Friday, May 12, 2017

Living With The Reality of Chaos

If you know me, you know that I have a really low tolerance of chaos.  I don't have to have everything designed to a tee or elegant or even chic, I just need some kind of order.  When everything is turned upside down and is a mess with chaos running ramped in every direction, I get fidgety.  Now don't get me wrong, I am so excited about the pool and can't wait to have it all done, it is just the daily looking out the window to this that is kind of not so cool.

Now I am well aware there is no way these guys building the pool can do it without dirt piles, forms, hoses, shovels and everything else all over the place.  That is simply what it takes.

Then there is this corner of chaos that is really hard to deal with.  Yes, there are some gorgeous plants there that will look amazing around the pool and in the yard.

There is also all this other stuff that is not going to look pretty in the yard.  My husband is a Master Gardener and he has won all kinds of trophies for some of his plants.  He grows and shows a lot of Cactus and Succulents.  Behind all of this are two black tables full of pots of his plants.  Now these are pretty if you look at each one individually, but as a whole they are not my thing.  Then there is all this other stuff needed to keep a yard up and tons of pots that he uses to propagate even more plants.  Thank goodness that one side of the house has an area 11ft x 18ft that will be his designated spot for most of this, around the corner and out of sight of most of the yard.  However since that was where they took the wall down and drove through that side to dig the pool and do most of the other work, it all went to this corner.

Then there is this side of the yard looking across to the patio.  We have even more plants here.

and all over the patio too.  Most of all I like (sarcastic) the temporary shade that he put up to keep some of the sun from shining so bright into the sliding door.

Isn't the patio decorated beautifully?  (more sarcasm)

This week my husband told me to decide where I wanted certain plants and planting areas, it is time to get the underground drip system plotted out.  At the moment I look at all of this and I haven't got a clue.

I am well aware once it is all done and cleaned up it will look similar to this, it is just at the moment it is really hard to visualize.  

As I came in from taking those pictures and came upstairs to my office, I turned around and saw this view of downstairs.

I remember when it looked like this the day we moved in and the movers unloaded the truck and just put everything inside the door.    Everything just piled anywhere.

Then again when the kitchen was being remodeled.   All of the new appliances and all my kitchen stuff shoved in the middle of the living room.

Each week the pool is becoming more of a reality and in no time at all this will all just be a distant memory and I will have a pretty pool - yard - and patio to look at.  I am believing and I don't take for granted how Blessed I am.

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  1. I know what you mean about chaos! When we go to our building site, it is covered with left over downed trees, pieces of broken concrete blocks etc. I have a hard time ignoring it, lol. You are going to be so thrilled when it is all finished.

  2. It's always tough to go through the rash details of construction projects. I would feel a bit overwhelmed too but as you pointed out not long ago the inside of the house was chaotic but now all is well! I do love the temporary sun shade your hubby came up with- definitely a one of a king! LOL..... hang in there baby (as the posters used to say)!

  3. I know you want order to your home and yard. It will happen soon and you will be so happy. So have a nice glass of wine and relax.

    Happy Mothers Day.


  4. There really IS light at the end of the tunnel, hard to see right now but it is there. It is all going to be beautiful. I know it is hard to have patience though, I want everything done yesterday! Have a beautiful Mother's day!

  5. I'm much like you but you just have to remember, a year from now you will be worrying about something totally different!! ;-D

    Jane x

  6. It's great that you are getting it all documented with photos, so that you can see the transformation both inside and outside. It sure can be difficult to put up with someone else's messes, can't it? Where they see creativity we see clutter. Thanks for sharing these photos, because it is fascinating to see your pool and backyard area come together. Amazing how all of that chaos will become something beautiful.

  7. I feel your pain... I'm one of those people who can't stand disorder. I can tolerate a little dust. I can even tolerate dirty dishes in the sink. But if the dust has fingerprints in it or the dirty dishes are scattered around the kitchen I start hyperventilating....

    Don't you wish you were Samantha in Bewitched - wow, that's dating myself! - and could just wiggle your nose and blink it all into place?

  8. Whew, those scenes look all too familiar...and create a bit of anxiousness within. I am HOPING my project ends today. Everytime I hear a drill or something drop, all I can think is, 'what now'? Your oasis is soon to be salve for the soul. The design is outstanding.

  9. Just keep your eye on the prize Marty! It'll all look fantastic! ;)

  10. Yes, I agree with the above comment. Keep your eye on the prize.

  11. To put things in prospective, last year I saw a sign that touched my heart:
    "Somebody would be happy to have what you have"
    This too shall pass (before you know it).

  12. It truly is the "chaos before the calm" instead of the other way around! I find I am not very patient with messes of any size, but I keep hoping for a more relaxed attitude at some point....sooner rather than later! :) Your backyard is going to be such an oasis. I think it is so great that your hubby is a Master Gardener!


  13. Amazing idea. Your home look amazing. Thanks for sharing such an interesting and informative information.