Saturday, April 29, 2017

Wow - So Many Of You Asked - The Story Behind My China Cabinet

I have been surprised at how many of you asked about my Antique China cabinet.   I have had this piece for years and years.   It was on the entrance wall of my last home and I didn't show that side of the living room too often, so it seemed like a new piece to a lot of you when you saw it in the new house.

I am thrilled that it has a great wall to be on in the new house.

  It was my very first "big" purchase as a new bride.  I answered an ad in the newspaper about a piano but when I got there it wasn't what I was looking for, however I saw this china cabinet and fell in love.

 It belonged to an elderly lady that was selling a lot of her furniture to go into a retirement home.  I asked her about the china cabinet and she related the following story.

"When I was a young woman I was a maid for the Speckles Sugar family.  They were a wonderful family and always treated everyone like family, even the hired help.  Their home was filled with wonderful pieces they had brought back from their travels all over the world.  Most things were truly museum worthy.  This china cabinet was in the breakfast area of the maids quarters.  It was one of their lesser pieces of furniture, but I always loved it.  When I left their employment, they were doing some remodeling and I told them how much I loved this china cabinet.  To my surprise, they gave it to me as a parting gift.  They also gave me this paper showing the information about the piece.  Made in England in 1860."

I loved this piece and asked if it was for sale.  She said she wanted a lot of money for it.  I timidly asked how much.  She answered with $100 cash.  Of course I ran to the bank and immediately rushed back to give her the money.  This piece is solid oak with mirrors on the inside back and very heavy glass shelves.  If you look at the bottom of the piece you can tell how the sides and door are curved and all the glass is pressed glass.  I love all the imperfections in the glass, a little wavy and with a few air bubbles.

I have it filled with my family heirlooms and as I call it, my "good stuff".

   This sugar, creamer and tray belonged to my mother-in-law.

 The two trays were also from my mother-in-law and two of the revere bowls were my mother's.   I found several fabulous pieces at goodwill over the years.  The set of silver goblets were one of those fabulous finds.

My Mother's coffee service - - -

 and her gravy boat.

 and this one was my mother-in-laws.

 I keep a lot of glassware in here too.  All kinds of stems and some other family treasures.  This pressed glass sugar and creamer were my mother's.

 These carnival glass pieces are actually pink, but for some reason they kept coming out yellow when I photographed them.  They were wedding gifts to my mother and father.

A wonderful piece that I treasure, filled with all my treasures.  So that makes it the best of the best.

Do you have special pieces that mean something to you?

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  1. Just a fantastic piece and such a story! I love it and thanks for sharing

  2. Wow, that was quite the steal at $100, what a beautiful piece it is!! Absolutely gorgeous, and I love knowing the story behind it! I have many pieces in my home I have picked up at auctions/yard sales or have rescued - they have traveled with me from home to home, and are my favorite pieces.

  3. Oh Marty I'm so glad I got to stop over today. What a neat story, I loved hearing it, and the way you told it!! It's a really beautiful piece and all your "good stuff" looks wonderful in it. Have a great day :)

  4. Your china cabinet is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the story.

  5. My grandmother had a china cabinet like this. My brother has it now and it is just as beautiful with the curved glass, etc. It was a real process to move it for fear it could break but it made it safely.

  6. Loved your story of the little cabinet. I wonder how she fared in the nursing home? I hope you're able to write the story of the cabinet and tape it to the bottom of it so the next owner will know how it came to be living with you.

  7. What a beautiful antique. Love the dishes and silver pieces inside. Women are so creative today painting old pieces, but it really devalues them. I was lucky to get some of my mother's Herringbone and Iris glassware. When I see someone donate a big lot to GW, it means grandma passed and they just didn't want it. How sad not to keep it in the family, but it is loved at my house.

  8. Your cabinet, silver and dishes are beautiful. I think the pieces you might be calling 'carnival glass' are actually depression glass. Two are candy dishes in the pattern 'Sharon,' or some call them, 'Cabbage Rose.' I have collected the pink for 50some years. Here's a website with pictures. I love your home!

  9. What an amazing, heartwarming story, Marty. That is a beautiful piece and what a treasure to own. I am thrilled that your first real piece was a good one. What a find! It fits perfectly in your new home and now you can showcase it. xo Diana

  10. WOW...that is amazing to have a piece of history. The Spreckels Sugar family; Adolph & Alma were a huge part of society in early San Francisco history. Their house once occupied an entire city block! His wife built the Legion of Honor Museum in SF and was also responsible for bringing many Rodin sculptures to the museum. Great book if your interested is Big Alma: San Francisco's Alma Spreckles. (she was over 6ft tall) Enjoy your wonderful treasure.

  11. What a gorgeous piece of furniture! And everything you have inside is so pretty too!

  12. What a gorgeous piece of furniture! It is showcased very nicely in your new home. Love the way you have displayed your treasures.

  13. Beautiful....and I love the story behind it! Getting ready to downsize here and giving the family stuff to that it stays and tells a yours !

  14. Absolutely gorgeous, Marty! Love the story behind it too... as well as all your goodies inside it! Hugs from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  15. I also truly enjoyed hearing this story. I am so glad this beautiful piece is in a home where it is loved and valued. Your "good stuff" looks magnificent in the china cabinet. I have lots of inherited silver as well, but it is all tucked away in a mahogany chest. I try to use it as much as possible. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  16. So beautiful and a great story about its history. I imagine you were very nervous everytime it's been moved that it would be damaged or the glass broken!

  17. It's beautiful, Marty! It's truly worthy of prominence in your new home!

  18. How neat Marty. It's beautiful. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home.

  19. HI Marty. It's been awhile, but so glad I stopped by today. Your new home is beautiful! Hope you have a great week!
    Tami @ Curb Alert!

  20. Great collection of antiques. It really put unique and beautiful impact at home. Thanks for sharing your wonderful idea with us.