Saturday, September 2, 2017

Can't You See Why I Wanted To Move Closer To Family

As you all know, we made the move to this new house because I wanted so bad to be closer to family and enjoy all those spur of the moment get-togethers.   I was missing out on way too much.  Meet Mr. Ryan - our newest 6 months old grand.  He loves to roll around on a blanket in the family room.

He coooos and talks all the time.

We get to babysit every other Monday, so our latest purchase was a walker.  He can't walk, but he loves to sit in it and he can touch the floor, so he does make it scoot around.  He is always smiling, such a happy baby.

Yes, we are in total baby mode.  His Port-a-crib is in the loft, so he and I share this room.  I am so Blessed that we are close enough that I get to see this little one grow and spend time with him.  (This little guy only lives 2 miles away.  Now you know why I say the Lord went way above and beyond to find us this house)  You can read my whole house hunt story here ~ One Year Later - Let Go & Let God.

Thanks for letting me brag a little.  Grands are so much fun. 

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  1. There isn't much more important and joyful than family. I'm so glad you have this precious baby so close to you now. Enjoy!

    Have a lovely weekend, Marty!
    Hugs, Carol

  2. Awww... I just love babies! He is absolutely precious... good looking too! You are so blessed.

  3. I can definitely understand why you wanted to be closer to family. He's adorable! I just got to see my grandson last week who's 11 months old now. They sure do grow fast and missing all the little changes is hard. We're 8 hours away but I'm not complaining because they were 2400 miles away only a year ago. That is so wonderful how you are able to help watch him- and it gives you some real one on one time.

  4. He's adorable. We also moved to be closer to our grands and kids. Family time is the best!

  5. What a cutie...his smile just about says it all! ;)

  6. Yes, they are such fun! What a little cutie. I'm so glad you get to see him. Has it been a year since you found that house already?

    1. No, not quite a year. We found the house last November. We are so Blessed to be here and get to be around family and this little new guys.

  7. Grands are fun! I live about the same distance from mine and I love it! Have fun, he is precious. Hugs,

  8. Marty, he's gorgeous!!! You made the right move, it's a great house and it's fantastic to be able to spend time with your family!

  9. You deserve to brag! What a doll. I'm so glad that you get to live close now! :)

  10. Marty, he is so happy for you!!

  11. Oh Marty, he is so darling and i know you love every minute with that little cutie.


  12. He is just adorable! So happy you are able to be close to family.

  13. Oh, what a sweet little boy. That age is so much fun, when they're trying so hard to talk. But, hey, I love whatever age they are and I'm sure you do, too. There is nothing like grandchildren! I'm glad you are close.

  14. Enjoy this time! He is precious!
    I'm a cancer survivor for 13 years now and I always thank God for letting me live to meet my two loves,
    Max and Lucas. I have three super children whom I adore, but grandchildren are something out of this world!
    You're very blessed.

  15. Oh, Marty - he is ADORABLE!!!!

    I am so truly happy for you - what a sweet darling little one.

  16. He is so precious, Marty! I didn't know you had moved closer to be with family, but that was a truly smart thing! I'm fortunate that I'm minutes from two of mine. Now if the other two would come back to the neighborhood!

    I watch my granddaughter Madelyn every Monday also. She's eight months. You can see her on my sidebar. Isn't grandma-hood grand?

    Again...this guy is gonna be a heart breaker!!!


  17. Adorable...and lucky you! And lucky parents. You are going to have so much fun fun fun! They say taking care of grandchildren keeps you brain healthy. Win win. :-) Sheila

  18. He is a gorgeous baby to brag about! Love that smile and those those chunky legs.
    Two of our sons are getting married in the next 6 months so I'm looking forward to grands of our own. Patty Mc

  19. Ryan is adorable! What a blessing to be closer to family to enjoy your grandchildren. We have an almost 16 month old granddaughter and I keep her three days a week and I love every minute ! God is so good!

  20. He is such a cutie! And I'm so happy for you that everything fell into place for you and that you're closer to family. It's so wonderful that you were able to sell your former home quickly and find an amazing new home you love. It was meant to be!

  21. What a little doll! So glad you're close enough to enjoy your family.

  22. You can see her on my sidebar. Isn't grandma-hood grand?

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