Thursday, August 10, 2017

Dinner Party For 15 - Mine & My Son's Birthdays

One of the reasons we wanted so bad to move back closer to family was so we could all get together just about anytime.  There was a lot going on last week for our family.  My son's birthday was on August 3rd and mine is August 12th, plus one of our grandsons is moving away so we needed to have a family get together to celebrate birthdays and to say good luck on the new adventure.

Since the only time everyone could get together in time to say goodbye to our grandson was Friday night - (everyone works) - it only made sense for me to have dinner at our house.  I love doing that and it really makes things easy for everyone to just come on over after work.  I needed to set both the breakfast and dining room tables since there would be 15 of us.

I wanted the tables to look pretty but still casual.  I added two leaves to the table in the living room and set it for 7.  I used a simple rustic table runner, plaid napkins, brown chargers and then added tons of pretty sparkle with some gold.  (I love how the light coming in the window creates such a pretty glow on the glasses)

Bright sunshine and even more "glow".

 Big brass candlesticks give the centerpiece some height.

 More pretty gold on the glasses.

 Gold glittler balls and my leopard balls add a touch of whimsy.

 I made a long low arrangement for the center of the table and put it in a pretty brass container.

 Enough sparkle to indicate a special occasion, but still casual.

The table in the breakfast area was already set with my pretty yellow french details in the napkins.  I just added two place settings for the grands and the table is ready for 8.  This table fits two on each end perfectly.

I am doing a Taco Bar for dinner.  This is such an easy way to feed a lot of people.  Most of the food can be cooked way in advance and then put in the oven at 150°.  Here is how I will set up my buffet on the peninsula of my kitchen counter. (I always do a dry run to make sure it will flow)

On the return of the peninsula I will set up our beverage area.  Iced tea in the beverage container  .  Next to that are the wine glasses for those that choose wine.

Next to it are glasses and a small tray with sugar, sweetener and the bowl will hold lemon.

 Next to that is the wine.  The Cabernet is in a small wine coaster.  It is best served at room temperature.  The monogrammed glass container will hold a lot of ice cubes and a bottle of Chardonnay and a pretty bottle of Moscato.  There is also some tortilla chips and there will be dip for those who want a tiny snack.

 Next are the tortillas.  First is a tray with warmed flour tortillas - --

Then the dish with the taco meat and behind it the corn tortillas.

These are heated and then covered with a towel to keep them warm.

This tray will hold tomatoes - cheese and lettuce.  (I put sticky notes to remind me what to put where then I don't forget anything.)  The tomatoes are diced and the lettuce is shredded and in plastic bags in the fridge ready to empty into the container along with the shredded cheese.

Behind that is another tray that holds Green Onions - Olives and Sour Cream (These are prepared in advance and then put in the fridge in the tray)

Beside the trays are two bowls that will hold green and red salsa.

 Around the peninsula are bowls with Refried Beans - These will be heated up at the last minute.

 And a Bowl of Spanish Rice that will also be heated up at the last minute.

 With everything layed out like this for a dry run, I know everything will flow, then I can clear it all off except for drinks and the dips so it is all pretty when my guests first get here.

 A 3 layer homemade german chocolate cake for desert.  (This is my sons favorite and I always try to make him one for his birthday)   I will take the plastic wrap off right before my guests get here.

We had such a great time.  The food must have been good because there were no leftovers.  That is always a good sign when people come back for seconds.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Marty!! :)

  2. Wow that looks so good- your peninsula/bar area works perfect for serving food. Love the pretty glass with gold accents. Hapy Birthday to your son and to you for your upcoming birthday! We have 6 August birthdays in the family! It seems no matter how hard we try to keep our families close someone is always moving away. Best wishes for a successful venture for your Grandson!

  3. Marty you truly are a master of entertaining! Everything looks so delicious. Happy early birthday my fellow Leo friend.

  4. Your tutorial here is priceless. Successful entertaining is a combination of planning and prep in advance and then enjoying one's own party. Your taco bar has a lot of elements to prep, but you know exactly how to make it work for your family. Happy birthday, and lovely post, including your tablesettings.

  5. Lovely set up Marty and I do love the gold and clear goblets. Girl, I am a sticky note queen. I put a sticky note on everything. LOL! I agree about taco's going a long ways. One of our evening meals while on beach vacation was tacos. I had 15 to feed and it sure went a long ways. Matter of fact I had enough left over that several had taco's for lunch the next day. Love your table. It all turned out great for yours and your son's birthdays. Happy Birthday to you both. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. Marty, you never cease to amaze me with your wonderful homemaking/cooking skills! I bet you were the most popular mother in your neighborhood when your kids were young, as you're such a wonderful and creative cook. Love to be part of your family and sample your food!

  7. I love the cow print chairs!

  8. I LOVE it! Your table center piece is so doable, so many are over the top and there is no way I can copy them. Also, when we had the kitchen redone the one thing I wanted was a big bar area, where I could put out lots of food but wasn't sure how to use that and now, I know. By the way Moscata is the best.

  9. Mart, the tables look awesome and I noticed a round white plate....I usually end up with a mismatched plate that I use for myself. Taco bars are great for large dinner party's. Love your new kitchen~~

  10. Happy Birthday Marty.
    The centerpiece is lovely. BTW We are all hungry now with tacos on the brain.

  11. Those gold glasses are gorgeous!!! Your set up was perfect! I am sure you all had a great time!!! A taco bar is a great idea, thanks! I may have to do that this fall!!!!

  12. Oh good grief! I forgot to say HAPPY belated birthday!!!

  13. I love doing taco bars - so easy and yummy! You've certainly prepped yours perfectly -great layout and look. And to be able to dish up dinner and then seat yourself at your beautiful tables would be the icing on the cake - and that looks yummy too! Happy birthday to you and your son and best wishes to your grandson.

  14. Great planning. It looks lovely.
    Happy Birthday!

  15. Belated Happy Birthday Marty and to your son also. Best wishes to your grandson.

    Your buffet and tables look so pretty and the food looks terrific also. So glad that everyone had a great time.


  16. Happy, Happy Birthday to you both!! 🎉🎉🎂🎂🎈🎈

  17. your new home has the perfect layout for entertaining. Each time I see your new kitchen I'm just amazed at the transformation. Everything is lovely, you have a lucky family to be able to get together frequently. Happy Happy Birthday!

  18. Your party looks beautiful- your tablescapes are gorgeous. So glad you could have you all together in your new beautiful home, Marty! I wish you a very happy (belated) birthday! Hope it was awesome, and hope your year is filled with all good things. Hugs. ♥