Thursday, September 21, 2017

My Entrance Makeover

As you know if you are following along, I have added and subtracted all kinds of furniture from my living room, and now it was time to subtract a few things from the Entrance Wall too.  It's a long wall that leads you from the front door all the way to the back of the house where you see the family room/kitchen/breakfast area.  This wall needs to have some furniture, but it doesn't need to be weighed down with too much stuff.

Looking from upstairs down, you can see the layout.

Just like the living room area I am discovering that less is more in a small space and removing some things for a more streamlined look is what I am liking.  This is what it looked like when we first moved in.

Now I think it looks better with "less".  I removed the ladder back chairs and moved the bench between the entry console and the china cabinet.

I also swapped out the artwork above the console.  The painting that I originally had here went to the Guest Bedroom.

I added just a touch of fall with some Target $1 pumpkins and Hobby Lobby Antlers.

Now it feels much more open and inviting to me.

Sometimes you just need to take stuff away instead of adding.


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  1. It looks beautiful Marty. The painting over the hall table is so pretty and your gorgeous china cabinet is just perfect on that spot. Love this layout!

  2. Yes, this looks fantastic Marty. The new painting is a great size for the space.

  3. I agree that your new look is beautiful. I need to clean off my foyer table as well but was not sure what I wanted. Yours has given me inspiration. Thanks. And, by the way, I like your new profile picture. So pretty!

  4. It looks beautiful. I have done that too. A lot less cleaning too, HA! HA!

  5. It's interesting to me that you referred to this as a small space - oh my gosh I'd love to have a proper entry like that! Of course the bench would have to be right near the door in my house, for pulling off snowy boots! :)

  6. I think my whole apartment might fit into that room! It looks great, Marty! I was at HL on Monday, didn't see the antlers though.

  7. Marty, the space looks great. Editing can be difficult!

  8. Marty, the entry looks fabulous! Sometimes subtracting a piece or so can make all the difference. The painting is light for the area...looks very nice. xoxo

  9. It looks amazing, Marty. I love the painting over the console table - so pretty! Happy Wednesday!

  10. Marty, it looks great. Everything is coming together for you.

    Have a wonderful weekkend. It has finally cooled off some, now if will stay that way.


  11. That looks great Marty. I love to change things up for a new look and in the process find out how much better it actually looks. That's a pretty picture above the console!

  12. Marty, it looks just beautiful! I love the painting over the entry pretty!

  13. I'm a less is more girl so I'll say that this looks fantastic! Love that you can pull the seat over if needed and that the legs are different. It's very pretty. ;)

  14. Looks good, Marty! Maybe an umbrella stand would look great need to the entry table???? xo

  15. Just got home from my beach trip, it was great! Your entry wall looks terrific. I have a REALLY hard time taking things away. I am NOT a minimalist in any sense of the word:):):)

  16. Love the changes Marty. I can so relate to wanting to "take away" lately!


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