Saturday, April 15, 2017

Look What Just Arrived

I am so excited, this huge box came Tuesday afternoon.  It is mammoth, and I can hardly wait to see what is inside.  I hope it is as gorgeous as the picture.

The size of the box is almost intimidating.

My new chandelier for the dining area.  I wanted so bad to see inside, but it is packaged so well, this is all I can see.  I don't dare take it out until my electrical guy gets here to hang it, so I am just peeking at what I can.  The size of the box is really, really big.  I hope this chandelier is the right size and not too big.

As you know, I was trying to decide on a chandelier for the dining area.  I looked at several options -

Since it was going to hang from the two story ceiling of the dining area, it needed to be large.  (Yes, thank goodness that ceiling fan is coming down.)  All of these were fairly large in scale.

  This is the one I chose, it is 32"high x 32"wide.  I like how it is open and airy so it will not overwhelm the space, but be large enough to make a statement.

I placed a tape measure on the table so I could see how far above the table 30" is.  This gave me a visual of where the fixture will be hanging.

My table is 56" across, and I do have 4 leaves, so I can extend it to quite a large table.  Looking at the box is a little scary, however the chandelier is only 32", so it really isn't as big as this box.

My electrical guy said he would try to get here before Sunday to hang it for me since I am having 14 coming for dinner.  Hope he can, that would be fabulous.  I will show you how it looks when he gets it hung.

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  1. Hooray! I bet you are itching to have it hung! I hope the electrician can make it over and hang it for you before Sunday! Have a Happy Easter!

  2. Exciting! I'm always so paranoid of fragile shipments that I am compelled to open them to see all parts intact. I hope your guy can get it hung before Easter. Great choice!

  3. Are you sure you want it 30" above the table from such a high ceiling? We have 14' ceilings and hung the chandeliers higher because otherwise there was just too much chain. You might want to google a bit to see what various people say about high ceilings. Maybe you'll stick with the 30" anyway.

    1. Not stuck on 30" just a guide line. I will definitely need to see it in the space since it is also 32" high.

  4. My fave! It is going to be lovely! Hope you have it for your Easter gathering. Jane

  5. How exciting Marty!! It is going to be perfect in your new home. Isn't it fun getting new lighting. I was so excited when ours arrived and since they hung it I am beyond pleased and I know you will be just as pleased with yours!!

  6. I agree with Taste of might want to go a bit some research, my daughter had one like that and she ended up going a bit higher, it was just too overwhelming down that close, in a big open area!

  7. EXCITING, anxious to see it hung! Play with the height a bit, 30" may be a tad too close to the table, hard to judge from a photo. You will get it perfect!! .....tapping foot .....waiting for photos .... LOL LOL
    Burlington ON Canada

  8. So exciting! Can't wait to see it hung.

  9. I love the chandy and know it will look fabulous! Can't wait to see it hung! Have a happy and blessed Easter, Marty!

  10. I love what you chose and can't wait to see it hanging above your beautiful table!

  11. Great choice! Looking forward to seeing how it looks installed.

  12. Can't wait to see it up. I have been shopping around for a light myself for several months now and can't decide.

  13. How fun to make a big change like that... it will be nice to see it in place. :)

  14. Its going to be awesome! Enjoy your first Easter Dinner in your new house.

  15. 30" is definitely too low due to the ceiling height. I would have the electrician hold it at differing heights. I love the chandelier and hope it is hung soon:)

  16. I really can't wait to see that. What a gorgeous ceiling height and a stunning chandelier.

  17. Love it ... can't wait to see it hanging in the dining room!