Thursday, March 16, 2017

Well, I Embarrassed Myself

Any time you do something half way you always wind up embarrassed.   When I showed you my $5 shelf clean up of the laundry room, I hadn't done any decorating at all.  It didn't look very fun and it certainly didn't look very interesting.  I took all the mess off the shelf and put everything into some Dollar Tree bins and that was it.  Yes, it did clean it up, but it didn't decorate it at all.

My previous laundry room was filled with memories of my mom and friends and fabulous antiques that I loved, but this is just a pass thru from the kitchen/breakfast area to the garage.  Just barely room for the washer and dryer and a simple shelf to hold all the household cleaners and laundry supplies.  Now that doesn't mean that it has to be ugly.   Adding cabinets and getting new appliances isn't going to happen any time soon.  We have been pricing swimming pools and I will need every penny I have if I want a pool and that is definitely one of my "major wants".

Ok, I can do something with what I have, it doesn't have to just be a plain white box.  I can still display some of my treasures that I love.  (This room is hard to photograph, so please excuse the quality of the pics.)

I dug through my stash and pulled out a few things that mean something to me.  My wood carved cow that my son made for me hangs over the door.  He remembered me saying that I wanted one like the one I saw in a magazine and surprised me with this one.  A definite treasure.

When I was first learning to quilt and piece different patterns together, my friend and I made this tulip quilt block.  We then framed it and it's been on the wall in my house somewhere for years.  Of course the small wash board that was my mothers is a treasure and so is that little picture next to it.

It's a sampler I found in a barn in Oregon years ago.  I love how she was learning her letters and loved the Lord.  So perfect.

Above the washer and dryer I hung my German carved "love" cutting board.  A present from one of my dearest friends before she went to heaven.   I've always loved this little dress and hat, it was a gift from my blogging friend Ceekay.  Ceekay had a blog call Thinkin" of Home.  She lost a long battle with ovarian cancer two years ago.  This ivory board that is part of an old box is a treasure I found at a junk shop years and years ago.

When I lived in Oregon those long cold snowy winters kept you inside, so I use to do a lot of stitchery.  Above the shelf is  "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread" and on the soffit is a crewel stitch sampler that I did that says "Welcome".

On the wall on the right side of the washer and dryer is one of my most precious treasures.  My mom and I were learning to quilt at the same time and this is the "Log Cabin" quilt block she made.  She also made the frame.  She went to be with the lord in 1986, but every time I see this it reminds me of her.  My kitchen grater, salt seller and scoop are from a fun shopping trip with a friend when she lived in Fredricksburg, Texas.  She owned a "German Sunday House" that was being photographed for Better Homes & Gardens, so I went to visit her and see the shoot.  We also did a ton of antiquing while I was there.

Now I feel better.  It holds some memories that I cherish and it looks like I at least half tried.

Now to see if I can afford a pool.  I would really like that a lot more than a fancy laundry room.

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  1. Hi. Don't be so hard on yourself for the previous look of your laundry area. It was simple and tidy. You were busy with other big projects around the house. You made some lovely choices to add to this area that will bring you pleasure. I like how the d├ęcor in this area is in soothing warm colors, just like the rest of your house.

  2. I have one of those pass-through laundry rooms, too, and it is hard to make it fun and interesting. I think you did a lovely job dressing it up with your sweet treasures.

  3. hi martyI love your tribute to your friend and the stories behind the keepsakes! laura

  4. You're such a dear Marty and you inspire us all of the time. Thank you!

  5. You made it so cute! Fond memories, special friendships and family- how nice is that!

  6. Well, since I missed the previous laundry room post I am loving this! All these treasures should be out and displayed! I miss Ceekay too! She was SO sweet! That little dress and hat are adorable! I have never shared our laundry "room" as it is much like yours. Maybe I will:)

  7. Well, sometimes we just have to choose. And really, that makes getting things even more special. I didn't know you quilted. It's hard to believe that Ceekay has already been gone 2 years!

  8. It is a beautiful "fancy" laundry room! I'll bet you are just filled with memories while your machine fills with water! ;) But, yes, a pool is definitely more fun!

  9. I love that you found a place for some of your special treasures. Thanks for the memory of Ceekay - she was truly a treasure herself, such a blessing among bloggers. Jane

  10. I didn't see the previous laundry room post, so I have no basis for comparison. But, this looks so cute and homey, now. I love the vintage finds. The little dress is just darling, and the embroidery and quilting remind me of times gone by. Doing laundry is never fun, but you have these vintage treasures to look at as you sort and fold. Great job!

  11. Love the way you decorated with things that have meaning to you. I like the way you used the pretty storage boxes to corral clutter. You probably should keep the appliances you have. They will most likely outlast any of the newer appliances you could buy. The quality just isn't what it use to be. At least that has been my experience.

  12. It looks so lovely and so you! Glad you have a spot for some of your treasures. You have been so so busy with other large project, no worries on the laundry room taking a bit of a back seat!! LOVE your new home.

    Burlington ON Canada

  13. Marty, your laundry room looks terrific. You should see mine, it's in the garage and i hate it.

    Love all the beautiful treasure you have on the walls. So many wonderful memories there while you wash and can look at them.

    Have you decided on a pool yet?


  14. Hi Marty,
    I love the way you display your mementos. Many years ago I did the same cross stitch "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread" and I still have my cross stitch hanging in my kitchen. Some things I just can't part with.

  15. You just gave me an idea or two.... My laundry is a pass thru to the garage, too and I have a couple of things on the walls... but.... I have some cross-stitch things I've not displayed in years. I get them out every now and then because I love them but can't seem to find a good spot for them. The laundry room! Why didn't I think of that?
    I'm loving following along as you settle into your new home. Can't wait for you to take that first dip into your new pool!

  16. Your laundry room looks great. Those pass through laundry rooms are hard spaces to decorate and you did a great job with your memory pieces. Love the little dress and Ivory sign hanging behind the washer and dryer. Adorable. Hope you get your pool started soon. That will be the crown jewel of your backyard.

  17. Marty, your laundry room looks beautiful. Such wonderful treasures adorn your walls. I have been trying to decorate my laundry room, but I just can't seem to figure out what to do. I have painted the walls and bought a pretty new rug, but that is it. You have inspired me to shop my house. I love to do that and maybe I will find something that will fit the bill. I hope that you have a wonderful day!!!

  18. Well, As always fantastic blog ideas. You always inspired me with your amazing blogs. As a Home Contractor, its been lucky to follow you. Keep up like this.