Monday, September 4, 2017

Window Treatment Decisions For The Family Room

After I tried drapes in the living/dining rooms and it was a major fail, I took a look at the family room and kitchen breakfast area and decided that curtains or drapes there were not for me either.  Some rooms just call for drapes and others just seem to ask for something more simple.  I think these two rooms call for simple.

I am not a fan of the brown wood blinds that are in these two spaces and really want to replace them. Now I could go with white wood blinds and it would be really simple, but then the windows sort of look like they need curtains or something.

The family room is not a large room and adding drapes would just take up visual space that I don't want.  So finding something that would enhance this space and not take up any visual space is my goal.  I think I have decided on what will work best for my style.

Woven woods - They are really simple and have clean lines and just enough texture to be interesting.  They come in all kinds of colors and the thing I like best is they are so easy to clean.  They come in all kinds of woods, colors and textures.

This carmel wood color is quite common and used in all sorts of homes.

The Bamboo is lighter in color and has great texture.  I really like this one.  It goes with any style and decor.

This white/washed one is really fun too.  It can be traditional or quite modern depending where you put it.  It is also a possibility since I really don't want my windows to be a focal point.

One of the other things I really like is the ability to hang them above the window so you can create the feeling of height in a room.  I did this in my last house with some woven blinds and it looked great, plus it helped to give the room more visual height.  We hung these a foot above the window to bring the eye up and emphasize the 9' ceilings.  Taller ceilings seem to make a room look larger, so I want to use that visual tool as much as possible.

This room has those two small windows on the main wall and then a 6' slider and 6' window on the other wall.  Hanging the blinds close to the ceiling will give this area a cleaner feel and increase visual height as well.

The adjoining kitchen/breakfast area has two 6' windows that could use the same treatment.  I think the blinds hung high in here would also look good and I like that you can completely raise them to have the full view of the windows and still have something similar to a valance above the window.

Now to just decide on color.  I like the bamboo and I am also really intrigued by the white.  I do have a new sofa and coffee table coming for the family room so maybe I should wait until they get here and see what I think would work best then.

How about you, do you like woven woods?

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  1. Love them, in fact we are doing them in the new house along with curtain panels.

  2. Can't wait to see what you decide as far as woven blind color, and your new sofa and coffee table!

  3. Personally I would wait until the furniture is in place. You never know what things will look like until they're actually there, has been my experience.

  4. I think you have hit on a great idea for this room. And when hung higher the horse picture won't be on the same horizontal line as the window casings. That seems off to my eye.

  5. I don't like them for privacy issues. They are either up or down, making the room dark or fully exposed to outside views in and out. I prefer blinds or shutters.

  6. My daughter had the wood colored ones in her home for quite a while. From the inside they were great. We live next door, and at night when the lights were on you could see straight through them, see them moving through the house, etc. For that reason, I like my white 2" faux wood blinds. It's aggravating to know what is best to do. Good luck, and I know you will do what is right for you!!

    1. I love the 1" wood blinds too and have them all over the house. We don't need privacy in this area at all. There is no one or any way for anyone to see us unless they are in a plane or climb over the fence and stand next to the window which is not likely. So privacy isn't an issue. Our only issue is light control since the sun just boils in here. We even have sun screens and it is still a problem, so I like to be able to control the light a little better and have something look fabulous all at the same time. Then when the sun is in the other direction, I have the blinds I have open full blast all the time.

  7. I like the wooden window shades! My favorite is the middle color.

    (love your countertops too!)

  8. I like most of what you choose and do. You have an innate sense of beauty that sure comes through in your decor. I find your home an inspiration.

  9. I don't like them either for privacy reasons.How about shutters ? We are okay with your choice and sure it will look great.

  10. I like the blinds, but I think you are right - wait until you get your new furniture and then decide on what color you would like.

    Have a great week,


  11. Have you thought about putting wood moulding around your windows? I think that would look great with woven wood blinds, like the photo examples above.

  12. We have woven wood blinds all over our house, and I LOVE them. I used Next Day Blinds and never regretted it. This is a huge decision, I know. So sorry the curtains didn't work out. I have loved our shades, though. Good luck. Your new house is so pretty!

  13. Hi Marty,
    The woven blinds are pretty and will add texture to the room. Have you thought about putting molding around the windows to frame the blinds?

  14. Oh I love the white washed ones. That's the first time I've seen those. I think they would blend beautifully in your kitchen as well as the den adding texture but not too much contrast. Can't wait to see what you decide!