Thursday, July 13, 2017

Take 2 - Loving Some Pink

Sometimes I start working on a project and seem to have blinders on so I can't see all the options.  When I recently did the Guest Bedroom Makeover, I was concentrating on using gray and didn't see all the possibilities I had in front of me.  I have had a fabulous Charcoal and Cream Toile comforter for years.  It has been wrapped up and in the closet for maybe 5 or 6 years so I kind of forgot about it. I pulled it out when we moved into the new house, but when I started putting the bedroom together, it went back in the closet.  I bought a gray quilt that I love, but my problem was it looked a little flat and didn't add a ton of personality to the new bedroom design.  However, that is what I went with.  Next problem was where to put the huge Toile Comforter.  I folded it up and into the closet it went.  This thing takes up a ton of room, but I just carefully closed the door.

Then all of a sudden a light bulb went off.  Why didn't I use it on the bed and layer the gray quilt on the bottom of the bed.  Duh - that should have been my first thought.  Well why not take it a step further and add a little color.  I brought out a pink pillow and scarf to add a little fun.

Here it is with just the gray quilt, it looks fine, but the Toile print of the comforter adds so much more life to the room.

I can switch back and forth, but I think for now I will use the Toile and the quilt together - - - -

and the pink is definitely a keeper.  I am loving this.

I think we'll stick with Take 2 for a while.

I can also use brown since the headboard is a really great taupe and cream, so I am sure there will be a Take 3 and maybe even Take 4.


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  1. The pink and the toile pattern truly enliven the space. What fun you'll have changing with the seasons.

  2. Me too Marty! We are definitely adding pink in our new house. It's popping up here and there and I love it! Your pillow is perfect. :)

  3. Marty! This is so cute... the other thing you could do is fold the toile comforter and place it at the end of the bed. I did something similar in a guest bedroom and love the simple white spread with the patterned bedding in a smaller dose.

  4. What is that painting? It looks like it should be famous.

    1. Nothing famous that I know of. I found it years ago at one of those Starving Artists shows and love it.

  5. Marty, I love looking at your blog, and look forward to your posts. Love the latest Take 2.

  6. Love the pop of color that the pink pillow and scarf add. But Cindy is right, try reversing the coverlets and let the beautiful toile comforter be the "icing on the cake".

  7. Marty, the toile and the pink were the perfect additions to the guest room'. Yay for the light bulb moment!

  8. Yes, love the new look much better!!

  9. love take 2. One is to dull, but #2 is terrific. Love the pop of color - great job.


  10. I love the toile with the quilt at the end!

  11. The pink touch with the toile is definitely a winning combination.

  12. With the grey quilt folded at the bottom of the bed over the toile and the splashes of bright pink, your guest room is just beautiful! What a difference a little colour makes. . .

  13. Gorgeous, Marty!! I love take 2!! You have some lucky guests, that's for sure!

  14. Love the Toile! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!