Saturday, September 23, 2017

Changes In The Guest Bedroom

It seems like things just keep changing all the time around here, especially the Guest Bedroom.  It began as the home of mis-fits.  Anything that hadn't found a home somewhere else wound up in here.  Then with some thrift store shopping,  I did a complete makeover and gave this room a headboard, dresser and some drapes.  I now have a presentable guest room, but it just keeps getting better.

I've had several of you ask me where my pretty $15 Frenchy chair went.  Well, like most things without a home, it made it to the guest bedroom.  I did have a fabulous small dresser in front of the window,but it found another home and this chair, garden stool and floor lamp were all looking for a home, so Guest Room it was.

 I love having a nice chair in here, I think my guests will enjoy it and a good reading lamp too.

Another change - I swapped out this painting from the entry with the little girl painting I did have hanging here.  I like both of them in their new places better.

I always have to take a look at the pillow cover aisle in Hobby Lobby every time I am there and this pillow just looked like it would be perfect for this room.  Their pillow covers are so inexpensive and don't forget to use a 40% off coupon that they always have.

I still love this dresser I found at my favorite 2nd hand store.  It looks so elegant in the room and my madeover mirror goes perfectly with it.  If you do some serious thrift shopping you can create a really pretty room for pennies.

 You could see a peak in the above picture of this mess.  Well, it's not a real mess, I am doing some early Christmas shopping and it is being stashed here for the time being.  Maybe I should just go ahead and wrap them and then it wouldn't look so messy.

This room just keeps evolving and still seems to house all the "extras", but I like it.

How about you, do you have a room that houses all the "extra" stuff you own?

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  1. Your guest room is so inviting. Love the sweet chair. I've had several in the shop shopping for Christmas items, I'm always impressed with those that shop early for the up coming season. fondly ~ Lynne ~

  2. That painting was meant for this room! Everything ties together so well. It's lovely!

  3. My Mom would change everything when the season changed. I change things every few years. In fact this is the year I am painting a couple of rooms.

  4. Love it all Marty. Your guest will not want to leave this pretty room. Happy Friday.

  5. I would love to be a guest to enjoy that beautiful bedroom! It looks like a room you would find at a b&b! So pretty!
    Rebeca (Lincluden Cottage)

  6. It looks great, Marty! I have never seen pillow covers in HL. Not sure if we have them or not.

  7. i have a few rooms that get the extras but that's okay. i love the covers that HL has. i have noticed that they have expanded their selection recently. you can't go wrong with the price and quality of them. have a great weekend.

  8. You have created such a beautiful and welcoming space. I love the floral painting you hung on the wall. I hope that you have a wonderful week!