is a plus you can walk in. Have a great evening.

  7. So many great ideas for storage. I took a large closet and made that a dish room and that works really well. I have shelves in my bedroom/den and that's where I keep pillows.

    Thanks for all the great storage ideas.


  8. I have no secret...but I do put them in large sweater bags and suck out the air to make them sort of flat. I then toss them in a tub in the basement. But I like your idea better. I need to organize my napkins, placemats, and tablecloths. Perhaps that will be one of my summer projects. :-)

  9. How wonderful that you have such a great space for decor storage, Marty! I have had this kind of closet twice in my married life. The first was in a split-entry home when my children were just babies. It actually was open to both sets of stairs, so it was a huge space. The second time was in a tri-level home when I had my sewing business, so it was filled with fabric, pillow forms & giant rolls of batting. I think these kind of storage spaces are the best benefit to living in a multi-level home!

    I'm so glad you are having so much fun in your new home!

  10. I have bought more pillows complete than pillow forms and so far all I came up with is putting them in a big clear plastic bag and storing them. You've created a nice set up in your dish closet. I took over a bedroom closet for my dishes but that was fueled by tablescaping. Eventually I won't own so many. I have my napkins in plastic tubs to make it easier to get to them. I like plastic drawers- easy in and out!

  11. Impressive, Marty!! I store mine a bit here and there, where I can find the room. Feeling inspired to get more organised now. Hugs from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  12. Marty, I love this storage space. You have it organized beautifully. Great idea to store napkins. Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Brilliant use of the space! I never would have thought of using that kind of organizer for pillow cases but it works brilliantly. I currently keep my extra ones in rubbermaid containers under the bed of whichever room they belong in, although I don't have nearly as many as you.

  14. upper use of these storage space. Putting the napkins in the bin keeps them nice, neat and dust free.


  15. What a great storage closet and a great idea for storing pillow covers. You are so organized.

  16. I must say this is unique and useful idea you shared with us. Love the Vertical violet & white drawer. I am looking forward to buy this vertical box for my Home. Cheers!!

  17. Great use of that space Marty! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  18. Very informative post. This is seriously a brilliant use of space. I am feeling inspired now for being more organized.
    dmv construction :)