Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Upstairs Landing

This house has such a generous landing at the top of the stairs, it is almost like a small room.  It connects the loft, three bedrooms and the hall bathroom.  It's nice that it is large and you don't feel like you are walking down a long hall anywhere.  I also like that it holds some furniture that I use for storage which is always a plus.  The other thing is wall space.  This home has huge two story walls downstairs with huge windows and upstairs there aren't that many wall spaces for art either, so this landing area is a bonus for art.

I love this painting of the "Old Man Praying".  It is one of my favorite things, so finding a home for it has been a must, however that has been a challenge.  I have tried it on several walls in the kitchen and the breakfast area and they are just barely wide enough for the painting to hang on them.  It really didn't look very good.  As much as I wanted to have him in my breakfast area, it just didn't work.  When I was rearranging things up here, I moved a couple of the clocks and found that he looks perfect above the buffet.  (Now a buffet doesn't normally go in the landing either but I love this piece too so it needed to find a home.)

Even though this may not be the typical furniture you see in a landing, it works for me.

 This is also where I have all of my old family pictures hanging.  So I have my ancestors, my mom's antique clocks and my praying man all in one place.  I like it.  (That's hubby's office at the end of the hall.  When he gets it put together, I'll show you a pic )

I am so glad this picture finally has a home.

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  1. I love the look of your landing area. That painting looks wonderful there.

  2. I also love that painting. It makes me feel so calm and safe. The landing is beautiful with well chosen furniture pieces...I love it!

  3. Love the painting as well as those beautifully framed family photos! Wish I had some of those.

  4. Love what you did with the landing! The painting is very pretty and meaningful to you. Glad you found a good place for it. xoxo

  5. I can't believe this is your landing Marty, it is huge! I love how you decorated it and hung all the pictures that you love, that way you get to see them more often!

  6. It looks very nice!
    Katie Jo

  7. this is such a wonderful space. It's really so large, open and perfect for that buffet. Love the photo gallery!

  8. Your house has come together so beautifully. I love your picture of the old man praying. That was the first picture I bought to go with my Tell City Furniture in the late 1967. That will tell you how old I am - they no longer make this furniture and it was made in Southern Indiana. You have such good taste and you use the things you love and that makes your home. Thanks for sharing this picture today. It brought back many memories for me in my first home that I had. Our first home was a three bedroom ranch, with attached garage and 1 n 1/2 baths. Cost $17,900. Now, we are lucky to buy an inexpensive automobile for that. LOL

  9. Everything looks so good on your landing and I love the picture of the man praying.

    Have a great weekend, Marty.


  10. Marty, I love the large landing and the picture is perfect there with the clocks!

  11. This is perfect, Marty. I've always loved that painting. Your whole wall gallery is beautiful!


  12. It looks very nice and I love how you have pictures of your family from long ago on the walls. You did a very good job decorating the landing.

  13. Your landing looks perfect the way you've done it. Now the spot at the top of the stairs has purpose and welcomes people with your family stories.

  14. It looks wonderful dear Marty. I always loved your heritage clock and the painting of the gentleman praying and the two elements go so perfect there, right in your landing. Which brings me to rethink to do some changing to my FIL's clock like yours.
    Thank you for your kind comment, you sure make my day!