Thursday, September 28, 2017

Master Bedroom Put Together For $236.98

I love a pretty room like the rest of you, but I love it even more if it is one that is put together with some fabulous thrifted finds.    Our Master Bedroom is completely done with nothing but some great things I found at some of my favorite used furniture and thrift shops.  I added the last piece to the puzzle the other day with a piece that I bought for the Guest Bedroom, but I think it looks best here.

I am not sure why it seems like our master bedrooms are always last on the list to get done.  Ours certainly was.  (The kids rooms were always done to perfection, but not the master) We just used odds and ends for years.  Can you believe this is what our bedroom looked like when we moved into the last house 12 yrs. ago.  Leftover pieces from all over the house.

Well about 4 years ago I started to change that.  I found our fabulous headboard and that started the ball rolling.  Lots of thrifty finds at used furniture stores and we finally have a grown up bedroom.  If you would like to see how our first makeover and all the thrifty finds came into play you can check it out here.

When I was trying to put the Guest Bedroom together, I found this piece at one of my favorite used furniture stores - J&K in Phoenix.  This place is amazing with tons of the most fabulous furniture pieces you could hope to find and at great prices too.  I did a post about this store here.  This is such a pretty little chest and for $79 it was a steal.

This is a picture of how the bedroom looked with my round skirted table.  Now I think a skirted table is the greatest invention ever.  It can be casual or formal and it definitely adds style to any room.  Sometimes too many tables can start to look leggy and a skirted table is the perfect answer, plus you can't beat the price.  To me they are real gems. ~~~~~

However, I did have this little gem and no home for it, and it really is perfect in our bedroom.

The color and style look great with hubby's nightstand that I found at Goodwill.  It was only $12.99 and just needed the top refinished.  My gorgeous headboard was a thrifted find too at Hotel Liquidators for only $75.  It got new life with just a little paint.

Our dresser came from J&K too, it also just needed a little refinishing on the top and it was good as new.  Fabulous storage and such an elegant piece for only $69.99.  (Still on my to do list is to stain my jewelry chest.)

I think I can call our bedroom done for now.

You can see all of my furniture refinishing tutorials here.  All of these pieces were found at different places over time, but I think they've all come together to make a chic and stylish bedroom.

Headboard - $75
Small Dresser - $79
Night Stand - $12.99
Large Dresser - $69.99
Total - - - - - - -$236.98

The White Quilt I use on the bed came from Penny's and I love it. It's also a thrifty find.  $109 for a fabulous polished cotton fabric and it comes with 2 shams also. I made the Euro Shams and share a tutorial here if you would like to make your own.  The bed skirt is one I made years ago.  I love how the fabric coordinates with the headboard.  The Brass lamp is from Goodwill and the Marble lamp is from Home Goods.  The chair was previously in the living room.

You can put a great room together on a really small budget if you just do a little thrifty shopping and a little diy.

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  1. It looks so pretty and you did a great job. I am waiting to go to the ReStore store in our area when Hubby gets a weekend off. We need a bedroom set and they have great deals on what people donate to them. It also helps Habitat for Humanity buying from them too.

  2. Looks great, Marty! And I see you get lots of nice natural light from your window too.

  3. Your master looks beautiful. I was just going to ask about the bedskirt. Love the color and design of it. Should have known you made it. You are so talented.

  4. Marty, you always find the most beautiful things. I love to shop consignment, and have been stopping by a local shop a lot lately when I think of something I need for our new house. You are right, though, it seems like the master bedroom is always the last room to get finished. Your new space looks beautiful, and I know that you must really be enjoying you pretty home!

  5. Marty, your master bedroom is just gorgeous! One needn't break the bank for a lovely and restful bedroom. You have a good eye for possibilities. xoxo

  6. Do you have a tutorial for the bedskirt?

  7. Bonjour,

    Une très jolie chambre... spacieuse et très claire.

    Gros bisous 🌸

  8. Your master bedroom is beautiful! A lovely calming retreat in your gorgeous new home!

  9. Your bedroom is gorgeous! Your did a beautiful job putting it all together. What a wonderful space to relax at the end of each day.

  10. You are so right about the master bedroom being done last ... ours was, too! I love your bedroom. You paid attention to every detail and have made it a beautiful retreat! Very inspiring!

  11. Incredible prices on your bedroom furniture pieces. It's a lovely room. Thanks for sharing! Cynthia