Monday, September 18, 2017

Is There A Right Or Wrong Way To Turn A Rug?

If you have a rug with a pattern and a nap that shows light color one way and dark color the other way, is there a right or wrong way to turn it in your home?  I don't think so, I think it is what ever you are trying to achieve in that room.

My living room is small as you all know and it also has an adjoining dining area.  So a long rectangular space.  I love the idea of a rug to suggest a living room area different from the dining area.  I found one that I loved, but then I got a little stumped as to how to place it.  Which way to turn it.

As you can see my rug has an abstract pattern.  Depending on which way you have it turned, it goes from a more open pattern to a more closed pattern.  The nap on the rug is about 1/2 inch tall and with it placed this way it is a lighter beige color.

A friend suggested that I might want to turn it around the other way to open up the recessed area by the window.  Now it did seem to open up that area a little, but there was something about it that seemed off to me.  It was the nap - it shows up way darker turned in this direction.  It is still pretty, but the concentrated dark pattern seems to just cut the room in half.  It screams, this is the end of the living room and makes the whole area seem smaller than it really is.

I like it turned the other way.  The color is lighter and it makes the area rug just sort of drifts off into the dining area instead of creating a definite line and stopping point.

You never know until you turn things around and try it different ways.

  Maybe your rug would look better turned the other way too.

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  1. Amazing. If I was trying to cozy things up and pull a room inward I would probably turn it the other way. But if I was trying to expand the size or lighten up a room I'd turn it the way you have it turned! But you know what, Marty? This is a great post for people who may rush past a rug like this because the design is not balanced or an overall specific design. Thanks for showing us the difference!

  2. Hm, I don't know. I don't have any rugs due to the pupsters.

  3. Interesting the difference it makes to have the rug one way or the other. That is a very pretty rug that I know I would overlook in the store due to the assymetry - I wouldn't be brace enough! It looks great both ways, but my preference would be the room defining way that you like least. Different strokes for different folks. Very pretty room.

  4. That should say - I wouldn't be brave enough!

  5. It does look like a different rug turned around! The pattern looks different, as well as the color. I suggested turning it around to open up that area, but I agree with you. The 'lighter' nap does look better.

  6. I was thinking right off the bat that the smaller pattern would look better in the forefront, while the larger pattern be under your furniture. This looks great.

    Thanks for sharing some of your dilemmas. We all have them!

    Jane x

  7. Beautiful rooms! I definitely like the rug lighter too:) So pretty. Found your link through the amaze me monday party!

  8. Turning the rug would have never occurred to me. Thanks for sharing this tip Marty and the room is so pretty.

  9. I also like the lighter side, it looks brighter and more connected with your dinning space. My rug has same pattern all over, but I can see your point! Have a great week!
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  10. Still loving that rug! My rug in the dining room is like that. I can get a whole new look just by switching it around.