Thursday, May 11, 2017

Adding Glamour To The Powder Room

If you have a powder room that is like mine and it is just a plain white shell, then you probably want to "glam" it up a bit too.  I love the size of our powder room, it is big enough that you don't feel like you are climbing over the toilet to wash your hands.  The only thing wrong with it is the all white walls, white toilet, white pedestal sink and totally bland.  When we had the kitchen and family room floors done, we replaced the really bad white linoleum in here with these fabulous wood floors.  That gave this little space a huge boost, but it still needs help.   I would love to paint this a fabulous color, maybe even do something unique with the ceiling, or wallpaper.  There are some fabulous wallpapers out there that could make this a little jewel box.  Since none of that is on my immediate "to do" list, I was looking for some ways To Add Glamour To The Powder Room.  Since I am still trying to find a place for some of my favorite accessories, I thought some of them could work in this little space.

If you are like me you have a few accessories that you just love and for one reason or the other they don't seem to have a home in your new house.  That is how I felt about this mirror.  I love it and it was such a show stopper above our dresser in our bedroom in the last house.  We have the tv on our dresser in this house, so no place for the mirror.  I couldn't find a home for it anywhere.  Then when I was trying to figure out something to spruce up the powder room a little bit I thought I would try it there.

 I'm not sure a big mirror would work, but this one has such a small mirror in a big frame that I think it is ok.  I added the gold tray with some gold and black accessories to anchor it and of course a little bit of greenery is always good.  Basically I just stuck with the Gold and Black theme.

The long side wall needed something, so I moved the picture that I originally had hanging over the toilet to that wall.  Now I think it looks balanced.  The frame of this picture has gold and black in it as well as the painting, so it ties in with the tray and mirror.

The pedestal sink doesn't have a big ledge, so not much room for accessories.  I have a soap dispenser and a small candle.  The small angled wall has another gold framed picture that I had. and it has a bit of black too.

I am loving the changes.  It seems a little more put together to me.

 So if you have a plain room, try sprucing it up with a few accessories and see if you can bring it to life.  Think outside the box, even adding a decorative mirror or a couple of shelves and layer on the accessories.

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  1. I think the mirror looks great!

  2. I agree....mirror looks perfect in that space!

  3. Yes, the mirror is perfect as are the other accessories!! You could always put a small stool or plant stand under the sink to hold towels.........

  4. The gold touches really go a long way to glam the place up! It looks very attractive.

  5. Those accessories add just the right touch of glam to your bath, Marty - no doubt over time you'll make it fabulous, like the rest of your house!

  6. I love that mirror in your powder room and it definitely glams it up!


  7. I love it all! It's funny, the bathroom betweenour offices (that could be bedrooms) is a full bath and has had the same things in it since we moved in, and they were in the last house. So, just last week, I decided it needed a make over. I haven't done it yet cause I am collecting accessories etc. but soon will reveal the new look. I love that mirror and don't think it is too big at all. Beautiful glamming:)

  8. Love it! Love your decorating help. We down sized to a manufactured home, and the bathrooms are anything but jewel boxes, but, with your help I now look at them differently and with possibilities. Maybe they are jewel boxes after all. Plus I never thought of using things from other area's of our previous home to doll up the bathrooms. Sorry for rattling on, just so excited to find help.

  9. Nicely done! The mirror and the pictures look like they were made just for the area. You are a champ at "shopping the house".

  10. You really did spruce up the powder room. I like the idea you changed the look by moving things around. It looks good.

  11. Mirror looks amazing with the space. Very informative idea. Thanks for sharing such an interesting information.

  12. Love the mirror and that bird picture. It is funny that you are adding your old bedroom accessories to your powder room...I actually did the same exact thing to my current bathroom ( under redecorating just now ). I had some gold and cream accessories from my previous bedroom that were just collecting dust so I decided to try them out in the current bathroom. And it worked. The only thing is that my bathroom is going in the different direction to want I had in mind ( all white ) but in the end it is for the better. It is going to be vintage French bathroom. The biggest job is still ahead - painting the walls. It is now bright green, and I am still thinking about which colour I want. Initially I wanted white ( for all white bathroom ), then off-white now I think pale grey/French grey would be the best. We've been in this house just over 3 years, and this new colour will be the 3rd, so I really need to be sure. I do have a very forgiving husband who does the painting but I think we are going to be 3rd time lucky

  13. Great job of glamming up this small space, Marty, and it isn't overwhelming!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  14. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!