Saturday, October 14, 2017

Cooler Weather & Backyard Landscaping

We are finally out of the 100 degree temps - hurrah!!!  Now is why we live in the desert.  The weather is fabulous from here on out - until next summer.  Time to live outside and enjoy tons of sunshine.  The only sad part is the pool is not heated, so the water is a little too cold for me right now.  Everything else is wonderful though.  Now is when we need to do some more landscaping and finish up a few projects outside.

We planted a few things this summer and most are doing really good.  I also planted a few annuals the other day too.  They will fill in and create even more color.

Everything looks really small now, but give them a little time and it will look really nice.  We've also planted a couple of trees that will block the neighbors windows.  These are Carolina Cherry and will get about 8' to 12' wide and 20' tall, so perfect for this area.

We bought this gorgeous palm the other day and I think it will be a fabulous focal point for the back wall.

We had a smaller palm here, but the new one will look amazing.

I think this is exactly what this back wall needs.  We moved the smaller palm over to the right on the corner.  

This is the perfect focal point for the back wall.

We still have to build the fence around the pool pump equipment and then fill in all the flower beds with mulch.  There is still tons of work to do, but it is progressing.

My daughter was getting rid of her fire-pit table and chairs, so I grabbed them.  They will be fabulous for this winter when we have cooler temps.  A little spray paint has totally transformed it.

 I still have to paint the chairs - however I did find some great new cushions at AtHome on sale, so these are going to look brand new too.  (Yes, the shed is not built yet.  Now that the temps are cooler that is one of the projects on the to do list.)

These look brand new with just a little paint.  I used Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze.  It looks so rich and will hold up really well.  I chose a rounded top pillow for the back to give the chairs a little different character since the dining table chairs are also square backed and so are the cushions.  Mixing things up a bit is always fun.

 I am sure we will love these this fall and winter.  What a nice place to sit by the fire and have a glass of wine or maybe make some smores.

 This side of the yard is starting to look pretty good.

The right half of the yard is still a total mess.  Piles of pots, some plants, tools and you name it all over the place.  We need to get the shed built so some of that stuff can go inside the shed and some behind it and this other side cleaned up.  Still a lot of work and will take a while, but hopefully it will be done before too long.  When the box with all the shed parts gets moved off the patio, I think I will put the patio table and chairs under the patio roof and we can have dinner out there almost every night.  Now that would be fabulous.

I am so happy with how things are shaping up.  This is going to be a really great yard to relax and enjoy with all our friends and family.

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  1. Your pool looks so inviting, Marty!

  2. It looks wonderful. You are doing a great job decorating it.

  3. Yes, it is starting to be that time of year that rewards us Zonies for surviving the summer! Your backyard is really coming together and looks great, Marty! Enjoy!

    Hugs, Carol

  4. It's really starting to take shape, Marty! That big palm really breaks up that wall and adds great texture.

  5. Marty, I would put a little white picket fence around the pool filter. I think it would look great with what you have in your back yard!!

  6. The yard is looking so fantastic!!! I love your plant choices and the layout is lovely.

  7. Marty, everything is starting to look really fabulous on your patio. The pool looks very inviting, even tho cold...brrr... Love palm trees and the one you selected is beautiful. Have a good weekend. xoxo

  8. Everything is looking amazing! You are really making it fabulous! Those trees will help too and I love the palms. Have a beautiful weekend!

  9. It's turning out really great. Love everything that you have accomplished. You are really going to enjoy the weather now.


  10. I love seeing all the progress, Marty!! That big palm is gorgeous against the back wall!!

  11. Looks great. Be sure to take time to sit in those chairs and enjoy as you work on the rest.

  12. That yard is going to be absolutely fabulous, Marty. You have done a great job. It will be nice when those trees are big enough to block the neighbor's windows. We did that with a row of cedars and a berm here. Worked great but took 3 or 4 years for them to grow tall enough to give us the coverage we wanted.

    Your home is really coming together....inside and out. Love it....wish I knew where I am going to land come Spring. xo Diana

  13. Marty, the pool is beautiful and when all your landscaping is finished it will be absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy it!

  14. I like the new plants and palm tree. Sounds like as the weather cools you'll be able to get more done. You guys have done a great job of turning the plain backyard into a very attractive place to enjoy!

  15. Oh, it looks absolutely beautiful, the pool and the landscaping - you'e done such a wonderful job of turning your backyard into a lovely sanctuary. And how very nice to have the fire pit in place so that you can sit by your pool and relax on the cooler evenings. Enjoy!

  16. Hi Marty. Have you considered getting a solar blanket for the pool? We found it useful to keep the water temps up when air temps start to drop. Of course remove during hot months or the water is too warm.