Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A Trip To Ikea

One of the perks of my new homes location is I am only about 30 minutes away from Ikea instead of 1 1/2 hours.  So the other day I took a trip and thought maybe you might like to tag along.  Sorry for the picture quality, but all I had was my iphone and Ikea is rather dark and moody anyway.  Enjoy, the tour, I had a ball looking at everything.

They do some really pretty room displays which really helps to see how things would look in your own home.

Their kitchen displays are fabulous.

A really fun bedroom set up.

Sofas galore, just pick what works for your home.

More sofas

Another room display

I love this kitchen.  Two houses ago we had windows in the backsplash and I loved them.

How about a red velvet sofa.

Or this gorgeous chair in tons of colors.

Need some dining furniture or chairs.

Maybe what yo really need is a bed.

Dressers for any spot in the house.

Bedding and some totes too.

Office furniture and more chairs than you've ever seen.

Ok there is every kind of kitchen cookware you have ever wanted.

More pots and pans

What size wood bowl would you like.

Now we're at the fun stuff.  Need a throw pillow or dozen?

More pillows

How about drapes, what would you like

More drapes

Still more drapes


Maybe a rug is what you would like

Tons of rugs to choose from

More rugs

Lamps and lighting

Need a picture frame

Or maybe a candle

Can you believe all I bought were the drapes for the living room and since they didn't work, I took them back.    However when I took them back, I had a great time walking through and looking at everything, plus I did find one small treat.


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  1. Oh, yes, I like it too and here we have one Ikea at a 20 minutes drive. Each time we go there we always have lunch too and it's always very good.

  2. When we lived in Tempe, the Ikea store was only 3 miles from us. It was a great place to dilly dally and dawdle around on a Sunday afternoon. I was always tempted by so many fun products!

  3. I wish I was close to an IKEA. Not one in the whole state of OK!

  4. IKEA is on the other end of the city I live in. You've got me thinking that it's time for a trip! Such a fun place to shop.

  5. I love IKEA! My two sisters and I make an annual migration to our nearest store every year, and it's about time for this year's trip! Believe it or not, we can spend at least 8 hours in the store, touching everything, dreaming of some things and also buying lots of stuff!

  6. I do wish there was an Ikea near me but I think the closest one is 2 1/2 hours away! Oh well, Home Goods is only 30 minutes so that works!

  7. Thank you so much for this tour!! I have never been in an Ikea and one is not close at all to me. Love everything about the store.

  8. I like Ikea. But it makes me feel anxious. It is so big and so much to look at. And I usually end up lost! I can't wait to see your drapes. You are such a beautiful decorator. It is fun too watch all the projects you are completing. Hugs to you.