Monday, June 12, 2017

2017 Summer Home Tour - My Home

Welcome, I am thrilled you are here and so happy to be kicking off the 2017 Summer Home Tour.  We have some of the most beautiful homes in all of blogland sharing their Summer Decor with you this week, so be sure to check back everyday to see them all.  30 homes over 5 days, you really don't want to miss a single one.

If you are new to my blog welcome.  A little background - we received the keys to our new home on Dec. 17,2016.  During these last six months with trying to get settled, we also jumped right in and two weeks after moving in started the remodel of our downstairs and kitchen.   We feel like we have made some major improvements to our "Builder Basic", but still have a lot to do.  I am so excited to show you the progress we've made so far.

  So WELCOME, let me show you around.  
One of the things I loved most about this home was all the different angles and arches in these fabulous tall ceilings.  The living room and dining area are always so bright from the light that comes in through these huge windows.  I took this shot from the stairs looking back towards the front door.

I kept the decor really simple and light.  Gold and cream is the background for most of the house and a little aqua in this room.  Still a work in progress, I need to find a rug for this area, but I just haven't seen what I want yet.

I love the dining area, so nice to have such a bright spot and big enough to add all 4 leaves and entertain all the family.

A couple yards of fabric created two runners for the table and I love to mix Fresh and Faux flowers for a pretty bouquet.

Just past the stairs we enter into the kitchen/breakfast area and familyroom.

The kitchen was our major remodel right after we moved in.  It really needed a complete makeover.

I always have to show what it looked like before since it is such a drastic transformation.  Off the shelf oak cabinets, well worn formica counters and linoleum floors, plus appliances that barely worked.

I love the new kitchen, it is a delight to work in.

To see the details of the full renovation - click here.  We saved a ton of money by keeping some of the cabinets, rearranging a few and adding a few new ones.  New paint, granite, appliances, lighting and floors  and we had a major remodel.

The entire back of the house is kitchen, breakfast area and familyroom with the kitchen in the center.

The breakfast area is where we eat all of our meals.

The light from these two large windows always make this such a bright cheerful spot.

I can easily seat 8 here, so this has become the favorite spot for our entire family too.

The other side of the kitchen is the familyroom.  Jim and I spend most of our time here - - -

and it's where all the family likes to gather too.  I still need to replace the brown blinds and add some drapes.  As with any new house, there are lots of little details that still need to take place.

Upstairs I claimed the loft as the "Girl Cave".  This is where I have my office.  A gateleg table serves as my desk and a small bookcase holds all the necessary items I need to have at hand.  .

The entertainment center across from the settee has plenty of storage for all my office needs and also a tv so I can watch my favorite shows or listen to music.

The master bedroom is always bright and cheerful with tons of light coming in from that huge window.

It's nice to have room for a really comfy chair too.

  I kept the decor really neutral for summer.  Soft camel colors are some of my favorite.

The master bathroom is still a work in progress, but we are making headway.

As soon as we finished the kitchen and downstairs, we started out back.  The last two months have been all about the backyard.  We started with a clean slate - nothing at all.  Just the perfect place to add my dream - - -

A POOL - This was just finished one week ago.  I am loving it.  Still tons of landscaping to do, but the pool is fabulous.  You can see how it all came together here, here, here, here and here.  Now we have the patio and tons of landscaping to makeover, but all in due time.  I am just going to swim and relax for a while.

That's the tour for me, I loved having you.  Now I think I'll go put on my swimsuit and hop in the pool.  Be sure to check out the rest of today's tours.  You will be so inspired.

Pink Peppermint Design - Tammy's home is full of wonderful inspiration and a little whimsy too.

Cuckoo4Design - Julia's signature black and white looks fabulous with a mix of pattern and color.  Great ideas here.  

Nesting With Grace - Brooke always surprises me with her fresh unique twist on accessories.   

Life on Virginia Street - Sarah's eclectic style is always fresh and up to date.

Decor To Adore - Laura puts her talents to work outside as beautifully as she does inside.   

and mark your calendars for Tuesday's tour too.

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  1. your new kitchen looks so great- i love the white cabinets and brass hardware! happy summer!

  2. Miss Marty I just cannot get over how much you have accomplished in such a short amount of time. Your home is simply stunning. Thank you so very much for hosting this wonderful tour.

  3. You really have accomplished a ton of things since you moved in...and that POOL! How wonderful to have that beauty in the backyard! Enjoy!

  4. I can't believe how much you've done in just 6 months Marty! Your home is beautiful, and I know you're enjoying every spot and space, just delightful!

  5. Oh wow Marty! Those ceilings and how bright and open everything is. Love it! And that kitchen remodel is stunning. Love what you have done to it.

  6. Marty, Your home looks beautiful! I love your new pool too.


  7. Love all the upgrades you did. Beautiful home. Love the new pool.

  8. OMGosh your tour. You are such the queen of elegance. I am totally swooning over your girl cave and that pool is gorgeous!!! I'd be in there all the time. Enjoy your swim and I will see you tomorrow!!! XO Barbara

  9. Marty, Your new home is beautiful! I know you will be enjoying the wonderful new pool.

  10. It truly amazes me how it seems like you've live in your new home forever! LOVE IT MARTY! I love how this home shows YOU all thru out, the vignettes and special touches that is uniquely yours, just shines! I'm in love with your new outdoor space and I can't wait to see more of it! Thank you so much for all your patience and hosting this fabulous tour! As always, I'm so honored to be included in such a fantastic group! Cheers!

  11. I will beback to check out the other tours but LOVED seeing yours! I saw angles I hadn't seen before. I LOVE your office space. I also think your kitchen redo is FABULOUS. Your new home is just beautiful and gets better all the time. LOVE the pool. I am off to our pool now too, it is SO hot here, I hope I last more than an hour. The water is still FREEZING so I don't know:)

  12. As always, your home looks fabulous, Marty! Oh, that pool....I could hop right in today, it's so hot on the mountain top these past couple of days!!

  13. Your house is so pretty and elegant! Thank you for the tour. I'm still in love with your pool area! 😊 Hugs,

  14. Marty, I can't believe how beautiful you have made your home.

    Thanks for this great party. Everyone's homes are stunning. Looking forward to tomorrow's homes.


  15. Oh Marty your new home is coming along so nicely. The pool is amazing and I love the cream, yellow and aqua tones in your home. So fresh and summery!

  16. Marty your new home and pool are fabulous! I love your blue, yellow, cream color scheme for accents in the living spaces. All the things you've done - the kitchen, the light fixtures, the pool....just fabulous.
    Rita C at Panoply

  17. Your new home is stunning Marty. What a great job you've done in so little time. I love, love, LOVE the pool!

  18. I can't believe the difference in your kitchen! Love the summer changes. Thanks for putting this all together, love joining your tour!

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  21. Omg the swimming pool is done! I'm so happy for you, Marty! Your home is fabulous, you've done so much in such short amount of time. The kitchen is of course one of my favorite rooms in your new home!

  22. Your home is turning out fabulous, Marty! I have serious kitchen envy over here! Come do mine next :)

  23. I love the granite that you chose for your kitchen. So pretty!
    Joy @Books and Life

  24. Marty, I love all the touches of aqua throughout your home. So beautiful! And the pool is amazing. Happy Summer to you!

  25. Marty, I just love your summer home! Really love your new kitchen fabulous with those large gold pulls!!:) Thank you again for having me on this amazing tour...really appreciate you including me!! Happy summer dear friend! xo

  26. Oh Marty, your home is just looking beautiful! I love all your cowhide touches on the backs of the chairs and the rug. And that kitchen is just stunning - what a huge difference! Your backyard has come such a long way as well! It's all just beautiful!

  27. Marty, it's amazing to think that you've only been in this house for six months! Everything is looking beautiful. I loved following the pool progress and now I have to fight back yard envy. You're in exactly the right climate for having a pool, aren't you? ENJOY!

  28. I love your new home! I'm so glad your pool is done!! Swimming is fun. Swim as long as you can!! Your kitchen turned out beautiful too. I like how you've incorporated your things into your new space!

  29. Marty, your home is so beautiful! I bet you are really enjoying the pool and between you and Laura, y'all might have convinced me to get one ;)

  30. Marty, I'm finally getting around to seeing your home tour along with all the others that you've put together. Your house is so beautiful and well decorated. I love what you've done to the kitchen, and your pool is just what you need for where you live! Now sit back and enjoy your new house and pool, and relax!

  31. I am just now catching up with reading the home tour posts. Each is so full of ideas! Thanks for putting this together for your readers. Your new house is looking so wonderful You did a great job on your kitchen too! sheila

  32. Wow! Y'all have been busy, and your home and pool look fabulous. What a great office you have, and it looks so clean and elegant. After seeing this,I'm going to have to do some work in my little office space.

  33. You have done so much in six short months. What a darling tour. I love the pops of yellow. I don't know how you do it all. Hosting 30 home tours in a week. Amazing.