Monday, July 17, 2017

How To Make A Print Look Like An Oil Painting

I love art and love to have beautiful paintings to look at and decorate with, however finding something on a budget can be a challenge sometimes.  

You guys all know that I love "BIG" paintings, but sometimes you just need something smaller and special for a certain place.  Something that will catch your eye and command attention like only an oil painting can do.

I am crazy about all kinds of animal paintings.  Since I couldn't find a painting that I liked at a price I could afford, I did the next best thing.  You can find several sites online with free prints that you can just copy.  Then there are several companies that will print your picture on canvas.  Just google print on canvas and there are dozens of places.  I found this really pretty picture of sheep and had it printed out on a 16 x 18 canvas.  (This was a few years ago and the company I used no longer exists)  My cost was $24.  (I did look online and there are several places that will do the same thing for about the same price.)  It came rolled up in a tube and was stunning.  It looks like a great oil painting with tons of texture and it looks like you could almost feel the brush strokes. 

Next I took it to Hobby Lobby to have it framed.  I chose a wormy frame with tons of character and of course if you buy their frame, they always frame it for free.  They have amazing frames and always run 1/2 off ads, so you can find some great frames at really reasonable prices.  I think this one cost me around $20 at 1/2 off.  One of the secrets to fooling the eye and making a print look like an oil painting is framing and treating it like one - so pick a really super frame.

  These are two more prints that look like oil paintings.

  I always look for art at goodwill and thrift stores and I found a piece that I loved at goodwill.  I am always drawn to pastoral scenes with animals and I adore sheep, so this just grabbed my heart.  With a new frame it looks like a really expensive piece of art. 

When you are out and about, keep an eye out for scenes that you love and then check out how it is printed, painted, framed and etc.  This is what it looked like at goodwill.  The frame is so-so, but the picture looks cheap.  This is a picture printed on poster board and has a brush stroke texture, so having it matted and under glass makes it look like a really cheap print.  (Notice the price of $3.99 and 25% off for senior day makes it $3. )

I chose an elaborate, antique looking frame from Hobby Lobby that was only $14.99 on sale, (plus they always frame your picture for free.)  I had the mat borders removed and no glass, so now the brush stroke texture shows and looks like an oil painting.  A great piece of art for a total of $18.  

This one was even cheaper.  It was a free print I found online then printed out on canvas paper.  Same thing, I found a really ornate frame at Hobby Lobby on 1/2 off and they framed it for me for free.  They even mounted it to a poster board so it would have some stability.  You can see the complete tutorial about free prints and canvas paper here.

If you find a free print that you like, print it out on canvas paper and then treat it like an oil painting and people will think it is.  Frame it in a really great frame that you would use for a real oil painting and this makes it even more convincing.  

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  1. This is so clever and the artwork looks great.

  2. Great ideas! I agree with choosing grand frames. I put hand painted oil painting of a horse with 2 dogs in a cheap frame ( i bought it on ebay and framed it myself ) but the photo of a frame on listing looked much better as they had a photo of smaller size. I bought very big frame so the width is just too thin. I don't really like it, as it cheapens the great painting, so I am planning to buy BIGGER, BETTER, FATTER frame. So it works both ways, Marty. Beautiful real oil painting can look worse than cheap print on canvas. It is all about THE FRAME!

  3. Your paintings are beautiful! I might have to have some printed on canvas at some point.

  4. I did the same thing with a couple of prints but had them stretched over wooden frames - no outside frame. This would look so much better... Thanks!

  5. Marty, the artwork looks beautiful! I love the sheep that HL framed!

    1. Yes, that is my favourite too. The frame is very appropriate for the picture

  6. I love this idea! Never thought to take a cheap print and have them print it on canvas. I love your frames as well. It makes it look so much more rich looking. Nice post added to the linky party!

  7. Beautiful artwork Marty. This is such a wonderful idea! Take care, Maria

  8. Wow, I probably have passed over some great prints at Goodwill because I didn't have the imagination to think of them in different frames or see how removing the glass could show off the texture better. It's fascinating to see how you have created some really expensive looking d├ęcor in your home for just a few dollars. Thanks for a great tutorial.

  9. These are great ideas, Marty. I really had no idea that Hobby Lobby sold such ornate, antique-looking frames (and I promise I'm in there at least three time a week!). I love to snag frames at the thrift shop, too. I'll either save the frame until I find a print I like for it, or I'll paint the glass with chalkboard paint. Have a great Monday!

  10. Great tips! I love your sheep printed on canvas and the frame is PERFECT!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  11. Great tips, Marty. Love how you framed the sheep!

  12. You have some adorable art. I love these tips. I have found some great pieces of art at thrift stores and garage sales. Sheep make such a cute theme for artwork.

  13. Love this idea! Didn't know one could find such neat frames at Hobby Lobby either! Pinned as I'll be using this! Thanks! :)

  14. Love this Marty. I have done some oil painting for others using my Photoshop believe it or not and they turned out quiet nice. I may just need to do some for myself. I love your paintings. So pretty Marty. Hugs and blessings, Cindy