Friday, July 7, 2017

Backyard Progress

When I show pictures of the pool and backyard, I always show this angle.

  Well, there's a good reason for that. The right side of the yard is still a big mess.  We have had temps up to 122° since the pool was put in and there is no way a landscaper is going to work in that heat and I really wouldn't want him to.  When I look out the sliding door at the backyard, the first thing I see is the shade we bought to diffuse some of that really hot sun.  Out backyard faces west, so it is full of sun all day long.

When the shade is up - you see all of this mess.  Now you all have to understand that I am married to a Master Gardener and planting, potting, propagating and all that goes with it is vital to our happy marriage.  This is what keeps my husband going.  He is well know for his expertise in Cactus and Succulents and gives talks and lectures all over.  So with that being said, somewhere on this side of the yard we have to have a shed and a place for him to have a  potting bench and to store all his pots, fertilizers and tools.    All this stuff you see has to go somewhere.

Since the temps have cooled down a little (108°) - our landscaper is coming this week to put in all the water lines for drip irrigation and adding more hose bibs in the back.  He is also putting in the lines and transformers for lighting so we can highlight some plants in the yard and around the pool.  Hubby is cleaning up this area so he and the landscaper can plot out their design plans.

Of course a nice big shade tree would be fabulous too, so we are going to plant this 24" box Ash tree about where the shovel is.  It should grow pretty fast and create a ton of shade for us.

There are also a few small plants to go around the pool area.  These will give us a start and we can fill in with more later.

I am helping by cooling off in the pool with a glass of wine.  (You see that yellow taped off spot where the cart is on the right hand corner - I think that is where the shed is going)

I am not a big fan of sheds, but this is a necessary evil, so I chose this one.  It at least has a wood look.  I am thinking maybe I can put my thinking hat on and make this look a little like a Beach Bath House.  You know with some plants and cute landscaping.  Maybe some boat oars, a fake window, a small seating area with Adirondack chairs.  We'll have to see as it gets installed.  (I've also seen some really cute SheSheds all over blogland.  Maybe I can figure out a way to make the outside look really cool)

Here's a shed pool house that Simply Swider added to their backyard.  Mine is not near this grand, but maybe I can make mine look really cool.

Here's another couple examples.  Maybe some fake windows and paint the doors a different color.

It will be interesting to get it all installed and the yard area cleaned up, then we can go from there and try to figure out what we're going to do.

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  1. Marty, your backyard is an oasis now with the pool and once you get the shed and some'll be in heaven just a little more. :)

  2. To the gorgeous Esther Williams your sweet hubby is such a plant genius and I just know that between the two of you your backyard is going to be a wonderful oasis. Can't wait to see your shed.

  3. I love the pic of you in your new pool, DTA has it right. You look gorgeous Ester! lol I am in the same boat with the shed. I am trying to shop some salvage an see what I can do to she she up my shed. Have a great weekend Marty!

  4. It is all coming along so nicely. I love your ideas about the shed.

  5. If I could jump through this screen I would be in that pool right now! :-D

  6. Marty, your backyard is going to be the shot of you in the pool! Happy Weekend!

  7. I love the pool as I am a water person also...It is all coming together very nicely. I would put window boxes on the shed with pretty flowers in the boxes!!

  8. That pool water looks so enticing! I love all the she-sheds we're seeing these days. As a gardener, I understand how your husband feels. To me a house is just not a home until it has a garden.

  9. I love what you all have done! Your pool is beautiful, and I know your future landscaping will be, too! A gorgeous oasis!

  10. No doubt you will make that shed look adorable, Marty! Can't wait to see the progress on the yard, it's nice for your hubby that he has a blank slate to start with and come up with his own plan!

  11. I'd be living in that pool! We get whiny when it's in the 90's- I can't quite image 108 to 122 deg! The shed is a must and will neaten up his stuff. All of my garden related stuff is on racks and hooks in the garage- nothing to brag about. This will all come together and be finished off before you know it. Hang in there!

  12. Love love the pool and with those hot temps I bet that pool is a wonderful place to be. I know when you get the shed you will have it dolled up and looking great. Your hubby will have the other half of the yard looking great too. Have a good weekend.