Sunday, October 8, 2017

Art Around A TV

I see all kinds of fabulous art galleries created by some really talented bloggers around their tv's.  I wanted something to go around our tv but I didn't want it to compete with my horse painting that I love so much.  That really has had me stumped for quite a while.  A blank wall isn't the most interesting thing.

This room is one that I am wanting to totally redo furniture wise, so that makes it extra hard too.  I like the size of the console that the tv is on even if our tv is really small.  I just don't like the black color.  I need to paint it or replace it.  I also want to get a new sofa, coffee table and replace the wicker chair and the two recliners.  Bamboo blinds for the windows would be nice too.  I think you get the picture.  This room needs a redo of some sort.  The only thing I currently like is the horse painting and the louis style chair and even that might get the wood refinished and some new upholstery.

With that all said - (wow, nothing like bashing a room) I did create a sort of gallery around the tv.

I found two tobacco baskets at a steal and I had a clock that needed a home, so I mixed them together to create a semi gallery.

 I added some feathers to the large basket for a little character.

 Now at least there isn't just a blank wall.

I do have a great collection of feather prints that I might see about framing and creating a real gallery wall.  Maybe when the new sofa and coffee table get here.  We'll see.

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  1. I think that looks good, Marty. I find it very hard to decorate around a TV, too. Years ago, my TV(s) were hidden in armoires, etc., but with wall-hung TVs and the bigger sizes those armoires no longer seem to work. I actually like the baskets and I bet, when you decide to do so, you won't have any trouble selling your sofa and other furniture to someone.
    Have a blessed Sunday. xo Diana

  2. I love the tobacco baskets, Marty!

  3. Marty I love you please forgive me but this just doesn't look good. Something is off in my opinion. I hope you take my criticism well. Can't wait to see the new sofa and table:)

    1. I agree, all the mix-matched chairs don't do anything for me either, but until my new furniture gets here and we have a larger TV, I think I like it better with nothing.

  4. I agree with Pookie, somehow it needs more symmetry, clock might be throwing it off. I also think the tv could be higher maybe on a taller table or hung. I love your blog and always get so many great ideas from you and your followers,

  5. I agree with both Pookie and Michele. Something about this look just doesn't look right.I agree with Michele about the symmetry and sometimes asymmetrical does work but in my opinion this look is not appealing to the eyes. I like your idea of the feather prints or maybe a trio of gold tone starburst mirrors. The tobacco baskets in my opinion screams country/farmhouse and the room appears to be more contemporary/modern with the horse print an all. I am sure once your new couch arrives you will revisit this wall again. Happy Decorating!

  6. Have you thought about an armoire or cabinetry at all? With the size of the tv, a piece of tall furniture, I think would balance the horse art and keep things neat while not competing with the art. You can get them with doors that hide inside or fold back or without doors if you want it open. 🙂 I know you’ll find a solution best for you🙂

  7. Was the TV in the bookcase at the old house ? I agree with Anita, you need height.
    All things in due time.

  8. Love the baskets and the clock. Yep trying to decorate around a TV is hard. This looks really great. You did a great job. Have a great new week.

  9. I agree with Anita too, i love the baskets, but they seem small around the tv? Maybe a lot more wall art or framed art pieces closer to or bigger than your TV?