Saturday, May 6, 2017

Still Unpacking Boxes - How To Style Bookcases

Can you believe that I am still unpacking boxes.  I thought for sure I had all the boxes of decor unpacked, then hubby made a trip to the storage shed and brought home two more huge boxes.  Now in all honestly there were a few things I have been looking for, but mostly I am amazed at how fast you forget what you have.  It was like Christmas all over again opening those boxes and not necessarily in a really great way.  Some things I was thrilled to see and remember and then there were all kinds of things that just don't fit my style anymore and I was wondering why in the world I hadn't purged these things earlier.  At any rate, it was time to redo a few spots in the house and make them a little more "me".

The bookcases in my "Girl Cave" loft were in pretty sad shape.  I just put whatever was at hand in there mainly to have a place to put it and it certainly wasn't decorated.  Here's my take on How To Style Bookcases.

When I redid the family room, the leather chair came up here and the wicker chair I had previously here went to the family room, so now that there is leather here and this place is also my office, I wanted to give the bookcases more of a library look.  As you can see in the mirror, the bookcase/entertainment center is across from the seating group
Girl Cave

  I really enjoy this piece here, great to watch some of my favorite tv shows, listen to music and the storage is fantastic too.  I just needed to organize those shelves and make them look better.

Arranging bookshelves is always tricky.  You can add other accessories, or definitely make it a library with all books.  I like a mix of both fun accessories & books.  I also like to create little vignettes on each shelf by placing books, plants and decor items together.  I also really prefer a layered look with some items in the back, some angled and something in front.  This seems to give each shelf some depth.
Styling Bookcases

 Here's a look at each shelf.

Each shelf has a grouping of books for my "library" theme, however they are surrounded with a variety of other decor pieces.

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Now I need to purge a ton of stuff and make a trip to Goodwill.  It's funny, this house doesn't seem to have as many surfaces to decorate as the last house, so I need to dwindle my stash down to the things I really, really love.

How about you, are you always purging and switching things out too?

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  1. I like mixing it up too. Looking good, Marty!

  2. You are so good at arranging items - everything always turns out beautiful!

  3. It's interesting how you changed the "flavor" of your shelves when the leather chair was added. All the furnishings play their own role in the decor of a room. I love the library look. You are the undisputed Queen of Shelves! xoxo

  4. Can you believe I still have a few boxes in the garage I have never unpacked, also? They are clearly labeled, so I know what's in them...and things I don't need often, like punch bowl sets and such. Since I have no space in the cabinets, I figure they can stay right where they are until I need them! Your office/girl cave is lovely!

  5. Thanks for the tips. I have a shelf unit in my office that I have struggled with since we got here.

  6. Your shelves look great. And I just love your room. Your round pine mirror would just fit in my great room. 😊

  7. Looks great MArty and yes, I am always changing things up.


  8. i will share this to my friends.... thanks for posting..

    We saw Shoretel Support Partner

  9. It's so you! I love the girl cave. Great job on the shelves. You have impeccable taste.