Monday, October 30, 2017

Family Room Makeover Idea Board

My family room has been the one room in the house that has had more overhauls than any other room in the whole house.  Mainly because it has been put together with all kinds of things that I have had handed down for years and found at Goodwill.  Now it is time to furnish this room for the way I want it to look and the way it fits our lifestyle.

Here is an inspiration board I put together with items that I am thinking about.

1.  I do have a new off white sofa that will be coming soon.  It is a very small scale piece on the contemporary side.(Similar to picture)
2.  I also have a brass and glass coffee table coming that is like the one I am showing in the inspiration photo.
3.  I am keeping my cowhide rug that I currently have.
4.  I will keep my horse painting and sconces that I currently have.

Family Room Makeover
As a reminder, this is the current state of the room.

I added this french chair to this side of the sofa and it fits without making the room look crowded.


5. I found a pair of charcoal gray recliners that I really like.  They have very simple straight lines and would go with the more updated look I am going for.
6.  I could either leave the french style chair in the camel upholstery or redo it with something in off white.
7.  I found a glass and brass console table that I like that would not take up any visual space and would work with the tv mounted on the wall.
8.  Brown wood blinds would be replaced with Bamboo blinds mounted high above the windows to add extra visual height to the room.


If I go with these items, then what to use for the second chair by the tv - either next to the sofa side or on the right side of the tv.

Also what kind of end tables.  I am thinking something light wood maybe with a gray wash.

NOW IS WHERE I NEED YOUR HELP.  Keep in mind this is a small room.  The TV wall measures 13ft.  The sofa wall measures 15 ft. and the recliner wall measures 15 ft.   So fasically 13 x 15 before you reach the sliding door.

Give me your input - what do you think?  Am I going in the right direction or do I need to change a few things.  I'm all ears.

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  1. I like where you are headed, Marty. I think the brass & glass table will take up a lot less room visually and I like the idea of the smaller grey chairs. Any interest in getting white chairs instead of the gray and then adding gray pillows or a gray throw? That way you wouldn't have to change out the French chair-which has the same colors as your rug in-at least it looks like it does in the pictures--plus your horse picture has the same brown tones. I LOVE that picture and the sconces, by the way!

    Have fun figuring it out. You have good taste so when you are done it will be just right anyway-no matter what opinions/ideas we give you. lol

    Have a great Sunday, Marty. xo Diana

  2. Love the new color scheme and your selections. I would ditch the cowhide, add a nice green plant and perhaps paint your open end table a dark gray. With the console table pictured I think you would only want one end table. I'm sure whatever you do will be beautiful.

  3. I like your new ideas. The french chair would look great with an updated look in a lighter color like you’ve shown. The two smaller recliners in gray look wonderful- have you been able to actually sit in them? I’m very skeptical about ordering furniture I haven’t sat on. I paid a huge amount of money for a sofa that was quite a statement piece but we found it very uncomfortable. Unfortunately we were only able to sit on other sofas by the same company and took a chance on ordering it. A friend of mine ordered a sofa from a very popular on-line source. It is hard as a rock and they only kept it because of the hassle of returning it. They have three young kids and decided it will do for now since it was so inexpensive. Anyway.... The room will look quite different when you are done. One caution- the brass/glass console table to go beneath the tv will allow every cable, electrical connection to show so you might not like the openness of the bottom area.

  4. Love the new direction, esp. the gray chairs. I would recover the French chair in a gray/white pattern, maybe even a Buffalo check for some pizazz.....the glass coffee table is great!!! /guess I'd have to consider all the wires for the glass console table.......

  5. Firstly, I love the coffee table, it is beautiful. And the new sofa looks great too. I would reconsider the gray chairs, the scale is good, but even though gray is so popular right now, soon it will be dated. I agree with what someone else already said and I would go with a white to match the sofa but in a fabric with some texture or a raised pattern to complement the sofa. This way you will easily be able to change out your accessories and the room will be timeless for years to come.

    Whatever you decide, you have great taste and I am sure it will all turn out beautifully.

    1. I don't think white would be at all practical for the two recliners that we would be using every day. My horse is gray so I thought the gray would be dark enough that it wouldn't show dirt to fast. I could use brown instead or maybe a camel color if I could find ones that I like and are small in scale. Thanks for your help.

  6. And I also agree with sweet violets, you will not like the metal and glass console table, the visibility of all the wires for the tv will drive you crazy, and besides, something different than glass will make the room more interesting.

  7. Love it! Especially the idea of a grey wash on your side tables. One of the more current design bloggers - can't remember who - said three things to keep a place looking current. One was lighter wood. That's the one I remember because my wood is dark and it does date the place. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  8. The new scheme looks great. And I really like those gray chairs. The important thing here you like them? The only thing I question, is the glass console for your tv. I would think a wood cabinet might work hide cords. Are you planning on keeping that rattan chair? I hope the added texture it brings to the room! Whatever you will look great. It always does! ;)

  9. I love the gray recliners, think they will look awesome! Love the brass and glass too. I bet you can figure a way to hide cords etc. We have actually painted cords the wall color to blend in, in the past:):) You are going in a great direction and NO!, don't ditch the cowhide:):)

  10. I love the grey chairs and am interested to hear how you find them (comfort wise). They don't have that "recliner" look, which is great. Personally, I like the chair in the corner with the fabric it has on it. For me, it ties in with the cowhide and horse print colors. Plus I do like tan/camel/grey as a combination. I'm a huge fan of white, but not every piece of furniture in white. Whatever you do will look great, I know.

  11. I'm a texture person.. so please keep the cowhide and the rattan chair! Love the gray recliner idea, too. Maybe you could coordinate a new rattan chair cushion/pillow to incorporate the grays and beiges... and maybe even add an unexpected color or design?

  12. The look you have now is great but I'm sure whatever you decide upon will be beautiful.

  13. I like the idea of green plants added.

  14. I love the direction that the room is going in. I would like to see the pieces in place before you consider adding in another chair. It might not be needed. Great board!

  15. I love the direction you are going. I believe I have seen that coffee table in another blogger's home and always admired it. I think the gray chairs are perfect as long as they will fit sitting square to the wall and still be able to recline (I hope that makes sense). I wouldn't change the TV situation until you work the rest out. The cabinet you have now may work just fine. Also, I love the buffalo check idea for the French chair - it was give it a more modern feel.

    1. and I meant to add that I would love to see curtains with the blinds left as is instead of bamboo shades. Or replace the blinds with bamboo and still add the curtains. In my opinion bamboo shades look better mounted within the window opening like your current blinds. I have had good luck finding inexpensive longer curtains on Overstock. That's where I got my bamboo shades, too.

  16. Yes, love the direction you're going. Cruise the fabric store aisles and you may find the print that pulls it all together. Perhaps consider glass/brass for your side tables instead of for the TV and eliminate some heaviness on the couch side of the room. I think your TV could use something more substantial under it. Or you could put fabric stools under it for more seating. Love that you'll mount the TV on the wall. And yes please to greens in the room. Whether faux or real, it makes everything more lively. Being a grandparent also, I know your dilemma of seating for just the two of you and seating for a party. You can always pull in more chairs when the group gets big. I wouldn't be overly-concerned with the side chairs now. Slim parsons chairs would not take up as much space.

  17. i love the direction you are going and I love the grey recliners that you like. You are very good at your decorations and I think you are on the right track. Can hardly wait to see the final results. Happy hunting.


  18. I love the room right now Marty, but I agree on getting a pair of recliner chairs to avoid the different chairs all together. With that said, I like your cream wing back beside your tv by the window to avoid covering the tv. Does your TV swivel? If not, a plant on the right side (if your facing the tv) would be a good choice. As for side tables, it depends on how big the new chairs are and how much space you have left. With the sconces, I'm sure you have enough lighting, if you have a console wide enough, you can even flank your tv with 2 tall lamps to mirror the sconces. I love the brass table and rug, and I am sure, knowing your great taste, you will figure this out with our without our help! ;-) Can't wait to see it all done!

  19. Visiting from Creative Circle. I love the way this room is shaping up. Looks so cozy.


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