Thursday, May 18, 2017

Guest Bedroom With Left-Overs & Weird Stuff Update

When you have a new house, it seems like you have tons of updates and changes going on all the time.  Trying to find out what furniture works and where and what pieces don't go at all is an everyday challenge.  Our guest bedroom got a little bit of a clean up a little while ago.  It went from junk room - what do I do with this - to at least a clean space for a guest.  Nothing chic, stylish or even up to date, but clean and a nice bed made up with wonderful linens so a guest could at least get a good nights sleep.  You can see how it started in my Creating A Guest Bedroom With Weird Stuff post.  Since I sold everything except the bed when we moved, we have nothing for a guest bedroom at the moment, only left-overs.  Now I've added another out of character piece to the room.  I think this is going to become the Guest Bedroom with Left-Overs &Weird Stuff. ( Kind of reminds me of when you get your first place and you make do with what all your family hands down and what you can find for next to nothing at the local thrift stores.  Man, I thought I was past that phase in my life, but apparently not. )

 This is a buffet with wheels so you can roll it anywhere and with two drop down leaves on the side so you can have a huge serving area.

 This is not what you would normally find in a bedroom, however this is not the first time this piece has been used for something other than a buffet.

In my last house it was used as my desk.  I wanted to be at the center of the action, so using the buffet as a desk in the breakfast area achieved that goal.  I was part of the family room and the kitchen, so definitely in the middle of whatever was going on.   It actually made a great desk.  The storage was great for all my office needs and the work surface was fabulous.

If you have been following along, it was used as a TV console in the family room when we first moved in here.

Sometimes I think we have to think creatively about a piece of furniture.  Put it to use for different purposes and see what happens, you might like it.  This will probably go on Craig's list down the road, but for now I need a chest in the bedroom, so it will stay there for a while.  The quilt rack top serves as a great luggage rack too and of course the comforter is in easy reach if my guests are chilly.  A mirror and lamp left over from the last house work great above the chest,

The accessories go with the "Outdoor" theme of the room and the huge painting that I have in here.  It was another piece that didn't have a home.    So the room of left-overs in slowly coming together.

 This piece is standing in for a headboard, but it is one of my favorite paintings ever.  My son painted this for me years ago, definitely a treasure.

The last update to this room is this window.  These drapes were way too small for the window and not at all my style.  These were left here by the previous owner.  Time to make a change.

I replaced the drapes with 2" woven wood blinds.  So much better and the room is so much brighter too.  I bought a pair of drapes, however they had a flaw when I started to hang them, so I am still on the lookout for another pair.  Yes I am still using one of my hubby's file cabinets that he doesn't need for now as a nightstand.  It works, so part of the charm of my mis-fits.

So all in all - my Guest Bedroom with Left-Overs & Weird Stuff is company ready and it looks way better than my first apartment did.  Right now I am busy with the pool build and the backyard, but I do need to put a plan together and create a room that I really like down the road.  It would be nice to have a really pretty chic guest bedroom, kind of elegant.  Oh well, it is clean, a good bed and will work just fine for now.

Do you have a put together room with Left-Overs and Weird Stuff?

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  1. I have a space like this marty and call it the land of misfit accessories! It's coming together. What happened in the family room? laura

  2. This is looking great! I would happily stay here. :)

  3. Your guest bedroom is comfortable and inviting. You could pull the buffet into serving duty in the dining room for large gatherings during the holiday season and substitute something else in the guest room. I love it when there is a flexible piece of furniture that can serve different purposes in different rooms. Your guest bedroom is so attractive with the artwork, accessories, and beautiful linens.

    1. If it would have fit in the dining room I would have put it there, however it is way too big. It would crowd the table with only 4 chairs and if I added the leaves for a large crowd it would not work at all.

  4. I just love that buffet. What a useful piece of furniture! Your guest room looks lovely!

  5. I think it looks wonderful! The blinds did make a huge difference in light. Since we are renting while our house is being built every room is filled with misfit stuff lol

  6. The room looks good and comfortable for guests. I think you did an amazing job of this room.

    Have a great weekend and soon you will be swimming in your new pool, how exciting.


  7. My office here is kinda like that. I liked it for awhile but now it is getting to me. Your guest room looks beautiful, "weird" stuff (your word) and all:):) Can't wait to see the pool all done!!!!

  8. Well, we make do with what we have! I love the painting that your son painted! Looks like a comfy guest room, I do like the idea of putting a comforter there on the quilt rack for guests! The blinds were a good update. Happy Wednesday!

  9. Your guess bedroom looks great with the extra stuff you have. We downsized from 10 room, full attic and full basement to five room condo with sun porch and I am still trying to figure it out since we spend five months in Florida each year. Your house looks wonderful and I can't wait to see your pool and backyard finished.

  10. As for your question at the end, I only have four rooms! So no guest room here. I think your guest room looks great and any visitors will be quite comfortable there!