Saturday, August 12, 2017

Adding Drapes & Custom Rods on a $0 Budget

Adding drapes to the living room has been more of a challenge than I thought it would be.  I need really, really long drapes and a custom rod size.  Now this can all be done with a ton of money in no time at all.  That doesn't exactly fit my budget.  We still have so much to do in this house that putting some major money into custom drapes and rods is not about to happen.  So off to the internet to either find fabric that I could use to make some drapes at a reasonable price or find some that I could buy at a reasonable price.  I actually have a $0 budget for this, so I need to be really thrifty and figure this one out.  This is the look I am going for, at least the look of how to hang them.  Just simple panels hung on a simple rod high above the arch of my windows.  

No problem on the drapery front.  Ikea has the Ritva drape that I used in our master bedroom in the last house that would work beautifully and they come in a 118" length.  Perfect and the price is only $34.99 for the 57" x 118" length.

This sounds too easy until I get to the rod part again.  I need a rod to be 101" long and that becomes a problem.  I also need for the rod to be at least 1 1/2" in diameter since they will be up so high.  Any of the adjustable rods just look like a wire when you put them way high up on a wall.  Since my rods need to be nearly 10ft. high, they also need to have some heft to them.  I decided that I wanted something white and simple to blend in with the wall.  I want the drapes to soften the window and not be the main feature.

There were several places that I found that I could get a wood rod wide enough but the prices were staggering.  Anywhere from around $70 to well over $100 and then they would still have to be cut down and on top of that is the cost of the brackets and finials.  Rods for each window were adding up to around $200 really fast.  That is not happening.  I needed to find something a little cheaper.

A trip to the plumbing department of Lowes and I found  1 1/2" thick wall PVC pipe that will be perfect.  A 10ft. piece is $6.74.  Cutting them down to size and a little paint to match the walls and I am good to go.
I think I will just use plain wood brackets that I can also paint to match the wall.  These are perfect.  $8.97 a pair.  I will need three per rod so I can also have a center support.

Then I need finials for the ends of the rods.  These are simple and large enough to work for only $9.97 a pair.  These will be easy to paint with the other pieces too.  (I will cut a small wood plug to go into the end of the PVC pipe so I can screw these in.)

Finally the last thing I need is really big wood rings to hang the drapes from.  I found some at Houzz that will be perfect.  They come 14 to the package for $29.99.

Urbanest Set of 14, 1 7/8" Diameter Wood Curtain Rings With Clips, White

This now brings each rod to a final cost of $60.16.  So much better and doable on a $0 budget.  Each window treatment drapes and rod will cost only $95.15.  Not bad for really long drapes and huge  rods.

This is the look they will have when I get them done.  My drapes will be simple cream colored linen, no pattern, but the rods and how they look above the arched window will be the same.

If you are looking for really big rods and need them to be simple or a special color, check out the plumbing department.  I also found wood rods in the closet section but they only came in 8ft. lengths, but if that is what you need they were really great for a super inexpensive price too.

Ok, now to get these all assembled and up.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Marty, I just love your style and creativity. The PVC idea is wonderful, and you've given so many the means to have beautiful drapes in their homes. I have also heard of people using those huge canvas drop clothes as drapery fabric, it looks just like linen when hung up. Thank you for your wonderful blog, I can't wait for the next project!

  2. Can't wait to see the finished product as I know it will look superb as always. I think we
    share a common motto....that we don't have to have the best of everything, we just need to do the best we can with what we have. It feels like such an accomplishment to find a less
    expensive way to do something yet have it looks so great! You are a master at this.....
    and you point the way for others to do the same.
    Blessings to you sweet lady,

  3. Go Marty! This will be beautiful!

  4. Excited to see the final results. I'm sure it will be beautiful.

  5. Marty, you are one clever and resourceful lady! Can't wait to see the finished product.
    After duct tape, PVC ranks right up there as being very versatile and useful. We used PVC to build the chicken runs and covered them with mesh. xoxo

  6. They will make your room even cozier!

  7. You really did great. I also found when looking for a long rod for my drapes they were so expensive, so I go a closet wooden rod and painted it and it worked out just fine.
    You really got a good deal on the rings, mine were a little more than that. Your drapes are pretty.

  8. Next time take a look at electrical conduit pipe. Comes in long lengths, dirt cheap, easy to paint, and it is extremely stiff. It will not sag in the middle despite extremely long widths. Perfect choice for a long rod that has no place to put a brace in the middle.

  9. Marty, Glad you solved your dilemma. Just for future makeovers, consider wooden closet rod poles, I've used those for years with the french country look. Some chalk paint, distressing if you like that look, and the finials screw right in the ends. They can be connected with double ended screws if the rods need lengthening.
    Also, I stockpile finials and hardware from thrift stores and yard sale so I always have some on hand. I can find them for under a dollar sometimes!
    Our area always has a lot of great drapes at yard and estate sales, or thrift just never know what you might find. Drop cloths work too when washed and I know they are too heavy for your look in the living room, but perhaps somewhere else. People are even stamping or painting designs on them.
    Can't wait to see it finished, it's really coming along. When you set a small budget, I think it's even more fun to decorate and see what you can find for as little as possible. It's the thrill of the hunt, right?

  10. Marty this is going to be sooooooo pretty. I cannot wait to see your new drapes hanging.
    Hugs and Happy Weekend.

  11. IKEA is such a great source for lengthy curtain panels. Just this month I got them for 3 rooms in our home needing 96" lengths. What a lifesaver they are. The quality is wonderful and good selection, too. I'm really not an advertisement for them ... just so pleased with them! :)

  12. Very thrifty and clever! I did something similar in my guest bedroom. I needed curtain rods that did not have a large finial because one of the windows is very close to the corner of the room. I also used PVC pipe that I spray painted. Instead of a decorative finial, I used the rubber tips that are on the end of a cane. I just walked around my home supply store until I found the solution. I spray painted them to match the rods and I love them. And the best part was the price! Just a few dollars each!

  13. The table looks cute- I love to fuss with things Ike that. Good luck with the curtains and rod. I hope it looks as great as you are wishing for! I've never been to an IKEA- one of these days I'll get to one!

  14. I love the research you've done for us Marty as I will be looking for some window treatments in the somewhat near future. I can hardly wait to see yours hung in your beautiful home. Thank you

  15. What a wonderful way to save some money, Marty! Curtains and rods are so expensive these days, especially in these houses with such large windows. I know yours is going to be gorgeous when you are done. Take care, Maria

  16. Marty this is a genius idea! Thanks for sharing!

  17. I just put these draoes in my living room a few months ago. I used a wide rod however in retrospect, since my drapes are just for looks and I'm just using them as side panels, you could buy shorter rods that are just the width of the drapery panel. That would save money. Second, the Ikea Ritva drapes just slide over the rod so you don't need any hanging clips at all. That would bring down your cost considerably. If in a year or so, or when you got more money, you could always change the rods out but I think for the time being you would be very pleased with the shorter rods. I hung the wider rods and I actually would have preferred the shorter ones. I will be swapping mine out soon. Good luck.

  18. I should have known better. I was reading this and at first I like "oh I have a link for how to make your own curtain rods and I can also give her that link on DIY painters cloth curtains for ten bucks for ten foot tall ones.....

    And you already have it all figured out. I should have known you'd be the seasoned pro Can't wait to see the final result!