Saturday, May 20, 2017

Easiest Way To Get Your Glass Top Range Really Clean

I love my kitchen makeover and my new appliances are wonderful.  My range is a Samsung and it has all the bells and whistles I could ever want.  There was only one problem.  I cook a lot, so my range has to be cleaned a lot and the glass top burners were not coming clean.  I bought the special cleaner you are supposed to use and the scraper and even razor blades, but there was a really funny ring that was starting to form around the burners that looked smudgy and dirty and no way could I get it off.

Now I am just a little picky about my kitchen being clean.  My hubby laughs, that I can't start cooking a meal if there are dishes in the sink or anything dirty laying around.  I clean it up first and then start to cook, so you can imagine that these smudgy rings were really driving me crazy.   I finally went on line to search out how to get rid of those and have a beautiful clean top like it was when it was brand new.

To my surprise I found several people declaring that they had the cleanest and shinyest glass tops by using common every day Baking Soda.  They all swore it was so easy you wouldn't believe it.

Ok, I am all for easy and for clean and if we can do it with a natural product then all the better.  Well I am here to tell you, IT REALLY WORKS AND IT IS SO EASY.  Here's all you do-sprinkle a little baking soda on your glass top and then dampen a sponge sort of wet and start to scrub just like it was cleanser.  It makes a sort of paste and that is what you want.  Just keep scrubbing all over until it is all clean.

Then take a nice soft cloth and get it wet with some warm water and rinse all the baking soda off really well.

Once the baking soda is off and while the top is still damp, dry it with a poly fiber cloth to a fabulous sparkly shine.

Clean just like brand new and no rings, spots or smudges.

 See, it really is clean, not a ring, smudge or anything and how easy is that.

I was thrilled to learn this super easy way to clean the range and thought maybe some of you didn't know about it either so I would share.  Give it a try, you will be amazed.

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  2. Great tip, Marty. I now have a gas range but when I had an electric ceramic range the mfg recommended Cerama Bryte. Worked like a champ, too! The consistency was similar to wet baking soda. Wouldn't be surprised to know that's all it was! haha

  3. Meet another cleaning fanatic--it's my hub! I do all the cooking and then walk away from the table (with my glass of wine) after the dinner, while hub cleans up the kitchen 'till it's germ-free and glistening! Whatta guy! He does stress over the glass top stove, too. I might add that we recently bought an induction cooktop which, altho' it cleans just as any other, I cannot sing its praises high enough and wish, as the cook, I'd discovered it long ago! Cooks: you gotta look into these if considering any stove replacement--even trumps gas!

  4. Perfect timing on this post! I was just looking at glass range top cleaners in store this am and told myself I was going to check on line for tips before spending $5.59 for a little bottle. I didn't even have to search just click on your blog to see what you had for me to see today and ....bamm! there was the info I was looking for.
    Thank-you, Marty

  5. Baking soda! I will have to try that. Mine's not glass, but it is dirty...

  6. I will try it tonight! Thanks so much. I have used cleaners that are specifically for a glass top and they leave it smeary. I have been using Windex but am still not happy with that. Thanks, Marty!

  7. Great tip Marty, I will pass this on to my daughter.

    Great tip Marty, I will pass this on to my daughter.

  8. A great tip and I will pass this on to my daughter and remember it for when I get a new cook top.

    I also wanted you to know I blogged about you today. I am starting my second blog so have few followers, but it is my way of thanking you for some great advice.

  9. Thank you for this useful information. Gail

  10. Baking soda is good for so many cleaning tasks. It's nice to use something that is nontoxic. When my husband was a home inspector, he saw some of the filthiest cooktops. I'm with you...the kitchen needs to be clean and a blank slate before cooking.

  11. Great tips. I too tried it and got great results. Thanks for sharing such an interesting and informative information.

  12. My glasstop stove was looking pretty neglected until I decided to try your helpful hint last night. It worked beautifully--took off all the brown rings around the burners and now I have a very clean and shiny stove top! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Loved your kitchen makeover. This baking soda tip helped a lot. Thanks for sharing such an interesting and informative information.
    dmv construction :)

  14. Well, I know what my next kitchen cleaning project will be! Thanks for the tip.

  15. Miss Marty I am catching up with you today and can't wait to try this! My stovetop needs a good cleaning.

  16. Awesome! Now I can stop buying those expensive cleaners! Have a great day!