Thursday, July 6, 2017

Hate Those Wet Bathing Suits & Towels - I Have The Solution

Thanks you all so much for the wonderful response and comments on my "Let Go & Let God" post.  I loved hearing the stories about how so many of you are in the same boat I was a year ago with a deep desire for some kind of change and nothing is happening.  I do know that waiting on the Lord is the hard part of any wish.  One thing I do believe in deeply is the phrase - "God Can't Steer A Parked Car".  I think we have to have our eyes, ears and hearts open to what He is putting in front of us and when he opens a door be willing to walk through it.  My hunt started out for a move-in ready house in a really nice neighborhood with a big yard and pool.  The door He opened was for a Builder Basic Fixer-Upper in a nice neighborhood with a big yard and no pool but at an affordable price that would give me enough money to remodel a few things and to build a pool.  In the end I got the perfect place for us.  So be flexible and be willing to see what He has in mind.  God Bless.

Now onto what is currently happening - - --

We have had so much fun sharing our pool with friends and family, however I really don't want wet bathing suits and towels all over the house.  Even for just Jim and I, I don't like it.  So I wanted to come up with a solution for dealing with them.

I needed to find a spot by the pool so you could grab a towel when you get out and then have a place to come back out and hang it up to dry with your suit when you change clothes.  The patio post seemed like the perfect spot.   I found some really cute hooks at Hobby Lobby and Jim just screwed them to the post.  Plenty of room to hang a lot of towels and suits.  Each hook has 4 arms so room for 12 articles without doubling up..

 I decided I needed some kind of loop on the towels since we get a little bit of wind here and I didn't want them to blow off the hooks.  So I looked in my ribbon stash for some kind of cloth ribbon.  I only found leopard so that is what I am going with.

I just cut a piece and sewed it to the side of the towel.

Just a simple loop.  Now I should have had a different color for these colorful towels, however at least you won't have to look for the loop.  I stand out so you can't miss it.

The leopard looks a lot better with our camel colored towels - -

but like I said.  You don't have to hunt for the tab on the colored ones either.

 This is working beautifully.  I haven't had one single wet towel on the floor or furniture.  Everyone just brings them out and hangs them up.

I am loving this, it works like a charm.

 So what is your solution for taking care of all those wet towels and suits?


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  1. Great solution and I bet they dry really fast in that Arizona dry heat!

  2. My husband used the arms of our outdoor furniture once. Caused the paint to bubble and flake off! ... Hope the moisture doesn't become an issue for your wooden post because it is a great idea.

  3. What an ingenius solution! I also am going to start using the phrase "God can't steer a parked car" in my new journey in life. :)

  4. Another clever idea. Love your "Let go and let God". I am wondering when that will sink in, I know it but I turn it over to God and then take it back. Working on leaving it all in his hands.

  5. What a great solution and love tabs that you sewed on the towels...great idea!

  6. Like the post hangers and the loops. I don't have a pool or want one, but love the idea of a daisy head shower outside with a fence around it for those with pools.
    I have been going thru a situation lately and love your quote "God can't steer a parked car" Mine is "God helps those that help themselves"

  7. Such a great and simple idea Marty! Just clever!

  8. What a great idea, Marty! Everyone seems to drape the towels here over the fence, which bothers me enormously. It looks like laundry day! I guess it's better than the floor though. Glad to see you enjoying that pool. I know how much your wanted it!

  9. My comment keeps disappearing! Anyway, you had a great idea there!

  10. Great idea Marty. Glad to see you loving your pool. I bet it is so refreshing on those hot summer days.

  11. Just so BRILLIANT!!! Love tis. Enjoy your pool, it's all come together so beautifully.

    Burlington Ontario Canada